Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whimsy Edited transcript

Ceejay Writer sticks out tongue at Bob and tugs her sash.
Viv Trafalgar: we'll be getting started now - please find a seat, move in closer so that more people can get in but watch out for bob. Hello everyone!
Serafina Puchkina: :: clears throat :: Gazing at this assembled crowd of the Streamlands’ finest citizens, I am humbled by your presence. Miss Viv and I heartily welcome you to today’s salon, Whimsy!
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: was never dead in the first place! honestly i've had enough of all this. i was never dead! just banged my head and now OOOH BOBS BEEN DEAD its rubbish
Ceejay Writer stands by Bob knowing he secretly likes that.
Serafina Puchkina: Today marks the one year anniversary of the Aether Salon, a year marked with explody things, retelling of historical events, clothing, non human creatures, weapon building, and many other informative and entertaining topics. You know that the Aether Salon meets to discuss steam and Victorian topics on the third Sunday of each month, in Palisades and Academy, New Babbage.
We sincerely appreciate the support we receive from everyone in the community, and we thank you all. Many fine people have contributed to today’s salon: Clockwinder Tenk, Miss Ceejay Writer, Miss Breezy Carver, Miss Jedburgh30 Dagger, Canolli Capalini of Capalini Fine Furnishings for the chairs, Bookworm Heinrichs and PJ Trenton for photographs,and many, many others and especially our amazing and generous speakers for today’s craft.
Please hold your questions until the end, and as a courtesy to all, please turn off everything that feeds lag: all HUDs, scripts, AOs and so on. Please no weapons, bombs, pinching, and especially no mullets.
Edited and unedited transcripts will be posted this week on aethersalon.blogspot.com so you can revisit today’s merriment, read transcripts of past salons, and for a laugh, peruse “overheard at the salon.” Please join the Aether Salon group and receive notifications of future salon events, click the lower right hand corner of the large brown sign by the entrance.
Before I hand over the microphone to my co-host, I want to thank her for her vision, persistence, and creativity in all things Aether Salon. Miss Viv is a talented and amazing woman and I am humbled to be her friend.
Viv Trafalgar: Thank you sera. We're going to do one thing differently today. This salon marks the one year anniversary of the Aether Salon. Over 30 hours of insight from 19 brilliant speakers (not to mention the daring victims of last February's auction) in the course of a year.
Topics ranging from curses, weapons, and submersibles to exhibitions, burlesque, corsets, engines, elves, werewolves, and villainy. A moment in each and every Salon where someone says "Wow, I didn't know that."
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: one year of corsets and girly nonsense kept alive with good stuff
Viv Trafalgar: Yes bob thank you :). All done in a place where the Victorian Steampunk community, and the wider grid can come together on its own time to discuss and educate itself on topics of interest, while at the same time being incredibly witty, wise, and sometimes exploding. Sera and I love this about Babbage, the steamlands, and the community here.
We value beyond measure the brilliant minds who have crossed this stage (each and every one of you) and know there are so many, many more who should do so soon.
Ordinal Malaprop toys with the hatpin at the mention of "girly nonsense".
Viv Trafalgar: We would like to take this moment to thank and recognize our speakers emeritus from the past season: they are: Django Yuifu, Jedburgh Dagger, Beq Janus - Curses! October '08
Dame Ordinal Malaprop - Weapons! November '08
Doctor Augustus Dayafter - Howl! December '08
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and Doctor Obelensky - Villains! January '09
Captain Redgrrl Llewellyn - Amour! February '09
Ahnyanka Delphin, Ceejay Writer - Shimmy! March '09
Jasper Kiergarten, Commodore Hotspur O'Toole - Submersibles! April '09
Greg Merryman, Elfod Nemeth - Engines! May '09
Tensai Hilra, TotalLunar Eclips (and Clockwinder Tenk) - Fey! June '09
Breezy Carver, Aeolus Cleanslate - Exhibitionism! September '09
If you have not had the opportunity to hear them all, please peruse the transcripts available at aethersalon.blogspot.com. It's brilliant stuff.
What's more, every salon features another speaker - the audience. Your wit and wisdom, your fantastic questions, and your ability to devour ALL of the cake each time continues to delight and amaze us.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
To Rafael Fabre, our special thanks for urging us forward, encouraging us at every step, and being a terrific mentor.
To Mosseveno Tenk, thank you for helping us grow. This new vision for the Salon's next year wouldn't have happened without you. We are honored to have you as our mayor.
Organizing something like Salon is a bit of work each month, and it could not possibly happen without a number of people who have pitched in selflessly; often when I couldn't find the words to ask for what I needed, but always with a "no job is too small, too stupid, or too annoying" outlook.
Jed, Jasper, Ceejay, Storm, and so many others, you have my thanks. To Layne and Jed who pitched in Last month especially a warm round of applause. Thank you to Breezy and Ahnya for the styling new stage!
To my Salon co-conspirator the indispensible and absolutely extraordinary Serafina Puchkina. I am lucky to have you as a collaborator. I am blessed to call you a dear friend. Salon wouldn't be here without you.
I want to thank you all personally for the community you have created here. It is deeply valued. We are honored to have shared the last year with you.
I will let Sera introduce the speakers now
Serafina Puchkina: We are thrilled to welcome two ladies to Salon who have been part of our lives in the steamlands for as long as we can remember.
Miss Tiramisu is more at home with her hands covered in paints than at a social event, though seeing her at one delights her friends beyond words. She remembers a grid before flexi prims, local lighting, and modern contraptions like eyelashes. At some point very soon after opening her eyes in the world, she began designing clothing - the rich layers and beautifully wrought designs of Silent Sparrow (http://slurl.com/secondlife/silent%20sparrow/57/67/32).
Her gothic and steampunk designs can be seen throughout the steamlands, and stand out from the crowd because of careful attention to detail, wit, and - yes - whimsy. ((and like a shameless fangirl, I am wearing one of her dresses) )
hyasynth Tiramisu: *turns several shades of red* *looks at a boot*
Serafina Puchkina: She has been overheard to describe herself in the following ways: Darkly Capricious, Always Half Smiling, and Never the Same Girl (or Creature) Twice. Miss Tiramisu's attic contains a portrait of a blue-haired goth girl surrounded by moldering books, antiques, toys, and friends both human and not; who abhors the sun, but loves avians (yes, of course she sees the conflict - and is possibly half-smiling at it Right Now).
Dame Ordinal Malaprop is making her second visit to the Salon stage, having awed us last November with a discussion of Weapons! that, if you recall, ended with a bang.
Her creations, which can be found at Ordinal Enterprises (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caledon/96/32/2), strike a blow against the mundane, from the Bee-Shooter to the Ordinal Amethyst Hatpin, her approach to all things on the grid is never dull, nor staid.
Ordinal Malaprop: A bang and not an inconsiderable number of crashes.
Serafina Puchkina: She has been known to script in haiku (and yes before you ask, course the script itself generates a haiku); skewer in text (http://ordinalmalaprop.com/engine/); and delight us with her ideas for a better grid. Word to the wise, do not engage her in a pun war. She is as well equipped there as she is anywhere.
I have many more points to make here, but lest I find myself at the end of one, I'll let our two guests do the rest of the talking. Please welcome two of the grid's leading lights as they bring you their thoughts on Whimsy.
Ordinal Malaprop coughs
Well, it's good that I don't have any sort of introduction to live up to, or anything like that.
hyasynth Tiramisu: Quickly make something explode!
Ordinal Malaprop: Might I say at this point how pleased I am to be sharing the stage with Ms Tiramisu, whose designs I have been wearing since *coughgrumble*.
hyasynth Tiramisu: Likewise Ordinal, who i may remember from a smaller Caledon many moons ago as having the best and only weapons of choice for Turkey killing.
Ordinal Malaprop: But I suppose it is best to start on the actual topic of the salon which is "Whimsy", in case that had not been mentioned.
It is my proposal that, really, whimsy is all we have as designers of Stuff. I prefer "designers of Stuff" to "content creators" or anything like that, incidentally, it seems far less precious.
hyasynth Tiramisu: Agreed Ordinal. i make "things".
Ordinal Malaprop: "Whimsical" designs are those based on whims - things that are "quirky" or otherwise different from whims other people have. The unfortunate fact is that, in this age where almost anything one does can be copied by some scoundrel, novelty is the primary characteristic that distinguishes the artist from the thief.
And, really, there are few things that can be done routinely that are worth paying for in SL. All of our basic and predictable needs are satisfied. Or, their market is sewn up entirely.
Land, perhaps, is an equivalent to food, but we all know how that market works, and it is not a creative one (no offence to Barons Here At The Moment). Thus: for almost anything that somebody might pay money for, it must be novel to them and, to an extent, to the market within which they are purchasing - an item seen as tired and dull will not be as attractive.
And whimsy - the application of whim and random imaginings to creation - is, I think, the only way of ensuring that sort of novelty.
hyasynth Tiramisu: Thankfully Second life allows us the freedom to do whatever we wish. So whimsy is a natural occurrence here.
Doctor Obolensky: So why are so many people making....essentially, the same stuff?
Ordinal Malaprop: For two reasons: firstly it is not new to a lot of people, and secondly because they don't have the imagination not to do so. Er, firstly it *is* new to a lot of people.
Ah, the creative process.... well, perhaps we could talk a bit more about the role of whimsy in SL first? Or is that too much of a whim?
Ceejay Writer: Whim-indulge us.
Redgrrl Llewellyn: loves more whimsy! would wither without whimsy!
Ordinal Malaprop is conscious of talking over Ms Hya
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: whiskey?
Viv Trafalgar: BOB!
hyasynth Tiramisu: yes please! Wait, You’re fine Ordinal, the problem with having an interesting coperson is i am intent to listen.
Ordinal Malaprop: Well, as we both know the big thing in attracting attention with a new design is that it be novel, and add something not present before, and usually that, I would say, is down to a whim. Not a plodding procession of some design process.
hyasynth Tiramisu: Exactly! Whimsy isn't a technical aspect of design. It just happens. You can't _plan_whimsy.
t1g3y Oh: Whimsy is the icing on the cake!
Troy McLuhan: Whimsy is icing on the steak!
Ordinal Malaprop: The icing that, er, makes the steak.
Doctor Obolensky: Is it always the goofy side? Or is it just inspiration in general?
Ordinal Malaprop: I have come to something of an understanding of whimsy
Viv Trafalgar: /listens intently for Ordinal and Hya's answers to Doc's question Ahnyanka Delphin chuckles over at Bob.
Ordinal Malaprop: I have come to something of an understanding of whimsy
Ordinal Malaprop: and it is that, really, it is *all* that inspiration is composed of. Whimsy, recorded, and then analysed and turned into ideas, which are turned into products or items or anything that somebody else might experience.
hyasynth Tiramisu: I wouldn't say it requires Humor, Doctor. It is more the space to allow for magic. That freedom to do what you will, is the Whimsical part of design. Ordinal Malaprop: But without the silly little whimsical thoughts, nothing happens.
Ordinal Malaprop: Yes, the freedom to act on the ideas
hyasynth Tiramisu: entirely. Because there is no serious reason for Cuttlefish costumes and Bird themed lolita dresses ;)
Ordinal Malaprop: and that is where the Grid excels of course, it is very easy to act on these ideas.
Doctor Obolensky: Well, maybe for you. :)
hyasynth Tiramisu: The only rules are those you imply on yourself.
Ordinal Malaprop: Easyish. Or at least, well, my efforts to construct canisters of killer bees... one might read about them in assorted periodicals, but they have not met with the approval of magistrates. The Law does not appreciate Whimsy.
Simeon Beresford: bees have their place whimsy is placing them elsewhere just to see
Elegia Underwood nods, "Because Whimsy is a little bit of Chaos added to our lives. The little bit that makes Life worth living." And grins.
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: they just don’t know how to beehive
Viv Trafalgar: oh bob
Ordinal Malaprop: I was reminded whilst writing down some whimsy regarding this topic of a quote from a Mr Rudy Rucker. When asked where he got his ideas from, he said "I steal them from people like you when you sleep, that's why you don't have any." But really, it isn't anything like that. Everybody has ideas, it is just a question of recording them and turning them into anything at all useful. Sorry, he doesn’t *really*
hyasynth Tiramisu: or into things not useful. ;)
Salazar Jack: And not being afraid of them.
Troy McLuhan: / Roald Dahl always carried a notepad to write down ideas as they came (e.g. while grocery shopping). Once he forgot it, so wrote the idea in the dust on his car window
Ordinal Malaprop: or else I would be sitting up with a shotgun.
Elegia Underwood: So important! NOT being afraid of them!
Ordinal Malaprop nods
JJ Drinkwater: Can whimsy be cultivated? As an attitude, say?
Ordinal Malaprop: Mr Drinkwater: I think it can
Ordinal Malaprop: and I have made a conscious effort to do so which I think has worked.
Ordinal Malaprop: I carry a notebook around with me at all times, as well as a pen, obviously
hyasynth Tiramisu: Sleep deprivation works wonderfully.
JJ Drinkwater: I'd be interested to hear in what you think cultivating whimsy consists
Doctor Obolensky: Do you note down words, pictures, or both?
Ordinal Malaprop: and record tiny, whimsical thoughts in it, and make time to go over the entries later and see if any can be turned into "ideas" and maybe "plans".
Roberto Viking: nods, it is important not to let a creative idea get away from you...
hyasynth Tiramisu does the same though likely much more....chaotically.
Ordinal Malaprop: I also use various pieces of software - an Apple thing called Yojimbo I find very good, also another one called Circus Ponies Notebook (which has a good name in any case).
Ordinal Malaprop: Ms Hya - I'm sure, the specific mechanisms aren't so important.
Ashiko Kuroe: How fluid can whimsy be? Do these thoughs when applied turn into something entirely different then when you had started out thinking it would be?
Ordinal Malaprop: The thing is not to care about what the thoughts are. The whims. Record them and analyse them later.
Doctor Obolensky: Do both of you fully design things before you build them?
Roberto Viking: essential to brainstorming- record as they occur- critique later
Ordinal Malaprop: I don't know about Ms Hya but the answer for me is certainly "no".
hyasynth Tiramisu: oh entirely! but it's not a set "finished product" A whim develops into that. With a bit of work.
Anna Darwinian: sometimes the things that go wrong with a planned build inspire a different innovation
Doctor Obolensky: Thank heavens. I feel much better now.
Elegia Underwood has such admiration for planners. She cannot do it herself. Things start with a thing & that thing inspires the other things.
Troy McLuhan: / Part of the magic of SL is how short the distance from idea to prototype
hyasynth Tiramisu: They never turn out the way I intended. Creativity is very alive. It changes...on a umm Whim.
Ordinal Malaprop: The thing is that these are really things which anybody can do. I always thought myself a very uncreative person.
Salazar Jack wonders if one of the mad scientists can make a virus that gives one the Whims.
Ordinal Malaprop: But, you know, in the world in which we live, some people are called "Creative" and some not. "I am glad I'm not an alpha".
Ceejay Writer: Our Second Lives often eclipse the First ones.
KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Sparks are born, not made, but inspiration can be universal.
Ordinal Malaprop: I agree to an extent, and that is where SL does help in that one can be whimsical and do things without an immediate social effect.
Elegia Underwood: I am finding that SL is releasing my imagination, more & more. I am helpless before the truly whimsical, but at least ideas, I would've before cast out, are being allowed to take shape.
Viv Trafalgar: Ordinal can you elaborate on that a little?
Viv Trafalgar: And Hya?
Ordinal Malaprop: Well, for me, I am able to create things and have them take effect for other people in a way that I never could before. My perception of being a scripter has always been that it is like being a magician. I can alter the world for people.
Viv Trafalgar nods. I've heard that said elsewhere - Canolli has used the word magic too
hyasynth Tiramisu: I've managed to have a four your old business of making whatever whim is my fancy that week. Only in SL could this be...even mildly successful.
Ordinal Malaprop: But my products and actions here are unconnected from my society elsewhere. I have the option of making a mistake. What Hya says there is important - *being able to act on a whim and make it work*. In most professions this is impossible.
KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Her whims make other people look good.
hyasynth Tiramisu: *grins*
Ordinal Malaprop: One has no opportunity to act on whims. Do as the line manager says.
Redgrrl Llewellyn: makes a resolution to plan for more whimsy in her life
Marion Questi: That's key..the cost of a mistake here is almost nil. The cost of a mistake in RL can be devastating.
Ordinal Malaprop: Here, silentsparrow can release a new dress and no boss can say "that wasn't in the project plan".
Diogenes Kuhr: we have freedom from societal restrictions as well as physical ones--freedom to to be fooles as well as magicians?
Ordinal Malaprop nods
Doctor Obolensky: I can make what I want, and it doesn't have to sell.....and usually doesn't!
Ordinal Malaprop: Yes, not just freedom from physical limitations but also social limitations.
Redgrrl Llewellyn: or you can let loose a bunch of hedgehogs for dress mad people to hunt with GLEE!
hyasynth Tiramisu: Exactly Ordinal. I am not restrained at all in my creativity. So the whimsical moments are allowed to live here.
Doctor Obolensky: Mwa-ha-ha!
Ceejay Writer: This logic is why I am in second life.
hyasynth Tiramisu: Amusingly , while 57 people scurry around hunting for Hedgehogs i never even once consider the absurdity.
Ordinal Malaprop: Hm, hedgehogs.
hyasynth Tiramisu: Moments like this in SL are everyday. Which is why it's such a wonderful place.
Viv Trafalgar: the hedgehogs are a good example of Whimsy
Salazar Jack: Forgive me if you've discussed this already... why is whimsy important? What does it do for us, and maybe more importantly, for others who we share that whimsy with?
Ordinal Malaprop: Hedgehogs are intrinsically whimsical.
Alyx Sands: "Hedgehogs and Hatpins. The Essence of Whimsy". I shall write a book about that
JJ Drinkwater: Well, it gives hedgehogs useful employment...
Ordinal Malaprop: Mr Jack: It provides novelty. Without whimsy I am not sure that significant novelty would exist.
Elegia Underwood: And instants of pure Joy.
Rhianon Jameson contemplates a hedgehog union, and what it would demand.
Ordinal Malaprop: And, we live in a Novelty Economy now. Have you not read the Journals?
LittleToe Bartlett: /so, it's hedgehogs and whimsy in here, then you turn off the machine and it's a catbox in a coldwater flat?
Salazar Jack: I'm afraid not.. At least not too closely.
Elegia Underwood: To avoid abuse, excessive work hours & the locking up of available cat food.
Ordinal Malaprop: Well, all the *good* journals agree with me.
Rhianon Jameson: To avoid being shot out of an Ordinal hedgehog cannon.
Anna Darwinian: whereas all the bad journals agree the Brangelina is/are doomed and plaid is the new black
Salazar Jack: So it provides interest, something unexpected, surprises. Things that make folks stop, notice and perhaps, see the world in a different light.
Ashiko Kuroe: But what about the alternative kinds of whimsy? Does something have to be original to be whimsical? And if so where would such things like bananas in a peanut butter sandwich fare into the equation?
Ordinal Malaprop: Now, a hedgehog cannon would seem discriminatory. A general small mammal one however....
Ghilayne Andrew: bananas in a peanut butter sandwich is commonplace though... it's when you add the bacon that you get a whimsical Elvis.
JJ Drinkwater: Whimsy is the unexpected....like the sign on the canon avowing no discrimination...
Diogenes Kuhr: some of us were just chatting about this in IM that the concept of whimsy applies not just in the generation of stuff, but also characters and narrative--and that whim is the engine that takes them in delightfuly unexpected delightful directions
Ordinal Malaprop: Actually something does not have to be original to be whimsical. However, things which are original are almost certain to have originated from whimsy.
Viv Trafalgar: What would each say your most whimsical creations are?
Diogenes Kuhr: We have met whimsy, and it is us
Ordinal Malaprop: Ms Hya first there please, as I am dealing with a small mammal of very whimsical attitude
t1g3y Oh: whimsy: capricious humor. caprice: from Latin caput + riccio hedgehog, from Latin ericius
hyasynth Tiramisu: Oh i don't think i'm that_whimsical_ of a designer honestly.
t1g3y Oh: there's the hedgehog angle
Mahakala Omegamu: That's a good point Ordinal! I'm curious about a question, In what ways is whimsy a personal thing and in what ways is whimsy a social thing?
hyasynth Tiramisu: I could suggest a half dozen people more whimsical than myself.
Roberto Viking: whimsy is often amplified in a social group
hyasynth Tiramisu: But really of my creations. I'm on a tentacle kick atm which i'm told is whimsical. :)
Ordinal Malaprop: Well, nobody thinks they are whimsical or imaginative, apart from boring arrogant people.
Viv Trafalgar: (a reminder that there will be a short Q&A at the end - which is NOT redundant - and then the amazingly whimsical craft boxes will go down)
Alyx Sands: We ARE talking colour changing colourful tentacles to put on your head here!
hyasynth Tiramisu: we are :D
Ordinal Malaprop: Honestly, anybody who says "I am so *whimsical*" is probably the most boring piece of untasty fruitcake imaginable.
hyasynth Tiramisu: But since i rarely plan things to BE whimsical something like, Head tentacles is entirely normal to me.
Marion Questi makes a note to invite Miss Tiramisu on an Air Kraken hunt.
hyasynth Tiramisu: oh please do Marion! but can it be catch and release?
Marion Questi: It's kill or be killed I'm afraid.
Ordinal Malaprop: For the kraken, it is not whimsical.
hyasynth Tiramisu: direly NOT whimsical!
Ordinal Malaprop: Kraken are prosaic creatures.
hyasynth Tiramisu: *hides her poor air kraken*
Rhianon Jameson: Who knows? When the kraken kill you, it might think of the whole thing as whimsical.
t1g3y Oh: unless it decides you'd make a nice brooch
Jedburgh30 Dagger: Maybe the hedgehogs need a kraken lawyer
Ordinal Malaprop: Who knows really? "What it is like to be a kraken?" Are we drifting here?
Anna Darwinian: i imagine the lady krakens would enjoy a new hat with layers of tentacles
Viv Trafalgar: I think we are
Redgrrl Llewellyn: decides instantly to put out her SS collectors hedgehog to remind her to embrace a little bit of whimsy each day in SL and RL!
Viv Trafalgar: Let's refocus - a few last words from each of the speakers or not last words, certainly!
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: last words?! they die now?! COOL!
Ordinal Malaprop: Well, I would hope not
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: oh. boring
Viv Trafalgar: but words from the speakers - oh someone please jump in here hya ordinal save me
Ordinal Malaprop looks around for approaching buses
hyasynth Tiramisu: I have some places I wanted to suggest that I consider, whimsical. (mind you from the recommend of a reclusive artist) Alas.
ClaraElla Claridge: yes, come for the speaking, stay for the executions!!
Elleon Bergamasco: see? whimsy!
hyasynth Tiramisu: IIf you haven't and i'm sure ALL of you have, you must. Curio Obscura. Is whimsy in essence. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rendervisions%20Isle/170/156/77
And another friend and toy maker though of the darker side. Chicanery. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Koreshan/164/174/24 Chicanery
Clothing wise it's a giant list! But i'll choose two. One a great friend and genius. Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfruede
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lloyd/38/49/33 Schadenfreude
and The Tree of Second Life (for a lighter whimsy) which is now Tree & Ocean since http://slurl.com/secondlife/Herman%20Melville/170/62/60 Tree & Ocean
And for artwork , Miss 713 Ayers. if you haven't had the pleasure of viewing her work please do it's joyful and beautiful and fun. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Axis%20Mundi/119/213/23
This is obviously a truncated list. Everyone in SL is constantly making new and wonderful things. Alas i rarely leave my box unless someone teleports me to new shiny. But those are a few of my favorites :)
Ordinal Malaprop: I am afraid that I have no SLURLs for you. Oh hold on a moment
Viv Trafalgar: I'm fishing Dame Ordinal out of her TP. Welcome back !
Ordinal Malaprop: Well, that was a bit of an appalling failure
Rhianon Jameson: It was just SL being whimsical.
Ordinal Malaprop: but a friend of mine who I know is pretty whimsical apparently has a shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/om%20nom%20nom/218/209/22
I make no whimsy promises as I was only there for a second or two.
But he is an excellent fellow and makes prims *smaller than the human eye can see*. Which must be worth something.
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: well this was better than corsets true enough
Ceejay Writer: Dang. Apparently we likes whimsy.
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: not that that’s hard
Redgrrl Llewellyn: Bob your whole life is Whimsy & Petty Crimes!
Jimmy wonders why Bob is wearing the shoulder strap part of a ladies’ toga ...
Roberto Viking: three booyahs! for whimsey
Ceejay Writer: Time to invent the Whimsical Crashing Transporting Device, With Tea.
hyasynth Tiramisu: *grins* or any weekend on the grid :D
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: i would like to say something! i'd like to thank ME coz i am being very good and not blowing anything up AND have a sash and that makes me important so there
Ceejay Writer: Freud is smiling.
Ordinal Malaprop: I think leaving the Whimsical Donation Device open as long as possible is a good idea.
Alyx Sands offers some Earl Grey and Vanilla
hyasynth Tiramisu: a salty frustrating beverage.
Serafina Puchkina: While we wait for Miss Viv to return from the beyond, are there any more questions for our speakers?
Anna Darwinian: I would like to know what Miss Malaprop named her kitten.
Ceejay Writer: I have a question for Hya. Does Hya consider her group notices she sends out to be an extension of her whimsey? Cause I do.
hyasynth Tiramisu: *grins* So someone noticed i try to make the weekend updates rhyme (and badly!)
Ordinal Malaprop: I prefer haiku to limericks.
KlausWulfenbach Outlander: This may be whimsical for some, if I may contribute: Jenne Dibou's Mechanical Toy Factory, http://slurl.com/secondlife/SOL%20Solution%20Island/182/24/320
hyasynth Tiramisu: I do need to write this weekends still, i'm stuck on rhyming grasshoppers, witches, and pumpkins. we shall see. But really i try to keep the tone light as everyone is bombarded with notecards/information. I may as well have fun with it!
Viv Trafalgar: While I'm still here, I am going to ask our wonderful speakers to set out the craft ; they have each generously offered to make something for salon
Viv Trafalgar: one moment while i make that possible of course. Please continue with your questions and then we have a few more things to add. I will be splitting the speaker's fund between the two speakers - this benefits them directly, not the salon
Obedience Mactavish: Has anyone asked what your favorite bit of whimsy was, ladies?
Elleon Bergamasco: I love Ordinals Twitters! Sorry.. that is more of an outburst than a question..
Elleon Bergamasco blushes deeply
Viv Trafalgar: please do know that salon is a monthly event and we are glad to have you in babbage
Anna Darwinian: I enjoy Miss Malaprop's aetherial ramblings especially the saga of her recent kitten, and I am wondering what the kitten's name is.
hyasynth Tiramisu: I feel this sudden desire to throw myself bodily over the box and protect it from molestation!
Elleon Bergamasco: Is there a particular source of inspiration that either of you could share with us?
Ordinal Malaprop: Well, that is an easy one: the kitten's name is Mimi. As will be familiar to all those blessed with having been educated via the textbook "A La Page".
hyasynth Tiramisu: Yay Mimi is a great cat name :)
Viv Trafalgar: Elle did your question have an answer yet?
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: blah blah cats cats shoes bags kissing blah blah
Viv Trafalgar: BOB!
Elleon Bergamasco: Could you share a particular source of inspiration for your whimsy
Ceejay Writer gets out another hankie for Bob's smart mouth.
hyasynth Tiramisu: oh easy, Books Elleon. I read constantly. :D
Toady Nakamura: Thank you Ordinal and Hyacinth for speaking & everyone who put it together
hyasynth Tiramisu: Thanks to everyone for listening :D

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