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Fey! Edited Transcript

Viv Trafalgar: Miss Serafina and I are pleased to welcome you to the June Aether Salon - Fey! (also Fae!) Before we begin our foray into the topic with our amazing and talented and potentially dangerous speakers, I would like to thank you all so very much for your support this season! As many of you know, the Aether Salon meets to discuss steam and victorian topics on the third Sunday of each month, in Palisades, New Babbage.
We have had nine Salons this year – each one spectacular and exciting - all thanks to our speakers and the amazing Babbage community.


We sincerely appreciate the support we receive from everyone in the community, and we humbly thank you all. Many fine people have contributed to today’s salon: Clockwinder Tenk, Miss Ceejay Writer, Miss Breezy Carver, Miss Redgrrl Llewellyn, Canolli Capalini of Capalini Fine Furnishings for the chairs, and many, many others and especially Tensai for her assistance with the craft, and for joining us today.

Finally, I want to personally thank my most amazing and talented co-host, Serafina Puchkina - she is a true friend and ally.
Please hold your questions until the end, and as a courtesy to all, please turn off everything that feeds the lag: all HUDs, scripts, AOs and so on. Please no weapons, bombs, or biting, without at least a modicum of wit accompanying.
Mark your calendars for upcoming salons: Airships! in September, Haberdashery! in October, and Furnishings! in November ((furnishings is with Canolli).

We're keeping a log of things “overheard at the salon” on aethersalon.blogspot.com just in case you're looking for a good laugh. Please join the Aether Salon group and receive notifications of future salon events, click the lower right hand corner of the large brown sign by the entrance.

As a reminder, all tip jar donations go directly to the speakers. Hang on to your wings as I welcome my Co-host Miss Serafina Puchkina!

Serafina Puchkina: Today I am most honored to introduce today's speakers: Steelhead Estates Owner/Manager/Builder and Moon Elf, TotalLunar Eclipse AND Steelhead Estates CoOwner/Manager and GREATEST GENIUS IN THE UNIVERSE, Tensai Hilra - Eclipse. . .

Maeglin Eledhwen Súrion or as said in the native tongue Total Lunar Eclipse was born in the Immortal Myst Mountains of Ithill almost ninety seasons during the rise of the red moon.

His time among the elves was short lived as his father, Mathan Súrion moved his infant son from their native forests and into the land of humans where he raised his son among the humans. His father married a human widow who had two children of her own, and from that time forward Lunar developed a strong bond with his sister, the Lady Christine McAllister house Pearse.
After their parents died of yellow fever Lunar traveled the lands taking odd jobs to care for himself and Christine. From a ditch digger to miner for a short time (because he was too tall to fit in the caves), to the guy everyone always called so he could come get stuff from the top shelf, Lunar became a side show for a circus as a ‘deformed human’ that was always stuck standing beside Tom Thumb and shirtless.

After the Circus’ train had been oddly robbed in a most vicious and exceedingly meticulously manner for a band of grungy tobacco chewing outlaws Lunar was robbed out of all the money he had been saving up so he could buy a train ticket to see his sister Christine again. Looking in some discarded papers he stumbled upon an advertisement seeing ‘Genius seeking guinea pig to experiment on, pig not needed… humanoid OK preferably non human… must be able to withstand a lot of pain.’ He took the paper and headed to a warehouse on the edge of town and met with a short… big haired woman who liked to wear big rubber gloves and giant goggles and wield large vicious looking saws whenever she spoke.

Never really knowing what she was saying whenever she tried to explain what she was doing Lunar was subjected to lots of needles, electricity, and being thrown into freezing lakes. Whenever Tensai was not busy sticking an electrode on him or was too tired to run more tests he learned from her the one vocation that would follow him and create his mark of distinction in the world, building. While they moved from town to town Lunar was Tensai’s guinea elf during the evenings and apprenticed with local masons during the day hours while the professor was off on her excursions she would never tell him about.
An angry mob finally made her day practices known and the two were banished from the town. They made their way to Steelhead City where Christine had invited them to live with her as she had fared better in finding work than her brother. They set up shop in Steelhead and Lunar earned his keep maintaining and rebuilding the older crumbling buildings. Eventually the mantle of leadership was passed on to Tensai and himself working under the city’s benefactor, Lady Kattryn. Lunar has taken role of ownership, expanded the lands and began forging alliances with other distant lands across the oceans.
And he forced Tensai to marry him because she had no choice in the matter.

Serafina Puchkina takes a deep breath

There are very few words that can describe our next speaker; actually two can do the trick: ‘Natural disaster’ and ‘Genius.’
Thankfully in the Japanese language there is one such word that means both of these things, Tensai.

Self proclaimed ‘Greatest Scientific Mind in the Universe’ Tensai Hilra Hakubi was born… or will be born in the year AD 22,020 Chicago, Illinois, around the time of the tenth mafia gathering. Father Doctor Timeless put his daughter through a 100 year long schooling at the Universal Science Academy where she received three Doctoral degrees in various science of quantum something or other and a minor in liberal arts and ranked top of her class with great expectations to either save the universe or blow it up, she was later banned from the academy while working towards her fourth doctorate for producing weapons of mass destruction and setting all the hamsters, other various rodents, cadavers, and botany experiments on fire.

Not walking in her time lord father’s footsteps Tensai settled on a moon planet (mostly due to the fact no one would live on the same planet as her and her experiments and she has been banished from about 5000 star systems) so she could continue her research and conduct all sorts of experiments without that pesky law enforcement interference. After having destroyed three moons because of substandard equipment Tensai took out a loan to further fund her ‘non universe exploding’ projects with better equipment. After she destroyed yet another planet Tensai realized she had no means to pay back the money she borrowed. After stealing … or borrowing an old TARDIS she decided on a devilish scheme of returning to the past before the turn of the 19th century and depositing $10 dollars into a bank that would remain afloat for 20 thousand years.

After landing in an old west city Tensai realized that she put the TARDIS on a railroad track and thus destroyed most of the machine when a train bowled it over and one of her doomsday devices inside imploded leaving her stranded in the very distant past far from any trans dimensional laboratories and even running water and working toilets with only $10 dollars to her name and a wonky talking cat creation that harshly critiques everything she says and does.

Tensai Hilra worked as a teacher and helped bandits and outlaws rob trains and break into bank vaults while living in the past in order to gain money. Never straying from her need to experiment on live creatures and now delightfully in a time and place where people would do ANYTHING for money and cheap money at that she put out an ad for ‘Genius seeking guinea pig to experiment on, pig not needed… humanoid OK preferably non human… must be able to withstand a lot of pain. No whiners… or Irish.’ Her ad was answered by an 8 foot tall dirty white haired man with long ears who agreed to be her guinea elf for cheap.

After being chased out of two cities by angry mobs with pitchforks and torches the pair boarded a train and headed to Steelhead City where they were going to hide at Lunar’s sister’s house. The town was both welcoming and didn’t ask too many questions which was a bonus and there were plenty of lackeys that she could experiment on called jaegers.
In trying to create a wildly new, flavorful and amazingly tasty type of cat food for an unbelievably low price as well (for a limited time offer void where prohibited) Tensai spliced her DNA with that of her precious sidekick pet cat and has unfortunately not found a way to go back to normal… yet. Oh… and she married the elf.

Please join me in welcoming today's speakers.

TotalLunar Eclipse: Greetings. We realized that our friend Mossenvo was not here and was nowhere to be found. Some said he ran off to get married with a wealthy Irishwoman. Someone said he got stuck under a train and was dragged off. And I heard he was also taken by aliens, locked in a trunk and even cast into the water in a giant glass milk jug.

TensaiHilra: If I may lunar... I was able to actually tap into the 'dreamworld' and access tenk as he seems to be asleep right now. The bubble is a dream projector of sorts so he can join us

Mosseveno Tenk: there’s hooing. are we in steelhead?

TensaiHilra: hehe, some of us are here yes mosseveno, but we are in Babbage . Okay, you may go on lunar :)

Mosseveno Tenk: this is a very nice dream....

TotalLunar Eclipse: As the lovely Miss Sera said I am a moon elf living in the victorian era.

How did we come to be, were we just not myth once before? Nay we have always been here existing around you though our existence has been illusive and long ago we were just myth to the race of man.
We lived deep in the forests away from the eyes of the young species called humans. They evolved, and grew and the world of man expanded. They began to extend themselves into the forests for need of resources and wood to those who would seek adventure or solitude.

There was evidence all around of something more than just man. The more man began to explore, the more elves hid deeper away from the eyes of man but they left evidence such as elf circles of ancient rituals, abandoned monoliths and cities to the fey songs heard in the stillness of the wood.

I read Old Norse stories depicting us as illusive demi gods of the forest and mostly women with an Elf King of sorts, of the Scandinavian folklore that actually got us confused with fairies depicting elves as tiny winged creatures that caused mischief and strife and would play tricks and games on those that entered the forest. A great deal of European tales depicted us as creatures of light and darkness, legends state that if you saw a white elf you it meant life and birth and if you saw a dark shadowed one it would bring about death…. I’m sure that was a prank of sorts by some of the elves or perhaps to scare humans away from their sacred forests and rivers.

TotalLunar Eclipse laughs.. fairies indeed!

There is a legend concerning the Buckthorn vow’s that if one sprinkle it in a circle under the light of the full moon an elf would appear, the dancer would have to notice the elf and say an enchantment (I am NOT going to say it for good reason) and the elf must grant one wish.

Though I am sure the poor elf was just wandering around minding his own business and saw this stupid human doing an odd ritual and became intrigued and was more Then humored them by 'granting' a wish or boon. I have not outlived that myth yet.
Not all the stories of elves were fluffy and filled with good looking short clockwinding elves.

In some cases we were accused of sitting on humans’ while they slept. They called it ‘elf pressure.’ Later they finally resolved the misconception and pointed the finger at incubi and succubi. I have heard of tales where elves were invisible creatures (I wish) and if you were touched by one you would be inflicted with temporary paralysis (again, I wish).

TensaiHilra: elf pressure, hehe, they withstand A LOT of pressure, but no they do not cause it

TotalLunar Eclipse: We were associated sometimes with blight; we were accused of stealing your women, causing fire to your fields, even giving you people venereal disease if they were to urinate in an elf circle… seriously I found that on wikipedia.
My favorite is the red capped wild elves that would eat you if you got lost in the wood which scared a lot of children.
Though a lot of this is fable… sans the stealing of your women I am sure that’s probably true it was apparent that there were creatures out in the wood and it would only be a matter of time before the two cultures would have to coexist.
I spoke a bit about being mistaken for fairies; some faeries are full height.

I was taught in my youth the world of Fey began when Earth Mother gave birth to everything great and small from the plants to the animals to the rocks and trees.

To protect her design the heavenly bodies petitioned in their courts and gave them guardians, humanlike creatures of element and environment born of the Sun god Loltoris, the Moon Goddess Ithill, and the Earth Goddess ‘Folian S’pae with domains over the elemental wind, earth, fire and water to care for the earth. There used to be stories of times where the ancient lands of Eladrins or Sidhe worshiped all the gods but then started the great crown wars.

The elves scattered to different directions, in one battle it was told some were banished underground never to see the light of day or leaves on the trees again. Sun Elves, or high elves live in forest canopies or mountain tops and rarely travel or leave their lands seeing interaction between other races beneath them. They are extremely magical creatures and high ranking in the arcane arts and if any other species settles too close to them they simply migrate off abandoning entire towns and villages.

Moon Elves live in the forests of Ithill yet are the most nomadic and accepting of other races of the other elves. When there are half elf creatures the other parent is more than likely a moon elf. We worship the moon Goddess Ithill and take our power from the moon so are subject to withdrawals and weakness during the new moon.

Moon Elves live in the forests of Ithill yet are the most nomadic and accepting of other races of the other elves. When there are half elf creatures the other parent is more than likely a moon elf. We worship the moon Goddess Ithill and take our power from the moon so are subject to withdrawals and weakness during the new moon and full moon.

Wood elves are the most recognized because they have the most variations of their races. Sometimes called Naeur’n are the smallest in stature and one of the oldest and wisest races often confused with dwarves.

They have the ability to speak to nature’s creatures and are fierce guardians of the forest. They are solitary creatures, in stories they are the worker elves that humans create pacts with by giving tribute to them and in turn the elf grants them a boon or are in their service. Outside of forest setting I have seen them in clocktowers or shoemakers shops.

Drow or Dark elves have the most deplorable reputation. The courts I have visited have shown them to have a matriarchal society and worship the spider queen Lloth.

I wouldn’t consider going into dark caves...

It is even debated whether mermaids are a form of aquatic elves that adapted into their own species altogether. It is just speculation

But there are great debates concerning it considering they are fierce with their territories and protect the waters.
We are guardians of the elements, so guardians of water would fall under that category. BUT... again the mermaid aquatic elf theory is just that.

Mosseveno Tenk peers through the bubble

TensaiHilra: Though I will say, even moon elves can hold their breath for a LOOONG time... 2 days was it?

TotalLunar Eclipse: It seems lately many elves have left the forests and began to dwell in urbanized cities where they can.

TotalLunar Eclipse thinks... It was two days. But I was being held down by a cinderblock.

TensaiHilra: well.. that was.. for safety

TotalLunar Eclipse: We'll get to your experiments soon dear...

I know a few that have settled because that is where their once sacred forests were before it became a city so it depends on the locality. Others like the worker elf mentality finds that in cities it satisfies that base need to be working and creating or maintaining and in a city environment there is far more work to be done than in a forest. So it depends on what race they are as well as where they are.

[In my own case I just moved into a city that already had a great deal of trees.

A few issues elves have working and coexisting with humans... a big one for me would be time. A childhood friend visited me whereas I am how I appear now, he was grandfather.

The next would be non believers or ‘human only’ societies. I have been fortunate to live in Steelhead which has been very kind to other species since I walked there. Other places are not so kind, the human only rule to me is a step backwards in society the same way in the past humans shunned their other races.

I have even come across non believers that honestly don’t even see me, as though I am not even there. Perhaps this lends credence to why some humans have claimed to have never seen an elf other than reading about them believing it to be a work of fiction.

It is an odd thing to be seen through entirely. And to clear up any misconceptions... I am not a keebler elf. Nor am I a house elf.

And 'Santa Klaus' does employ elves to make toys but they don't normally wear those striped socks... that's their uniforms.
I believe it is your turn now dear.

Tensai Hilra: Hello all, As you know, i am Tensai hilra, I come from a very Long past

TotalLunar Eclipse: Eclipse...

Tensai Hilra: :P yes, tensai Hilra... eclipse

Viv Trafalgar Grins at the Martial Bliss

Tensai Hilra: My role has been as loving wife to Lunar and Scientist, studying the science aspect of Elves. Some of the things I have studied and will share with you today.... First off, what gives Lunar his powers... Tensai Hilra pulls lunars ear a bit... THESE!!!!

TotalLunar Eclipse: ouch

Tensai Hilra: oh buck up, you can handle a lot more :)

Mosseveno Tenk: willingly, too

TotalLunar Eclipse rubs his sore ear.

Tensai Hilra: I have found that as a Moon elf, he is able to absorb unseen energy from the Moon overhead

TotalLunar Eclipse: it is Ithill's blessing.

Tensai Hilra: Also, he tends to absorb energy from the world around him, in particular, nature. Today we had to bring along a tree as seen before us in the globe

Lunar’s power seems as well to be tuned to his blood... in some experiments completely blowing my lab when taking a sample. I've had... many labs... in these tests. Also, I've found in my studies that being around humans has changed him from other elven people. Normally an elf of his age (89 years) is considered a teenager.... and in that respect, he is not .... "mature" yet... mentally or physically ;)

TotalLunar Eclipse sighs and bows his head.

Tensai Hilra: In fact I've calculated that he will reach 'maturity' when he reaches 120 years old :)
Here you can see some of my notes on the subject as well

Mosseveno Tenk: oh total lunar eclipse (haul him away)
Has abs clear down to his hips (haul him away)

TotalLunar Eclipse sighs and blushes blue

Mosseveno Tenk: he gets a smile on his lips (haul him away)
when tensai gets out her whips (heigh ho, heave ho, haul him away)

Viv Trafalgar please do continue Tensai

Tensai Hilra: Ohay, i'm sure all of you have been wondering what all this equipment is for, and I'd like to go over some of the experiments I’ve done to test Lunar. Today I brought my Fluidic endurance test, the large tube... and The Scorpion Probe!

TotalLunar Eclipse shudders with bad memories

Tensai Hilra: Lunar, first, could I have you jump in the tube?

Viv Trafalgar: Scorpion Probe?? ((Encourages the crowd to look towards the table))

Tensai Hilra: This tube is the one that I tested lunar for two days! He's quite good at holding his breath... also sometimes though I have tried acid in there... amazingly elves are immune to acid and fire... and ice... and hammers...
Yes, turns out dumping lunar tied up with meat in a box of alley cats... well he prevailed and eventually made friends with all the cats
Hehe though I don’t have time to go into ALLL the experiments :) Now, Lunar if you would jump onto the 'Scorpion'

TotalLunar Eclipse: I hate this thing.

Tensai Hilra: now this device is quite fun, yes it 'probes' but it was used a lot more for testing his ability to be shot at by lasers

TotalLunar Eclipse: Apparently I am still alive.

Tensai Hilra: as you can see it shorted out a bit and now merely emits sparks.. though I hope to regain testing soon

TotalLunar Eclipse: No just shocks me a bit. It’s called SPOUSAL ABUSE!

Tensai Hilra: it's called you signed a Pre-nup waiver!

TotalLunar Eclipse: Damn.

Tensai Hilra: Okay you can get up lunar :) Now I have been studying other elves as well. Tenk here....ish... for example. I have been stalking him . . . . er watching him a bit
Here lemme tune him in a bit. As you can see here, we are about to test 'absorbancy'
I've found as well the Clockwinder as he is known, has the ability to detect minute faults in mechanical systems, such as clocks. Handy to know when a device needs work or winding

TotalLunar Eclipse: It’s the ears.

Tensai Hilra: I've also examined some other elves around, and have a quick set of pictures to help you identify them. Here we have an Elf

TotalLunar Eclipse approves. Wood elf.

Tensai Hilra: Wood elf I believe

TotalLunar Eclipse hisses at photo

Tensai Hilra: this as well is an elf

TotalLunar Eclipse: Worker class elf.

Tensai Hilra: the next one however is an imposter! Also some people have profited in the image of elven culture, simply mocking it along the way...

TotalLunar Eclipse: I blame Santa Klaus

Tensai Hilra: the jury is still out on another famous elf, who has stockpiled quite a bit in used clothing since his debut. Sometimes though we wish we could prune the elven family tree... now a FINE example of elves.... oh, and as well...

TotalLunar Eclipse: looks over, "Is that all you have on your mind dear?"

Tensai Hilra: who wha?

TotalLunar Eclipse: *will make pilgrimage to Middle Earth to find this... Legolas taking his sword with him.

Tensai Hilra: in conclusion... It is pretty easy to spot an elf if you’re stalk...er paying attention :) Okay :) Thank you for your time :) Viv?

Serafina Puchkina: Thank you very much! Let's give them a huge round of applause

Viv Trafalgar: Absolutely awesome presentation! Thank you so very much

Serafina Puchkina: Are there any questions for our speakers?

Linus Lacombe: I have one

Serafina Puchkina: Yes?

Linus Lacombe: Lunar...what is your favorite kind of cookeh?

TotalLunar Eclipse: chocolate chi... HEY!

Tensai Hilra: hehe

Riven Homewood hopes it's from Steeltopia

Mosseveno Tenk: snickerdoodles

Viv Trafalgar: Do the height variations among elves convey status?

Mosseveno Tenk: no

TotalLunar Eclipse: Not at all.

Kat Montpark: Ooo, I have one! At wot dance is Lunar going t'next be shirtless?

Mosseveno Tenk: actually, it reversed

Viv Trafalgar: shorter elves are of higher status?

TotalLunar Eclipse considers busting the bubble.

No, it’s a matter of race, where they live and how they adapted to their environment.

Tensai Hilra: As for what I've found, they tend to adjust to their environment

Mosseveno Tenk: it’s said my people lived peaceably with trolls before the humans came, in the days when the king was under the mountain. Hard to believe, but we've always been noted for our height.

Viv Trafalgar: and do elves display ... addictive qualities?

TotalLunar Eclipse: I have noted some like milk to an extreme. We also smoke what grows out in the forest as well... take that whatever way you will.

Viv Trafalgar: if you have a question please take the opportunity now

Malegatto Alter raises a hand

Serafina Puchkina: Dr. Alter?

Kat Montpark: I've heard that all sorts o' things, good or bad, happen if ye stumble upon an elf party. Is that true?

Malegatto Alter: Do you feel there is a conflict of sorts between magickal beigns such as yourselves, and science?

Serafina Puchkina: Sorry. First Kat then Dr Alter

Tensai Hilra: well you'll have a hell of a hangover that’s for sure

TotalLunar Eclipse: To answer Miss Kat first. It depends on what they are doing; if it’s a ritual of the earth even I don't take kindly to someone barging in on it.

Tensai Hilra: Dr alter, on the contrary! Lunar meshes well into science, as magics are only the non understood sciences

Mosseveno Tenk frowns at tensai

TotalLunar Eclipse: She is slowly finding out how I.. tick is the right word.

Tensai Hilra: well I am awaiting your return mosseveno, as you have been away and unable to submit to my tests

Mosseveno Tenk: at least you leave your subjects alive. As magic is understood in a more scientific manner, some scientists are a threat. It would be better to be forgotten than submit to that.

Riven Homewood: How does one recognize a private ritual? If I wanted to visit the elf lands, what customs should I be careful to honor?

TotalLunar Eclipse: The best course of action would be to observe first.

Softpaw Sommer: The differences between a Fairy such as myself and an Elf weren’t gotten into much. Could you do so? Also some information for the others on the whole Iron allergy thing would be welcomed.

TotalLunar Eclipse: Songs are very easily heard in the woods if the melody is somber it will be a ritual. If it is light in melody then they are just singing, so hear what is being sung is my best advice.

TotalLunar Eclipse: Aye Miss Softpaw but I was told there would be a salon dedicated to fairies and other magical creatures so I did not want to go into it in depth

Skyler Gant: Do Elves Marry humans? Or are they able to?

Softpaw Sommer: Ohh..I didn’t know that *looks to Viv*

TotalLunar Eclipse: They can unite with other species, as there are many half elves out in the world.

Viv Trafalgar: nods - yes we hope to locate a particularly good place to hold that salon, Lunar

Kat Montpark: Why d'ye need that wee tree? I think I missed that bit. Is it like th' tub o' bricks th' Clockwinder carries all o'er?

TotalLunar Eclipse: The tree is more for my sake.

Viv Trafalgar: he needs the fresh air

TotalLunar Eclipse: I am attuned to nature and I do not feel one near.

Viv Trafalgar: Babbage is ... lacking

TotalLunar Eclipse: The small tree makes me feel better.

Viv Trafalgar: in fresh air only. Nothing else

Ceejay Writer blinks. "Our air is bracing and builds tone."

Serafina Puchkina: I am setting out the craft boxes

Jedburgh30 Dagger: "...and character"

TotalLunar Eclipse: Nothing contrary to your lovely town

Viv Trafalgar: speaking of trees

Tensai Hilra: oh it is an amazing city, he becomes quite weak when away from trees, that is all

Kat Montpark: Ye need strong lungs t'breathe it, that's for sure.

Mosseveno Tenk: builds character

Viv Trafalgar: it does strengthen the lungs, yes!

TotalLunar Eclipse: I am just not accustomed is all.

Tensai Hilra: rather than bring in a stretcher we figured a tree would do :)

Viv Trafalgar: ::one note and then we will continue with questions:: This Salon was sponsored by the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach who support this energetic exchange of knowledge among the people of the steamlands for the betterment of us all. - We wish to thank them from the bottom of our hearts, and most especially we wish to thank Tensai, Lunar, and Tenk - please continue grilling them to your hearts content

Serafina Puchkina: Yes, indeed! We are most grateful to the Consulate

TotalLunar Eclipse: Not literally grilling I hope.

Tensai Hilra: I have had alot of fun today and Thank you for having Lunar and I to your fair city. And thank you for your hospitality Mosseveno, if only in dream :)

TotalLunar Eclipse: When you are found Tensai wants to see you in her lab.

Serafina Puchkina: Yes, any more questions?

Tensai Hilra: I am curious if this dream tunnel system burned anything out :)

Viv Trafalgar: If there are no more questions? We would like to say a huge thank you to our audience - you were awesome and an enormous one to our speakers

Serafina Puchkina: Thank you so much Lunar and Tensai and thank you too, everyone

Viv Trafalgar: Please join us again in September! I declare the salon officially on Vacation.

Tensai Hilra: Thank you all, as mentioned earlier, all the tips today go directly to the Salon

Viv Trafalgar: And Mara - thank you for suggesting this salon - it was a fantastic idea

Ceejay Writer: I love how everyone is supporting Salon - this institution is so important to Palisade!

TensaiHilra: The salon is wonderful, it brings the steamland together!

Viv Trafalgar: Thank you all so much.

Kat Montpark: Aye, it's like a steamland family reunion, it is!

Serafina Puchkina: Thank you everyone!!

Viv Trafalgar: thank you for bringing your equipment too Tensai and not using it on too many people

TotalLunar Eclipse: Someone asked me where I purchased my clothing?

Riven Homewood: I was wondering about that - surely there are other handsome elves besides Legolas and our speakers?

TotalLunar Eclipse: Fallen gods.. Though everything I buy has to be tailored to fit me :/

Tensai Hilra: hehe no problem, it was fun to prepare ((actually made the laser last night *smiles* )

TotalLunar Eclipse: There are a great deal of elves in Avilion. I haven't been able to travel back due to management stuff. It is a massive forest sim with elves and faeries and dragons though we have one of each in Steelhead.

Jedburgh30 Dagger: I was curious to know if the elf magic is so powerful, how do you resist the urge to use it to not fall victim to normal sorts of problems?

TotalLunar Eclipse: I only have power to my natural surroundings.

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