Monday, September 17, 2012

September (2012) Aether Salon (Unedited)

((This was a social gettogether and planning session  Unfortunately, I didn't know about it until it was too late.  Many thanks to Miss Garnet Psaltery for providing me with this transcript!))

[13:52]  Garnet: Hello everybody
[13:52]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach bows
[13:52]  Rose: hello all
[13:52]  Rose: :)
[13:52]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Good to see you. Do you need chairs?
[13:52]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Hi, all :)
[13:53]  Garnet: Chairs are a good idea
 [13:53]  Garnet: Thank you :)
 [13:53]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Bitte.
[13:54]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Thanks :)
[13:54]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hm.
[13:54]  Garnet: *hehehehehehe*
[13:54]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: There was a landscaping incident around here, you see.
[13:55]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I thought it had been fixed.
[13:55]  Garnet: Oh no, you didn't let the Clockwinder play here?
[13:55]  Garnet:  Well anyway it doesn't matter. We can see you and you can see us :o)
[13:56]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I asked him to have a look. I cannot fix this myself.
[13:56]  Vic Mornington: hold on, should be easy enough to fix...
[13:56]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Wearable chairs. Nifty cheat :)
[13:56]  Garnet: Yes!
[13:56]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: From Capalini's.
[13:57]  Rose: ok folks have to go
[13:57]  Rose: see you later
[13:57]  Rose: waves
[13:57]  Toubanua T'Kreth: All right, see you, Rose :)
[13:57]  Garnet: Bye!
[13:57]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke.
 [13:57]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Rose is one of my partners at our chess club in Winterfell Laudanum
[13:57]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I must visit there soon.
[13:58]  Garnet: Very civilised!
[13:58]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Please do
[13:58]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Herr Victor, do you need a chair?
[13:58]  Toubanua T'Kreth: We have boards with computer opponents if you can't find a player
[13:58]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods
[13:58]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Though what I'd really like is a Turk
[13:58]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh.
[13:59]  Toubanua T'Kreth:
[13:59]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Would you like to do a Salon on chess, Fraulein?
[13:59]  Garnet: Oh yes! That must have seemed like magic
[14:00]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I would be happy to have a discussion about chess.
[14:00]  Garnet: Hello Mr Thrysis
[14:00]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Let me know which month you would prefer, and we can work out details.
[14:00]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Guten Abend.
[14:00]  Toubanua T'Kreth: All right :)
[14:00]  Thrysis: good afternoon friends.
[14:00]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hallo, Fraulein Ember.
[14:01]  Garnet: Hello Miss Ember :o)
[14:01]  Darlingmonster Ember: hullo all
[14:01]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Hello :)
[14:01]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I keep getting a message about editting objects in this region
[14:01]  Garnet: MIss Solace, hello :o)
[14:01]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Is this to do with pathing or something?
[14:01]  Garnet: Mr Baroque
[14:02]  Solace Fairlady: M Psaltery
[14:02]  Galactic Baroque waves
[14:02]  Garnet: Miss Gherardi
[14:02]  Solace Fairlady waves to the Baron and Mr Victor
[14:02]  Vic Mornington waves
[14:02]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Welcome to all of you. Let me know if you need chairs, bitte.
[14:02]  Garnet: Hello Miss Riel and Miss Ice - goodness, this is a popular event!
[14:02]  Vic Mornington: dont mind me, levelling off the ground the salon is on...
[14:02]  Kghia Gherardi: Good afternoon, Miss Garet
[14:02]  Gabrielle Riel smiles - hello!
[14:02]  Thrysis: seems so
[14:03]  Ice: Greetings new friends
[14:03]  Kghia Gherardi: Would leveling the ground create the rebake messages?
[14:03]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ah, brilliant. I had not realised you had the permissions.
[14:03]  Galactic Baroque: Yes
[14:03]  Wildstar: 'evening
[14:03]  Garnet: Hello Mr B!
[14:03]  Galactic Baroque: Looks like the floor is not properly doubled.
[14:03]  Vic Mornington: will make the rebake messages....dont worry, amost done....
[14:03]  Kghia Gherardi waves as Gabi
[14:03]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Miz Gabi!
[14:03]  Gabrielle Riel: Hey Kghia!
[14:03]  Darlingmonster Ember: is lovely to see the faces of !science! again
[14:03]  Gabrielle Riel smiles - Herr Baron
[14:04]  Garnet: You two look very kittified
[14:04]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Herr Baroque, it's been some time.
[14:04]  Darlingmonster Ember: grins
[14:04]  Solace Fairlady: Hello Miz Gabi!
[14:04]  Stereo Nacht: Good day Herr Baron, Mr. Mornington, Ms. T'Kreth, Lady Riel, Ms. Ice, Mr. Baroque, Ms. Psaltery, Ms Ember, and everyone still rezzing!
[14:04]  HKM Bookmite: Hello all
[14:04]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Good day :)
[14:04]  Solace Fairlady: Hello Miss Stereo!
[14:04]  Garnet: Hello MIss Stereo :o)
[14:05]  Gabrielle Riel: Hello Captain Nacht! Mr. Bookmite!
[14:05]  Garnet: Oh Mr Bookmite, you're human
[14:05]  HKM Bookmite: smiles
[14:05]  Thrysis: thank you
[14:05]  Stereo Nacht hopes she is not stepping on anyone's toes...
[14:05]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
[14:05]  Garnet: Weren't you a spider before?
[14:05]  HKM Bookmite: Not I. Perhaps Mister Beitman?
[14:05]  Garnet: ah yes!
[14:05]  HKM Bookmite: Though I have been a cockroach before
[14:06]  Darlingmonster Ember: (someone put the evil eye on the land form under the Salon?)
[14:06]  Garnet: aha
[14:06]  Solace Fairlady: Hello Not_Admiral!
[14:06]  Gabrielle Riel: Mr. Breitman is a lightning bug. :-)
[14:06]  Stereo Nacht: Hmmm. This chair seems a bit low... ;-)
[14:06]  Garnet (garnet.psaltery): *hehehehehehe*
[14:06]  Gabrielle Riel smiles at the Admiral
[14:06]  Wildstar: LOL
[14:06]  Garnet: It's the floor
[14:06]  Stereo Nacht: Ah...
[14:06]  Garnet: Mr Vic is trying to fix it
[14:07]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: We may have to lay in a prim instead. It was not this way originally, my apologies.
[14:07]  Wildstar: it is still me, Lady Solate ... just the "high privacy" alt :)
[14:07]  Garnet: It's really not a big problem, Herr Baron
[14:07]  Wildstar: Solace*
[14:07]  Gabrielle Riel: Hi Solace!
[14:07]  Gabrielle Riel: And Victor!
[14:07]  Solace Fairlady: ah, you are incognito Admiral! Won't say a woird or let on it is you at all!
[14:07]  Stereo Nacht: Hmm. Has time run backwards since the last time, Ms. Psaltery? You seem younger than I remember! ;-)
[14:08]  Garnet: It's what I've been eating .. I think
[14:08]  Garnet: I was a tiny earlier and tried to change back but got stuck halfway!
[14:08]  Stereo Nacht: Hmmm. Perhaps you should stop before it's too late! :-D
[14:08]  Darlingmonster Ember: grins
[14:08]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
[14:08]  Garnet: More soot bread, I think
[14:09]  Garnet: Puts hairs on your chest, so they say
[14:09]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Welcome, everyone.
[14:09]  Kghia Gherardi waves at Wildstar and Stereo
[14:09]  Wildstar smiles and waves back
[14:10]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I should let you know that I am hoping for a very interesting speaker for next month, although her health may cause problems.
[14:10]  Solace Fairlady: o thsnk you Mr Victor! you have such a smooth touch I didnt even feel myself rising
[14:10]  Vic Mornington: :D
[14:10]  Solace Fairlady: you do seem to have crashed Dimmie though :P
[14:11]  Garnet: You can keep that line for the future, Mr V
[14:11]  Vic Mornington: LMAO
[14:11]  Gabrielle Riel: Poor DME...she suffers so from crashes!
[14:11]  Solace Fairlady: nods sadly
 [14:12]  Solace Fairlady: wb my love!
[14:12]  Darlingmonster Ember: ty
[14:12]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein T'Kreth may be giving us a presentation on chess this season also.
[14:12]  Solace Fairlady smiles up at Dimmie and shuffles her chair closer to hang on to her tighter
[14:12]  Galactic Baroque: Excellent
[14:12]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Or perhaps one of my partners
[14:12]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods
[14:13]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I'm not as knowledgeable about chess as they, I'm afraid
[14:13]  Stereo Nacht: Ah! Good day Ms. Solace!
[14:13]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Bitte, help yourselves to refreshments. There is tea on the Palisade side, and coffee on the Academy side.
[14:13]  Toubanua T'Kreth: One of my partners is German, Baron.
[14:13]  Solace Fairlady: Good afternoon Miss Stereo
[14:13]  Stereo Nacht: Hairy day, I see! ;-)
[14:13]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I believe you met Adalein at the party where you were dresses as Sauron
[14:13]  Toubanua T'Kreth: *dressed
[14:14]  Solace Fairlady: Hair???? Fur soft as velevt, thank you!
[14:14]  Solace Fairlady: *velvet
[14:14]  Darlingmonster Ember smiles
[14:14]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Aha.
[14:14]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
[14:14]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Are you German, Baron? Or Austrian?
 [14:14]  Stereo Nacht: Apologies, Ms. Solace! I didn't dare to touch! ;-)
[14:14]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Transylvanian.
[14:14]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Oh, I see :)
[14:14]  Solace Fairlady: Maybe later Stereo
[14:15]  Stereo Nacht: :-D
 [14:15]  Stereo Nacht: Oh! Tea! What a grand idea!
[14:15]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I must admit I've never met a Transylvanian before.
[14:15]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: What other subjects might the Salonistas be eager to see presented?
[14:15]  Toubanua T'Kreth: My brain aches for tea, in fact
[14:16]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach smiles at Fraulein T'Kreth.
[14:16]  Garnet: What were the topics last season?
[14:16]  Darlingmonster Ember: mmmm....tries to remember the good idea she had at the end of last season
[14:16]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I should also like your opinions on encouraging support of the Salon.
 [14:17]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Both financial and word-of-mouth.
[14:17]  Darlingmonster Ember: I would be glad to put up posters in Port Caledon
[14:17]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Writer would be giving me such a look right now, heh.
[14:17]  Solace Fairlady: Well you have the notifying of groups of to an art baron
[14:17]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke.
[14:17]  Solace Fairlady: I assume I am in the right group for the salon now?
[14:17]  Garnet: I'll put up posters gladly - what is required by way of finance?
[14:18]  Solace Fairlady: but perhaps a notice going out via the Alexandrian Library as well?
[14:18]  Solace Fairlady: omce a month maybe
[14:18]  Solace Fairlady: if they were agreeable
[14:18]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ja, Sir JJ has given me the instructions for same.
[14:18]  Solace Fairlady: date for your diary sort of thing
[14:18]  Solace Fairlady: o good!
[14:18]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: It was appearing, when I made his deadline, last season at least part of the time.
[14:18]  Solace Fairlady: and yes Dimmie and I can keep Port caledon well informed
[14:19]  Solace Fairlady: M Cleanslates boards?
[14:19]  Solace Fairlady: the advertising ones?
[14:19]  Solace Fairlady: can they be usitlised as well?
[14:19]  Toubanua T'Kreth:  (brb)
[14:19]  Solace Fairlady: *utilised
[14:19]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I am not sure how one submits material for those.
[14:19]  Darlingmonster Ember: I would, if others agree, ask the MetaHarpers if they would consider doing advert
[14:19]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Who?
[14:20]  Stereo Nacht: As for sujects, I am sure any presentation on the amazing machineries and technologies of the Steamlands would be great - as long as their creators agree to share! ;-)
[14:20]  Solace Fairlady: The Metaharpers baron
[14:20]  Darlingmonster Ember: I shall send you a link Baron
[14:20]  Solace Fairlady: cross genre RP of a soirt
[14:20]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke.
[14:20]  Darlingmonster Ember: grid explorers
[14:20]  Solace Fairlady: and they do a lot ofwork technically as well within SL
[14:20]  Solace Fairlady: perhaps one would give the tale of metaharps
[14:20]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Interesting. I am a little surprised I have not heard of them before.
[14:21]  Garnet: A good explosion makes for interesting pictures
[14:21]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
[14:21]  Toubanua T'Kreth: (back)
[14:22]  Toubanua T'Kreth: This is good tea.
[14:22]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Where did you get this tea?
[14:23]  Garnet: Not from my yard, sadly :o(
[14:23]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hm. I would have to ask my Vice Consul.
[14:23]  Toubanua T'Kreth: :)
[14:23]  Kghia Gherardi: perhaps a survey of steampunk literature or music?
[14:23]  Stereo Nacht: Also... I know Oxbridge gives a course on role-playing, but it seems to always conflict with my other activities. Perhaps a steam-specific role-play introduction?
[14:24]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ritterin Kghia, Fraulein Stereo, who might present those subjects?
[14:24]  Solace Fairlady: Miss Kghia's idea could be two sessions
[14:24]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Might you have someone in mind?
[14:24]  Solace Fairlady: one on literature the other music
[14:24]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods
[14:24]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I don't believe I've read any steampunk literature and I'm curious about the subject.
[14:24]  Darlingmonster Ember: mmm... I think Miss Wendyslippers Charisma does the RP teaching?
[14:24]  Gabrielle Riel: I have a recommendation
[14:24]  Stereo Nacht: Well, I think there are a few experts in Babbage; I wouldn't know who is the best... Although Dr. Mason is one of the most experienced that comes to my mind.
[14:25]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh. Ja, Miz Gabi?
[14:25]  Stereo Nacht: (That's for the role-play, I mean.)
[14:25]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach thinks he could twist Darien's arm a bit.
[14:25]  Solace Fairlady: would be nice to cover the *whole* gamut of Steampunk though
[14:25]  Stereo Nacht: Yes, I think she gives the Oxbridge course.
[14:25]  Gabrielle Riel: I do not know how much you all monitor the larger Steampunk community outside of SL.
[14:25]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Who do you know who does the musical aspect, other than Her DJness here?
[14:26]  Stereo Nacht: Ms. Lynn Mimistrobell.
[14:26]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach listens
[14:26]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I'm am currently reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
[14:26]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I DJ
[14:26]  Darlingmonster Ember: ooooh steamgrid would be a great aethersalon
[14:26]  Garnet: Doesn't your book get wet?
[14:26]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I'm DJing right now, actually :)
[14:26]  Toubanua T'Kreth: lol, Ms. Garnet :)
[14:26]  Garnet: :o)
[14:26]  Darlingmonster Ember: it is so much bigger than we know
[14:26]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I'm not DJing here, mind you.
[14:26]  Gabrielle Riel: Lynn does wonderful salons on 19th and 20th Century Classical music
[14:27]  Stereo Nacht: X-D (Took me a minute to catch that one!)
[14:27]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I'm currently broadcasting music for my chess club
[14:27]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I have not had the good fortune to attend one yet.
[14:27]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Scheduling.
[14:27]  Garnet: I don't really keep up to date on other steamlands - is that a common thing?
[14:27]  Gabrielle Riel: I will be blunt and say that no one in the SL Steamlands knows much about ""Steampunk" music. If they do, I challenge them to come forward and show us the proof in the pudding.
[14:27]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Reading underwater? :) No, I like to think I'm an innovator in that regard
[14:28]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
[14:28]  Garnet: *hehehehehehe*
[14:28]  Gabrielle Riel: But that is not my suggestion
[14:28]  Gabrielle Riel: The larger Steampunk world community is in an interesting place atm.
[14:28]  Gabrielle Riel: There is a major rift that has developed.
[14:29]  Kghia Gherardi: I could do the survey of Steampunk literature, depending on the scheduling :)
[14:29]  Gabrielle Riel: Which I think happens when any community reaches a certain size.
[14:29]  Garnet: For me, it's a matter of time as much as anything - hard to divide oneself!
[14:29]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach sympathises with Fraulein Psaltery.
[14:30]  Gabrielle Riel: There is a lot of discussion about "elitism" in Steampunk. There is a splitting point between "purists" and folks who are more open minded.
[14:30]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Oh, I think Mr. .Nadeau was just struck by a train
[14:30]  Garnet: Oh no!
[14:30]  Gabrielle Riel: Steampunk is a geek culture.
[14:30]  Vic Mornington: ahhhhhhhhh i wondered when that would happen Gabrielle....
[14:30]  Gabrielle Riel: And it has hit a turning point,
[14:30]  Solace Fairlady: and geeks are very elitist
[14:30]  Gabrielle Riel: Big time Vic - big time
[14:30]  Garnet: Hello Mr Caldwell
[14:30]  Wildstar listen to Miss Gabi with interest
[14:30]  Gabrielle Riel: The drama is hitting the fan in a major way
[14:30]  Toubanua T'Kreth: You seem to have emerged in good health, Mr. Nadaeu :)
[14:31]  Vic Mornington: surprised it didnt happen much much sooner
[14:31]  Garnet: Hello Miss Tornado
[14:31]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hallo, Herr Caldwell. Might you step back a little, bitte?
[14:31]  Gabrielle Riel: And I think it would be interesting to discuss this current split.
[14:31]  Lucy Tornado: Hello kind sirs
[14:31]  Garnet: Goodness, I had no inkling of the drama
[14:31]  Gabrielle Riel: Blogs are afire.
[14:31]  Thaddeus Nadeau checks himself, fixes his glasses and ascot, "whew."
[14:31]  Solace Fairlady: Hello Miss Lucy, Mr Inverti!
[14:31]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Would you be able to do that, Duchess?
[14:31]  Gabrielle Riel: Cons are being cancelled.
[14:31]  Kghia Gherardi: Perhaps a session on the Linden Endowment for the Arts?
[14:31]  invertigo.caldwell: hello all
[14:31]  Solace Fairlady: and M Naddeau
[14:31]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Or do you have someone in mind?
[14:32]  Gabrielle Riel: Other con organizers are banding together. It's quite fascinating,
[14:32]  Darlingmonster Ember: welcome M Tornado
[14:32]  Thaddeus Nadeau: thank you, Baron.
[14:32]  Lucy Tornado: Thank you
[14:32]  Gabrielle Riel: There is much to discuss there.
[14:32]  Gabrielle Riel: /fin
[14:32]  Garnet: It sounds like that ought to be a topic for the near future!
[14:32]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: A panel, perhaps. Who should we invite?
[14:32]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I suppose it may be inevitable sense I'm hearing the term "steampunk" in mainstream media more often than I used to.
[14:32]  Toubanua T'Kreth: *since
[14:33]  Wildstar: sounds like the Steamlands, Miss gabi *grins*
[14:33]  Gabrielle Riel: ]Exactly Toubana - and EXACTLY Admiral
[14:33]  Garnet: Ooh - are we at war then?
[14:33]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh.
[14:33]  Gabrielle Riel: The overall Steampunk world community is atm.
[14:34]  Garnet tries not to sound too hopeful
[14:34]  Darlingmonster Ember listens for sabre rattling
[14:34]  Gabrielle Riel: It's like watching multiple train wrecks.
[14:34]  Solace Fairlady: that will be an intersting deabte about whose more "properly steampunk"
[14:34]  Solace Fairlady: *debate
[14:34]  Stereo Nacht: /my typist suddenly fears her first costumes will be sneered on at Steamcon - then remembers she goes as much to meet her friends as anything, so it's going to be all right!
[14:34]  Gabrielle Riel: I think we in the SL Steamlands are ahead of that learning curve. We did that in 2007-2008.
[14:34]  Darlingmonster Ember: snerks
[14:34]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh.
[14:34]  Darlingmonster Ember: smothers grin
[14:35]  Gabrielle Riel: Keep that outlook Captain Nacht.
[14:35]  Solace Fairlady: lol you think?
[14:35]  Garnet is firmly against glueing gears on things
[14:35]  Gabrielle Riel: I know about this because the Detroit Con became embroiled in this.
[14:35]  Stereo Nacht: (I do hope to improve them for next year! So... Work in progress! :-D )
[14:35]  Gabrielle Riel: And I monitor Steampunk forums.
[14:35]  Garnet: So ... fashion .. another topic :o)
[14:35]  Solace Fairlady discreetly places a pot of glue and box of gears to one side in case anyone shopuld need them
[14:36]  Gabrielle Riel: It's a time of massive change. And good for discussion.
[14:36]  Garnet (garnet.psaltery): :o)
[14:36]  Lucy Tornado: *stifles a grin*
[14:36]  Gabrielle Riel: Moving on in topic!
[14:36]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach doesn't stifle a grin
[14:36]  Galactic Baroque coughs
[14:36]  Lucy Tornado: *giggle*
[14:37]  Stereo Nacht: (Do I need to post the link to the video, Ms. Solace? X-D )
[14:37]  Solace Fairlady: how many slots to fill with dspeakers baron, how long is this season to be?
[14:38]  Galactic Baroque: How many empty slots do you have?
[14:38]  Solace Fairlady: No no Capt Stereo I am sure i can find it on the aetherwebs
[14:38]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: We leave the summer open for pragmatic reasons, so - we can still fill the season yet. I have not had any firm commitments.
[14:38]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Nine Salons.
[14:38]  Stereo Nacht: Well, in the chance event someone hadn't heard it yet:
[14:38]  Gabrielle Riel votes for Kghia doing a survey of Steampunk literature!
[14:39]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: This being the first, of course.
[14:39]  Kghia Gherardi grins, "I've mentally started a list."
[14:39]  Gabrielle Riel: Wonderful!
[14:39]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach smiles
[14:39]  Solace Fairlady: Thank you Dame Kghia!
[14:39]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: That is two, possibly three, not including Duchess Gabi's idea yet.
[14:39]  Garnet (garnet.psaltery): Have the urchins given a talk about themselves?
[14:40]  Solace Fairlady: The Library to the fore as ever!
[14:40]  Galactic Baroque wonders how angry Mr. Tenk would get if I revealed his expert topic.
[14:40]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I think we did urchins once, but they are worth revisiting.
[14:40]  Solace Fairlady: lets find out!
[14:40]  Garnet: o.O
[14:41]  Garnet: I know some have been involved in pirating so that's a new aspect, I think
[14:41]  Lucy Tornado puts her ears up
[14:41]  Galactic Baroque: Maybe one of the Brothers knows something about the history of Mnemonics.
[14:41]  Kghia Gherardi: Has anyone discussed Queen Victoria? Not that I know an expert. Just throwing out the question.
[14:42]  invertigo.caldwell: BRB on. switching to the laptop
[14:42]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hm. I do not believe so, but there is a list on the aether-journal.
[14:43]  Garnet: May I have the URL for the journal? I seem to have lost it.
[14:43]  Darlingmonster Ember: oho, I just remembered my suggestion from last season without finding it in the logs. Huzzah!
[14:43]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I should ask in Antiquity about pirates.
[14:43]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach:
[14:43]  Solace Fairlady: And Armada Baron
[14:43]  Garnet (garnet.psaltery): Thank you
[14:43]  Garnet (garnet.psaltery): ~*~* YARRRR!!! *~*~
[14:43]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods at Fraulein Fairlady
[14:43]  Vic Mornington: :D
[14:43]  invertigo.caldwell: Ahhh there
[14:43]  invertigo.caldwell: much better
[14:43]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Off the stage now that you can see.
[14:44]  invertigo.caldwell: Now have visual!
[14:44]  invertigo.caldwell: ^^
[14:44]  Solace Fairlady: welcome back M Inverti
[14:44] invertigo.caldwell: Hello again all
[14:44]  Garnet (garnet.psaltery): Loki's built a great pirate bar
[14:44]  Darlingmonster Ember: I thought a talk about those arriving to the Steamgrid.... foreigners and refugees and how they merge into Steamgrid might be fun
[14:44]  Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo (invertigo.caldwell): Thank you!
[14:44]  Solace Fairlady: ooooooo yes!
[14:44]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Something you would present, Fraulein Ember?
[14:45]  Darlingmonster Ember: er, ....
[14:45]  Darlingmonster Ember: maybe?
[14:45]  Darlingmonster Ember looks at Typist and winces
[14:45]  Darlingmonster Ember: keels over from death glare
[14:45]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
[14:45]  Solace Fairlady: you mean how people came to find us, where they heard about us?
[14:45]  Lucy Tornado: gasp!
[14:45]  Darlingmonster Ember: might be a panel?
[14:46]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I heard about this salon through the Winterfell chat
[14:46]  Garnet: How they were rescued from a horrible fate on the Mainland!
[14:46]  Solace Fairlady: how they felt they were welcomed or otherwise? etc?
[14:46]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I will need suggestions for presenters if you do not or cannot wish to do it yourself.
[14:46]  Wildstar is still waiting for Caledon to invade mainland to see the incoming of all those Zindran refugees
[14:46]  Darlingmonster Ember: yes yes... that sort of thing
[14:46]  Vic Mornington: m...m....m....mainland O.O *hides*
[14:46]  Solace Fairlady: yes Admiral, all those poor former escorts needing a firm guiding hand, eh?
[14:46]  Wildstar laughs
[14:46]  Darlingmonster Ember: coughs
[14:47]  Toubanua T'Kreth: lol
[14:47]  Garnet: *snerks*
[14:47]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Herr Victor, what about a presentation on your other community?
[14:47]  Galactic Baroque: They will need warm clothes.
[14:47]  Garnet: Is it worth having one on current RP stories? I'm sure lots of people have no idea what's going on
[14:48]  Vic Mornington: what.... a presentation on the tea drinking, cake eating lazy sods of the dr who rp world?
[14:48]  Darlingmonster Ember: snorts
[14:48]  Garnet: Yes, them
[14:48]  Solace Fairlady: o that other commuinty, not the life of a male kajira in Gor
[14:48]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ja, them.
[14:48]  Garnet: They do visit after all
[14:48]  Kghia Gherardi: fish fingers and custard
[14:48]  Solace Fairlady: my mistake sorry Mr Victor
[14:49]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh.
[14:49]  Garnet: o.O
[14:49]  Gabrielle Riel: 0_0
[14:49]  Darlingmonster Ember: well, it doesn't have to be all about the elite Dr Who rpers
[14:49]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach raises an amused eyebrow at Fraulein Fairlady.
[14:49]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I do like Doctor Who :)
[14:49]  Wildstar looks at Victor with a puzzled expression
[14:49]  Vic Mornington: yeah ok, mark me down for it....i'll see if i can drag in Louis Trapani from Podshock and Sen from Hands of i can let them both talk and i can sit back....a nd drink tea....
[14:49]  Solace Fairlady: me smiles back at the Baron innocently
[14:49]  Toubanua T'Kreth: I don't know much about Doctor Who rp, but I like watching the group chat.
[14:49]  Garnet: Hello MIss Sidonie
[14:49]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh, that will work.
[14:50]  Darlingmonster Ember: smashing
[14:50]  Toubanua T'Kreth: No-one seems much to be talking about yesterday's new episode.
[14:50]  Solace Fairlady: Hello Miss Sid
[14:50]  Sidonie Ancelin apologizes to anyone she's landed on
[14:50]  Garnet: I haven't seen it yet - no spoilers please!
[14:50]  Solace Fairlady waves to Miss Book
[14:50]  Vic Mornington: not allowed....cant talk about the latest episode on the group chat until at least 3 days after original airing on BBC 1
[14:51]  Sidonie Ancelin: Hello, Miss Solace.. (can't see you yet)
[14:51]  Galactic Baroque: How about the tribulations of a developing writer? Emerson Lighthouse has no previous writing experience before he started those adventure serials.
[14:51]  Vic Mornington: ellooooooo Booky!
[14:51]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Ah, all right :) Well, I though it was decent.
[14:51]  Garnet: I haven;t got a tv so it's catch-up for me
[14:51]  Stereo Nacht: Good evneing Ms. Sidonie!
[14:51]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: That sounds interesting, I shall ask him.
[14:51]  Sidonie Ancelin: Good evening, Miss Stereo
[14:51]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: If we can get Duchess Cornelia to share with him, that might provide interesting contrasts.
[14:52]  Vic Mornington: sidonie :)
[14:52]  Stereo Nacht: Oooh! The Writers of the Steamlands? Miss Nika Thought-Werk could speak on that too!
[14:52]  Galactic Baroque: Ah, yes, She would have an interesting story.
[14:52]  Sidonie Ancelin (ancelin): Vic ^^
[14:52]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Good point.
[14:52]  Garnet: Hello Miss Book
[14:52]  Garnet: Mr Valeska
[14:52]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Well, I must return to my chess club.
[14:52]  Bookworm Hienrichs nods a greeting to everyone.
[14:52]  Kghia Gherardi is happy to cross-promote anything bookish or writerly
[14:52]  invertigo.caldwell: CHESS!
 [14:52]  Galactic Baroque: Or get the characters of the Emerson adventures on the couch together to tell how they create those rp stories, since they are not actually inworld roleplay.
[14:53]  Toubanua T'Kreth: It was nice seeing many of you again, and meeting som enew people, too :)
[14:53]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, Fraulein T'Kreth.
[14:53]  Garnet: Bye Miss T'Kreth
[14:53]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Yes, I'm one of the people running the new chess club in Winterfell Laudanum, Invertigo
[14:53]  Solace Fairlady: safe travels Miss T'Kreth
[14:53]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Feel free to drop by whenever you'd like :)
[14:53]  Stereo Nacht: Good nigth Ms. T'Kreth!
[14:53]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Thank you :).
[14:53]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Herr Caldwell's taken up the game.
[14:54]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Oh, well, we have a lot of players, he'll find plenty of practice.
[14:54]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke for the donations, Salonistas.
[14:54]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Also, computer opponents.
[14:54]  Solace Fairlady: Thank you Herr baron!
[14:54]  Garnet: Where is the donation box, please?
[14:54]  Darlingmonster Ember: back wall behind me
[14:54]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: The signs on the walls.
[14:54]  Garnet: and can I ask again what is required by way of finance?
[14:54]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ahh... one moment.
 [14:55]  Solace Fairlady: All of your money
[14:55]  Solace Fairlady: and your soul too
[14:55]  Toubanua T'Kreth: lol
[14:55]  Garnet: :D
[14:55]  Toubanua T'Kreth: Ciao, all :)
[14:55]  Solace Fairlady: those that claim to have them
[14:56]  Darlingmonster Ember bops the bad kitty on the head
[14:56]  Solace Fairlady: mews and giggles, trying to look sorry
[14:57]  Kghia Gherardi: please excuse me, I have another event.
[14:57]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: L$470 a week for each side.
[14:57]  Lucy Tornado: Adieu thank you for allowing me to listen in.
[14:57]  Sidonie Ancelin smiles and inventories the souls
[14:57]  Garnet: Ah .. not inconsiderable
[14:57]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Come back again, Fraulein Tornado.
[14:57]  invertigo.caldwell bops his kitty too just cause Miss Ember bopped hers ....
[14:57]  Lucy Tornado: Smiles
[14:57]  Garnet: Cheerio Miss Tornado
[14:57]  Darlingmonster Ember: travel safe
[14:57]  Solace Fairlady: Fair winds Miss Lucy, and Dame Kghia!
[14:57]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: bops Herr Caldwell.
[14:57]  invertigo.caldwell: Be well!
[14:57]  invertigo.caldwell: OW!
[14:57]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Very productive, and danke to you all.
[14:58]  Garnet: So how many salons do we have fixed now?
[14:58]  Bookworm Hienrichs sighs, having evidently missed it all.
[14:58]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh, we'll see when I get it down on the calendar.
[14:58]  Solace Fairlady: We have a list of good potentials
[14:58]  Garnet: Would you like a note of the chat,Miss Book?
[14:59]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Indeed.
[14:59]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Yes, please, Miss Garnet.
[14:59]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Bookworm deserves our commendations.
[14:59]  Garnet copies and pastes
[14:59]  Stereo Nacht: In any case, perhaps asking for more suggestions at each upcoming Salons? Just as a reminder?
[14:59]  Solace Fairlady: Huzzah Miss Book!
[14:59]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: She is the one who prepares the transcripts every month.
[14:59]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
[14:59]  Darlingmonster Ember: I shall poke about and see if I can find partners, Herr Baron... my in world time is limited
[14:59]  Stereo Nacht:  `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[14:59]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: She ensures you are able to read them later in our journal.
[14:59]  Darlingmonster Ember applauds
[14:59]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: That would be fine, Fraulein Ember.
[14:59]  Sidonie Ancelin applauds
[2012/09/16 15:00]  Garnet: It's completely unedited, Miss Book
[2012/09/16 15:01]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Quite all right--I can take care of that. Thank you very much for this!
[2012/09/16 15:01]  Garnet (garnet.psaltery): *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*You're Welcome!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[2012/09/16 15:01]  Darlingmonster Ember: Huzzah!
[2012/09/16 15:01]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: We shall be back on October 21st, barring disasters, Martians, Lindens and the like.
[2012/09/16 15:01]  Garnet: Ugh, not Lindens!
[2012/09/16 15:01]  Darlingmonster Ember: always good to see the SCIENCE crowd
[2012/09/16 15:01]  Stereo Nacht: Hmmm. Perhasp they could come and present one salon about the grid? ;-D
[2012/09/16 15:02]  Wildstar: :)
[2012/09/16 15:02]  Stereo Nacht: /me flees before receiving pots
[2012/09/16 15:02]  Stereo Nacht: Good night all!
[2012/09/16 15:02]  Garnet: Only if they're prepared for firearms
[2012/09/16 15:02]  Solace Fairlady: Goodnight Miss Stereo!
[2012/09/16 15:02]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh.
[2012/09/16 15:02]  Darlingmonster Ember: travel safe Cpt Stereo
[2012/09/16 15:03]  Garnet: Thank you, Herr Baron. Cheerio everybody!
[2012/09/16 15:03]  Darlingmonster Ember: thank you Herr Baron
[2012/09/16 15:03]  Garnet: Ta Ta
[2012/09/16 15:03]  Solace Fairlady: Thank you Herr baron!
[2012/09/16 15:03]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach bows
[2012/09/16 15:03]  Solace Fairlady bobs a curtsey
[2012/09/16 15:03]  Darlingmonster Ember:curtsies
[2012/09/16 15:03]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Without all of you, there is no AEther Salon.
[2012/09/16 15:04]  Solace Fairlady: Good hunting all!
[2012/09/16 15:05]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Guten Tag.