Monday, December 16, 2013

AEther Salon: Clausology! (Unedited Transcript)

[2013/12/15 14:10]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Is everyone ready for the Boiler Elf?
[2013/12/15 14:10]  Myrtil Igaly: Yes, bring him on!
[2013/12/15 14:10]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me cups a hand around his ear
[2013/12/15 14:10]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): Is he ready for us?
[2013/12/15 14:10]  Jon Chen (jonchen): I am, to be sure!
[2013/12/15 14:10]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): A little enthusiasm, bitte!
[2013/12/15 14:10]  Jon Chen (jonchen): /me applauds!!!
[2013/12/15 14:10]  Bookworm Hienrichs: I believe we'll get started. *smile*
[2013/12/15 14:10]  Solace Fairlady: me cheers!
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Myrtil Igaly: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Jimmy Branagh: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Solace Fairlady: /me cheers, even
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Welcome to this month's Aether Salon, in which we celebrate the season with the Boiler Elf!
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Jimmy Branagh: Yay, it's the Boiler Elf!
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: Merry Christmas Everyone!
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me applauds
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Annechen Lowey (annechen.lowey):  `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Solace Fairlady: /me  Hooooooooos!!!
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): /me was goona boo but claps instead
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: /me waits for a response
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): /me purrs
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Breezy Carver: ✰·.·´` Claps Very Loudly!! ´`·.·✰
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Jimmy Branagh: Merry Christmas Mr. Elf!
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Oh look.. it's the Boiler Elf...
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Jon Chen (jonchen): Merry Christmas!!!
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Flea (dreams.requiem): /me claps.
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Before we proceed, some housekeeping reminders:
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Myrtil Igaly: Merry Christmas to you too!
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Bookworm Hienrichs: 1) To ensure you can hear the speaker, stand or sit on the patterned carpet.
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Bookworm Hienrichs: 2) If you do not have a wearable chair and wish one, please contact Baron Wulfenbach.
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: For those that did not get a chance last night, you may touch my sticking and it will give you something festive to wear
[2013/12/15 14:11]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): Marry Christmas
[2013/12/15 14:12]  Bookworm Hienrichs: 3) Please remove all lag-feeding whatevers you might be wearing.
[2013/12/15 14:12]  Bookworm Hienrichs: 4) A tip jar is out for our speaker, to my right by the group sign. Do please show your appreciation!
[2013/12/15 14:12]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): ohhhhhh *toasts marshmallows on my hat*
[2013/12/15 14:12]  Bookworm Hienrichs: 5) Any tips to help support the establishment will also be welcome - just click on one of the support signs!
[2013/12/15 14:12]  Bookworm Hienrichs: 6) If you're not a member of the AEther Salon group, there are signs that will let you sign up. You'll be most heartily welcome!
[2013/12/15 14:12]  Bookworm Hienrichs: 7) Edited and unedited transcripts of these proceedings will be posted at
[2013/12/15 14:12]  Bookworm Hienrichs: And now, to introduce our speaker, here is Baron Klaus Wulfenbach!
[2013/12/15 14:13]  Jimmy Branagh: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 14:13]  Myrtil Igaly: Yay!!
[2013/12/15 14:13]  Jon Chen (jonchen): /me claps...
[2013/12/15 14:13]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): thank you
[2013/12/15 14:14]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): The Boiler Elf comes every year to help Steam Santa work through a line of Urchins and adults, determining by his steely gaze if they are naughty or nice.
[2013/12/15 14:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: /me looks slooooowly around the room
[2013/12/15 14:14]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): He has an uncanny knowledge of all the citizens of this city!
[2013/12/15 14:14]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Oh my.
[2013/12/15 14:14]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): /me hides
[2013/12/15 14:14]  Jon Chen (jonchen): Gosh!
[2013/12/15 14:14]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Today, he has taken time out of his busy schedule with Santa to tell us of some of the workings of the Christmas season. The Boiler Elf presents - Clausology!
[2013/12/15 14:14]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me applauds
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Jimmy Branagh: Yay!
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): /me applauds
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Annechen Lowey (annechen.lowey):  `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Jon Chen (jonchen): /me applauds
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Jimmy Branagh: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Solace Fairlady: /me applauds!
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: Everyone get a chance to take something from the stocking? its getting heavy
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): /me notices and is not sure what is more piercing. Those eyes or those brows. Wonders if she's been nice enough
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: Merry CHristmas everyone!
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): I thought he'd be taller
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: /me listens for the response
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Gabrielle Riel: Bah Humbug
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): Merry Christmas
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Jimmy Branagh: Merry Christmas Mr. Elf!
[2013/12/15 14:15]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Merry Christmas!
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Jon Chen (jonchen): Merry Christmas!!!!
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): /me nods
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Happy Holidays to one and all.
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: All merry christmas, eh? interesting
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Giftmas?
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: not one happy holiday. good for you
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Stereo Nacht: /me waves around with an apologetic air for her lateness
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): eh...
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: if there's one thing i can't stand its using state mandated greetings at a time when we should be most sincere
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): May the Yuletide log slip from your fire and burn your house down.
[2013/12/15 14:16]  Annechen Lowey (annechen.lowey): Crăciun fericit!
[2013/12/15 14:17]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me smiles at the Vice Consul.
[2013/12/15 14:17]  Jimmy Branagh: Joyeux Noel!
[2013/12/15 14:17]  Mosseveno Tenk: i say merry christma becuase it is my traditon
[2013/12/15 14:17]  Breezy Carver: aww he put down his stocking frowns
[2013/12/15 14:17]  Mosseveno Tenk: and i've got a bit of a pet peeve about this....
[2013/12/15 14:17]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Uh oh.. is this the n00b hazing ceremony?
[2013/12/15 14:17]  Nathan Adored: oO
[2013/12/15 14:17]  Mosseveno Tenk: i would prefer that everyone use the greeting of their own tradition. and have the grace to accept one different than your own
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: now i know you are not allllllll christians in here
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: so lets' try this again
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Jimmy Branagh: ((Jimmy detests politically correct anything))
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Breezy Carver: /me grins
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Flea (dreams.requiem): /me smiles.
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: and show some spine this time!
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Annechen Lowey (annechen.lowey): Crăciun fericit!
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Jon Chen (jonchen): Happy Yule!!
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Solace Fairlady: Merry Yule, Mr Elf:)
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Gabrielle Riel: Joyeux Noel!
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Breezy Carver: Merry Merry :-)
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Jimmy Branagh: shouts: MERRY CHRISTMAS MR.ELF!
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Flea (dreams.requiem): Happy Jul.
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): Namaste
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: there we go!
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Stereo Nacht: Joyeuses fêtes! ;-)
[2013/12/15 14:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: much better!
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Nathan Adored: is this going on by voice? because if it is, I'm not hearing anything
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): ok, MARRY CHRISTMAS YOU SMALL MAN!!!
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): I'm a Happy Holiday kind of gal, always have been. So I'm stickin to it and mean it too.
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Bookworm Hienrichs: ((No, not voice, Nathan. Just text.))
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Stereo Nacht: No, local chat/texté
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Mosseveno Tenk: now this is the time of year where i get about 50 thousand facebook memes from my pagan friends tellign me about the real meanings of christmas symbols
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Nathan Adored: kk
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): (smiles)
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Mosseveno Tenk: some reasonable, some just make me want to send up a flame
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Mosseveno Tenk: then i think
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Mosseveno Tenk: wait a minute
[2013/12/15 14:19]  Mosseveno Tenk: part o what's realy cool about this time of year
[2013/12/15 14:20]  Nathan Adored: Hmmmmmmm... I know a good few pagans....
[2013/12/15 14:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: is we are allowed to set aside our skepticism
[2013/12/15 14:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: and believe
[2013/12/15 14:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: and even further
[2013/12/15 14:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: make stuff up
[2013/12/15 14:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: and believe it!
[2013/12/15 14:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: after all
[2013/12/15 14:20]  Jimmy Branagh: Yeps!
[2013/12/15 14:20]  Myrtil Igaly: Oh I can do that all year long
[2013/12/15 14:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: we were programmed as children that if we wouod believe in a big fat man that would break into our house on christmas eve, we'd get nice presents!
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Annechen Lowey (annechen.lowey): /me nods.
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: so why not
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): :D
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Nathan Adored: /me gets a goofy, lopsided smile.
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): Believing in made up stuff - like peace on earth and goodwill to all
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Hehe
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: now i got a whole stack of mail this year asking me
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: is santa claus really odin
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: ?
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: hmmmm
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: well
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: asm a noted clausologist, i think this needs examining
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): odin? hmm...
[2013/12/15 14:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: beause while we can believe whatver we want
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: its also good to do some research, eh?
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Jimmy Branagh: Oy ain;t 'eard th' Odin angle before
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): I thought Thor had the girth and the goats
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Flea (dreams.requiem): There was the belief that if you left a treat for Sleipnir, Odin would leave you a nice gift during the Jul Hunt.
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Solace Fairlady: More likely a form of Jupiter if you must go that far back
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: ah yes, thor did ride a goat cart
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Annechen Lowey (annechen.lowey): /me blinks, "That is a new one to me."
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Flea (dreams.requiem): Which fell... around the 25th.
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: but odin rode sleipnir, a horse with 8 legs
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): and a red nose?
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Jon Chen (jonchen): Didn't Odin have a many legged horse which rode the wind?
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: which somoene told me was where the 8 reindeer came from
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Jon Chen (jonchen): Ah.
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: /me tugs his beard
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): yep, thats right
[2013/12/15 14:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: hmm
[2013/12/15 14:23]  Nathan Adored: So, Thor and hid goat fell outta the sky around December 25th? :D
[2013/12/15 14:23]  Nathan Adored: Oh, wait....
[2013/12/15 14:23]  Nathan Adored: /me giggles and chortles
[2013/12/15 14:23]  Mosseveno Tenk: lets look at some european versions of santa claus
[2013/12/15 14:23]  Mosseveno Tenk: /me points to his postcard collection
[2013/12/15 14:23]  Mosseveno Tenk: here is the english father christmas
[2013/12/15 14:24]  Mosseveno Tenk: the dutch sinterklaas
[2013/12/15 14:24]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): /me squints to see the pictures
[2013/12/15 14:24]  Mosseveno Tenk: and someone that is close to the german wienachtsman (christmas man)
[2013/12/15 14:24]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me thinks Frau Benelli is ironic today.
[2013/12/15 14:24]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me grins
[2013/12/15 14:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: hmm, lets see if we can find odin, eh?
[2013/12/15 14:25]  Cutea Benelli: Weihnachtsmann.
[2013/12/15 14:25]  Cutea Benelli: (spelling)
[2013/12/15 14:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: yes, i would say weihnachts man is much like odin
[2013/12/15 14:25]  Breezy Carver: /me waves adorable authentic Christmas German puppet Dollie and smiles
[2013/12/15 14:25]  Cutea Benelli: lol breezy
[2013/12/15 14:25]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): Hey, I know that toy.
[2013/12/15 14:25]  Breezy Carver: /me blushes
[2013/12/15 14:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: he comes out of the forest an peeks in the windows to see how you are doing, much like odin would come down to midgard to see how things were going
[2013/12/15 14:25]  Cutea Benelli: "authentic"
[2013/12/15 14:26]  Mosseveno Tenk: but no sleipnier or reindeer
[2013/12/15 14:26]  Breezy Carver: /me nods nods
[2013/12/15 14:26]  Gabrielle Riel: Peeping Santa
[2013/12/15 14:26]  Mosseveno Tenk: father christmas is much like bacchus, or the holly king of celtic tradtion
[2013/12/15 14:26]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): ((NSA))
[2013/12/15 14:26]  Mosseveno Tenk: he is usually shown with a crown of holly
[2013/12/15 14:26]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): The traditional Christmas drunk
[2013/12/15 14:26]  Mosseveno Tenk: and sinterklaas, wears the robes of a bishop, his is most like the catholic st. nicholas
[2013/12/15 14:27]  Jon Chen (jonchen): The Holly King has a short reign...
[2013/12/15 14:27]  Mosseveno Tenk: but we do have the great horse which runs arcross the rooftops
[2013/12/15 14:27]  Mosseveno Tenk: so maybe he is a bit like odin
[2013/12/15 14:27]  Mosseveno Tenk: and he does have a long white beard flowing in the wind, as hwere nicholas would wear a short bishop's beard. so maybe there's more odin to him then we expect at first look
[2013/12/15 14:27]  Cutea Benelli:
[2013/12/15 14:27]  Mosseveno Tenk: but still no reindeer
[2013/12/15 14:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: hmmm
[2013/12/15 14:28]  Nathan Adored: /me gets a sudden image of Sinterklaus as the computer of the Red Dwarf.
[2013/12/15 14:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: then we have the american santa claus
[2013/12/15 14:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: now i will maintain
[2013/12/15 14:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: that santa claus has very little to do with thise three characterrs before me
[2013/12/15 14:28]  Nathan Adored: Ah, someone else was thinki ngof that NSA spot, LOL!
[2013/12/15 14:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: you may think that he migratd to the new world with the dutch in new amsterdam
[2013/12/15 14:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: but that's not likely....
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: becuase that happned during the protestant reformation
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Breezy Carver: aha !
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: and fi there's one thing those guys were good at, was purging all things pagan and catholic from thier lifestyles!
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Cutea Benelli: didn't the dutch have sinterklaas and zwaarte piet, which are rooted in dec 6?
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Jimmy Branagh: ((Wasn't American Santa Claus a commercial invention?))
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: so where did santa claus come from?
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: aha!
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Gabrielle Riel: mmhmm - no Saints
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): ((coca cola version?))
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: mr branagh is also a clausologist!
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Jimmy Branagh: /me smiles and pats his own head
[2013/12/15 14:29]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): I think the Massachusetts colony banned Christmas at one point
[2013/12/15 14:30]  Jon Chen (jonchen): Bravo Jimmy! :)
[2013/12/15 14:30]  Mosseveno Tenk: lets go back to our grim forebearers
[2013/12/15 14:30]  Gabrielle Riel: Capitalism, ho ho ho.
[2013/12/15 14:30]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles at Herr Jimmy
[2013/12/15 14:30]  Myrtil Igaly: /me pats Jimmy's head for him
[2013/12/15 14:30]  Mosseveno Tenk: /me waves his hand to make his picturs appear
[2013/12/15 14:30]  Mosseveno Tenk: here we are in merry old england
[2013/12/15 14:30]  Breezy Carver: ohhhhhhhhhh
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Mosseveno Tenk: but wait, who is that fellow in the black suit?
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Mosseveno Tenk: why,... its one of those fun busting protestants!
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Breezy Carver: /me grins
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Jimmy Branagh: Cotton Mather?
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): with his finger in the authority of morals position?
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Mosseveno Tenk: at this time, the saturnalia was still in full effect.
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Solace Fairlady: Cromwell
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Jimmy Branagh: ((Pic is very dark))
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): Vincent Price
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Mosseveno Tenk: if you were of orthodox tradtions, you would be fasting for advent
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Jon Chen (jonchen): lol
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Gabrielle Riel: /me laughs
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Cutea Benelli: one would
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): and his book?
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Mosseveno Tenk: but the rest of us, were having a fine roman holiday!
[2013/12/15 14:31]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Ah, way up there.
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: but... these grim men in black succeeded
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: in banning
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: christmas
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: /me frowns
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: but
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me tsks.
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Cutea Benelli: do NOT blame GRIM PEOPLE!
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Darlingmonster Ember: tsks
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): /me nods
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: this was merry old england
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Myrtil Igaly: hehe
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Gabrielle Riel: They were such a riot!
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me laughs
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): The barman in the doorway is not too happy about it
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): "War on Christmas"?
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: and it didn't take long for the english to to want to put the merry back in england
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Cutea Benelli: rofl Professor
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Gabrielle Riel: /me chokes on her wine
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Breezy Carver: /me smiles .
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Stereo Nacht: Not the German Grimm, Ms. Benelli! ;-)
[2013/12/15 14:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: so someone said
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Blair Andrews (blairandionrivalionis): What do you expect of people who banned pie?
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Jimmy Branagh: Not poy!
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: hey... remember those guys we sent to virginia and roanoake half a centry ago?
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): Banned pie?
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Jimmy Branagh: Oh th' 'orror.
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: didn't they all die?
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Gabrielle Riel: LOL
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Jimmy Branagh: Yes
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: maybe we can get thise idiots to go to america too'
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Blair Andrews (blairandionrivalionis): Cromwell did, or so I was told.
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: and they'll all die
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Free Radar HUD: /me v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Solace Fairlady: no coz someone foolishly gave them turkey!
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: so we can be merry old england again
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Breezy Carver: /me gasp !
[2013/12/15 14:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: and that's what happened.
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Breezy Carver: what a happy ending :-)
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Jimmy Branagh: Croatoan
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Mosseveno Tenk: but by this time the dutch had got there too, and the swedes, and the french, and enough eirupean diseases had got loose on the natives to thin the herd
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Mosseveno Tenk: so
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Mosseveno Tenk: they survived
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Breezy Carver: /me whew
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Mosseveno Tenk: and became the first grumpy new england liberals
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Stereo Nacht: :-/
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Breezy Carver: /me grins
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Heh.
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Annechen Lowey (annechen.lowey): /me eyebrows.
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Lent for rememberance and temperance but put the jolly back into the pubs?
[2013/12/15 14:34]  Jimmy Branagh: /me chuckles
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Oh that's better
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Mosseveno Tenk: and gues what
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Breezy Carver: ???
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Mosseveno Tenk: they still didn't like christams
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Breezy Carver: laughs
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Stereo Nacht: /me kinda thinks the Americas would be a lot more fun if those hadn't survived... :-P
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Mosseveno Tenk: look at that guy
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Flea (dreams.requiem): Buggers.
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Solace Fairlady: how liberal of them:)
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Mosseveno Tenk: chastising th musicians for makeing merry at the tavern....
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Mosseveno Tenk: for the sake of his religious freedom
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Mosseveno Tenk: /me frowns
[2013/12/15 14:35]  Jimmy Branagh: Woy dint they just roll 'im on th' spot?
[2013/12/15 14:36]  Mosseveno Tenk: well, things moved on,
[2013/12/15 14:36]  Stereo Nacht: (You know, French colonists all over, living half the native way? ;-) )
[2013/12/15 14:36]  Mosseveno Tenk: we had a revolution
[2013/12/15 14:36]  Mosseveno Tenk: and everyone startes speaking english
[2013/12/15 14:36]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me grins at his French colonist.
[2013/12/15 14:36]  Mosseveno Tenk: and the cities got bigger as folks started moving in
[2013/12/15 14:36]  Mosseveno Tenk: consider new york city
[2013/12/15 14:36]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): It's more fun being English
[2013/12/15 14:37]  Stereo Nacht: (No colonist here, Sir: just undercover! X-D )
[2013/12/15 14:37]  Mosseveno Tenk: just the very tip of lower manhatton was popuated in 1778
[2013/12/15 14:37]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles
[2013/12/15 14:37]  Mosseveno Tenk: that's when thomas clement moore lived there at his chelsea country estate
[2013/12/15 14:38]  Mosseveno Tenk: but by 1831, with all the irish and italians coming in (both catholic, btw)
[2013/12/15 14:38]  Gabrielle Riel: /me gasps
[2013/12/15 14:38]  Mosseveno Tenk: the entire island had been put in street grid
[2013/12/15 14:38]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): There goes the property values
[2013/12/15 14:38]  Mosseveno Tenk: so lets fast forward to 1810
[2013/12/15 14:38]  Mosseveno Tenk: the saturnalia is back in force
[2013/12/15 14:38]  Mosseveno Tenk: people love christmas
[2013/12/15 14:38]  Jimmy Branagh: ((gah brb))
[2013/12/15 14:38]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): 1910 or1810?
[2013/12/15 14:38]  Mosseveno Tenk: and they are all over the streets, al night long
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: loveing christmas
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: 1810
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: and letting evryone know about it
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: now you have to know
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Annechen Lowey (annechen.lowey): Loudly.
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: that back then
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Gabrielle Riel: They partied like it was 1899.
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Jon Chen (jonchen): lol
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: what we could call carolers
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: were much more obnoxious
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: if you didn't open the door to them
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Stereo Nacht: (I'd rather say "people love to have fun, and find any excuse for it!" ;-) )
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: they would break the windows and let tehmslves in
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Jon Chen (jonchen): weren't there ordinances against carolling, wassailing?
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Blair Andrews (blairandionrivalionis): Charming.
[2013/12/15 14:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: and when you did let them in
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Mosseveno Tenk: they would help themslves to the best you had
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): That would get you shot back then?
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Mosseveno Tenk: because this is how it worked.
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Myrtil Igaly: ooooh we should go carolling
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me frowns
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Flea (dreams.requiem): why do we no longer do violent carolling?
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Mosseveno Tenk: and after they'd drunk all your brandy
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Gabrielle Riel: /me grins at Myrtil
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): They moved it to Occtober
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Mosseveno Tenk: you'd have to pay them to leave!
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Jon Chen (jonchen): Here'a we come a-wassailing....
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Mosseveno Tenk: because it was that bad
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Myrtil Igaly: /me has got new rolemodels
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Mosseveno Tenk: so there's this guy in NYC named John Pinter
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Mosseveno Tenk: its new years eve
[2013/12/15 14:40]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): hmm good resin to go caroling then
[2013/12/15 14:41]  Mosseveno Tenk: the most obnoxious party night of the year
[2013/12/15 14:41]  Flea (dreams.requiem): /me does, as well, Myrtil.
[2013/12/15 14:41]  Mosseveno Tenk: and he's thining abotu the nice quiet family holiday he was going to have the next day
[2013/12/15 14:41]  Mosseveno Tenk: but
[2013/12/15 14:41]  Mosseveno Tenk: he can't sleep!
[2013/12/15 14:41]  Mosseveno Tenk: becuase these street bands won't quit.. and it went on all night
[2013/12/15 14:41]  Mosseveno Tenk: so he thinks to himself
[2013/12/15 14:42]  Mosseveno Tenk: maybe the catholics and the pagans were smarter than we thought
[2013/12/15 14:42]  Mosseveno Tenk: we need to give the rabble some festivals
[2013/12/15 14:42]  Mosseveno Tenk: hmmmm....
[2013/12/15 14:42]  Mosseveno Tenk: so they can let off some steam
[2013/12/15 14:42]  Darlingmonster Ember: mmmmm.... steam
[2013/12/15 14:42]  Breezy Carver: lol
[2013/12/15 14:42]  Jon Chen (jonchen): mmmmm Coal!
[2013/12/15 14:42]  Gabrielle Riel: /me grins
[2013/12/15 14:42]  Mosseveno Tenk: so he starts writing a whole bunch of letters and broadsides, moaning about the christmas celebrations of his youth
[2013/12/15 14:42]  Wildstar Beaumont: :)))
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Mosseveno Tenk: and how we all needed to go back to having a nice old fashioned christmas like it used to be
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Jimmy Branagh: ((kback))
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Nathan Adored: /me gives a lopsided smile.
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Satu Moreau: ((Wb))
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): /me purrs
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Mosseveno Tenk: and this is one of his tracks
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Myrtil Igaly: ((welcome back!))
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Breezy Carver: /me nods nods (( wb wb wb ))
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Jimmy Branagh: ((thxthx))
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Mosseveno Tenk: being new york city used to be new amsterdam
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Nathan Adored: Ah, the Good Olde Days That Never Really Were. :D
[2013/12/15 14:43]  Mosseveno Tenk: there was asome antiquarian wealthy men
[2013/12/15 14:44]  Mosseveno Tenk: who set about to reclaim there 'dutchness'
[2013/12/15 14:44]  Mosseveno Tenk: becuase they believed that during dutch colonial times,
[2013/12/15 14:44]  Mosseveno Tenk: it was serene, and quiet,
[2013/12/15 14:44]  Annechen Lowey (annechen.lowey): People just liked it better that way.
[2013/12/15 14:44]  Mosseveno Tenk: and everyone had nice filial christmas celebrations at home
[2013/12/15 14:44]  Mosseveno Tenk: now when pinter was a lad,
[2013/12/15 14:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: he could have gone visiting eveyrone in new york for christmas and drank on the doorsteps of each house
[2013/12/15 14:45]  Max Islay: Wow! Lot of babbagers here!
[2013/12/15 14:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: becuase there wre not very many people there
[2013/12/15 14:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: but by 1810
[2013/12/15 14:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: not a chance
[2013/12/15 14:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: too many people
[2013/12/15 14:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: remember i said Moore lived here too?
[2013/12/15 14:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: one day the city declared eminient domain and dug 9th avenue right through the middle of his country estate
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: !!!
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Unpleasant.
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Darlingmonster Ember: ouch
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: which realy pissed him off, eh?
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Gabrielle Riel: That kinda sucks.
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Jimmy Branagh: Gad
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Jon Chen (jonchen): Unfortunate!
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Blair Andrews (blairandionrivalionis): to put it mildly.
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Nathan Adored: /me *FACEDESKS*
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: he went on to write A visit from st nicholas
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: which we know as the night before christmas
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: but before that
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: we need to look at another writere
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: washington iriving
[2013/12/15 14:46]  Gabrielle Riel: mmhmm
[2013/12/15 14:47]  Mosseveno Tenk: who was working with the NY historical society to "create" a pseudo-dutchness
[2013/12/15 14:47]  Mosseveno Tenk: which was desireable to the elite
[2013/12/15 14:47]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Heh.
[2013/12/15 14:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: in 1809 he wrote the Knickerbocker History of New York
[2013/12/15 14:48]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): /me takes note
[2013/12/15 14:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: which mad no less than 25 references to the dutch Saint Claas
[2013/12/15 14:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: Sinterklaas
[2013/12/15 14:48]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): Never let the truth stand in the way of a good history
[2013/12/15 14:48]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Indeed.
[2013/12/15 14:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: which definatley had not made it across the atlantic with protesant colonists!
[2013/12/15 14:48]  Annechen Lowey (annechen.lowey): Print the legend.
[2013/12/15 14:49]  Tepic Harlequin: gotta watch out fer Black Pietr!
[2013/12/15 14:49]  Stereo Nacht: (Probably short for Saint Nicolas/Niklaus/Nicholas/etc.)
[2013/12/15 14:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: Irving also wrote the Bracebridge Hall stories in 1819
[2013/12/15 14:49]  Flea (dreams.requiem): Its a shame we didn't get th Christmas Cat instead.
[2013/12/15 14:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: which created the image of the dutch family christmas...
[2013/12/15 14:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: and like any good author
[2013/12/15 14:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: he was making it up
[2013/12/15 14:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: but it was so good
[2013/12/15 14:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: this chrisms that never happened
[2013/12/15 14:50]  Mosseveno Tenk: it was soo soo good
[2013/12/15 14:50]  Darlingmonster Ember: /me smiles
[2013/12/15 14:50]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me grins.
[2013/12/15 14:50]  Max Islay: Bah Humbug! giggle
[2013/12/15 14:50]  Mosseveno Tenk: now in 1821
[2013/12/15 14:50]  Mosseveno Tenk: we Pinter is stil writing his letters
[2013/12/15 14:51]  Mosseveno Tenk: urging for a sober at home christmas
[2013/12/15 14:51]  Mosseveno Tenk: in 1821 we get our first look at Santa CLaus
[2013/12/15 14:51]  Mosseveno Tenk: and there he is
[2013/12/15 14:52]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): /me wonders why more builders don't make more copper kettles for fires( like seen in that 1810 pic)
[2013/12/15 14:52]  Gabrielle Riel: The steady friend of virtuous youth
[2013/12/15 14:52]  Mosseveno Tenk: and we also get our first reference to the reindeer here
[2013/12/15 14:52]  Mosseveno Tenk: "Olde Santa Claas with much delight
[2013/12/15 14:52]  Mosseveno Tenk: "His reindeer drives this frosty night
[2013/12/15 14:52]  Mosseveno Tenk: "O'er chimney tops and tracks of snow
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Mosseveno Tenk: "And brings his gifts
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Mosseveno Tenk: one reindeer
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Mosseveno Tenk: which does fly!
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Solace Fairlady: /me  Hooooooooos!!!
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Max Islay: wait what was it that started the tradition of santa down the chimney?
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): He does look jolly
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Mosseveno Tenk: but i'm not seeing odin or sleipnir here...
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Mosseveno Tenk: this was still a bishop character
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Mosseveno Tenk: at the end of the poem he warns that he will bring the birchen rod to punish the naughty
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Gabrielle Riel: Kinky
[2013/12/15 14:53]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Oho, echoes of Krampus.
[2013/12/15 14:54]  Solace Fairlady: jolly!
[2013/12/15 14:54]  Max Islay: Eep! Santa's revenge?
[2013/12/15 14:54]  Jimmy Branagh: Thet's wot they used at th' orphanage Oy think
[2013/12/15 14:54]  Nathan Adored: ouchies
[2013/12/15 14:54]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me moves his chair back
[2013/12/15 14:54]  Myrtil Igaly: one of them yes
[2013/12/15 14:54]  Mosseveno Tenk: now a year later
[14:54] Mosseveno Tenk: Moore, who was also one of these knickbockers
[2013/12/15 14:54]  Max Islay: giggle
[2013/12/15 14:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: who had 9th avene dug across his estate
[2013/12/15 14:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: joined the fray by writing A visit form St nicholas
[2013/12/15 14:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: this changed everything
[2013/12/15 14:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: 8 reindeer
[2013/12/15 14:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: no birchen rod
[2013/12/15 14:55]  Cutea Benelli: /me wonders where the krampus obsession comes from
[2013/12/15 14:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: no punishment
[2013/12/15 14:56]  Cutea Benelli: /me also wonders why there is no reference to KNECHT RUPRECHT
[2013/12/15 14:56]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Germany
[2013/12/15 14:56]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): Krampus looks like the Jersey Devil
[2013/12/15 14:56]  Jon Chen (jonchen): Or strumpfelpeter...
[2013/12/15 14:56]  Willow Leafstorm (zoelass): I saw an episode of Grimm last week with the Krampus.
[2013/12/15 14:56]  Mosseveno Tenk: Santa starts out as a we fellow
[2013/12/15 14:56]  Cutea Benelli: i know where krampus comes from, i wonder where tenk's obsession comes from:D
[2013/12/15 14:56]  Darlingmonster Ember: heh
[2013/12/15 14:56]  Nathan Adored: ã‹¡
[2013/12/15 14:56]  Mosseveno Tenk: here he is in 1848
[2013/12/15 14:57]  Jimmy Branagh: This is very interstin' history
[2013/12/15 14:57]  Cutea Benelli: it is1
[2013/12/15 14:57]  Cutea Benelli: is! even
[2013/12/15 14:57]  Mosseveno Tenk: the knickerbockers had hit paydirt.
[2013/12/15 14:57]  Satu Moreau: /me nods
[2013/12/15 14:57]  Solace Fairlady: they gloried?
[2013/12/15 14:57]  Mosseveno Tenk: in 1821, Pinter's dutch St Claas had produced reactions among the children
[2013/12/15 14:57]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Herr Elf, might you full-bright your other displays for visibility, bitte?
[2013/12/15 14:57]  Mosseveno Tenk: they went crazy for the gifting
[2013/12/15 14:58]  Mosseveno Tenk: he wrote more letters
[2013/12/15 14:58]  Mosseveno Tenk: labout how seeing the joy of children with thier gifts
[2013/12/15 14:58]  Mosseveno Tenk: was like returing to the goldenn age of yore
[2013/12/15 14:58]  Mosseveno Tenk: and this is important
[2013/12/15 14:58]  Mosseveno Tenk: because previously, christams was a time when the weathly gifted their servants
[2013/12/15 14:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: the emphasis from now on
[2013/12/15 14:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: was to the children
[2013/12/15 14:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: Moores poem was huge
[2013/12/15 14:59]  Tepic Harlequin: yep, very important, yer want ter see the joy on children's faces when yer give em a present!
[2013/12/15 14:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: in 1870's santa started showing up at department stores
[2013/12/15 14:59]  Jon Chen (jonchen): I am at the end of my day, but I shall look forward to the transcript of such an interesting history!  My Thanks :)
[2013/12/15 14:59]  DinahLiddell: keep the wealth in the family
[2013/12/15 14:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: lets look at how he changes over time
[2013/12/15 14:59]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): (this is going nicely with my beef and mushroom stew)
[2013/12/15 15:00]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Carry on, Mr.. I mean Elf
[2013/12/15 15:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: Nast is the most famous of the santa illustrators
[2013/12/15 15:00]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): Later Jon
[2013/12/15 15:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: here is his first santa, a civil war satire
[2013/12/15 15:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: and here he is again, in moores poem
[2013/12/15 15:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: still a small fellow
[2013/12/15 15:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: with a long dutch pip
[2013/12/15 15:01]  Mosseveno Tenk: pipe
[2013/12/15 15:01]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me sees the pattern to the brightness and nods
[2013/12/15 15:01]  Mosseveno Tenk: 1867, another nast, in harper's weekly
[2013/12/15 15:01]  Mosseveno Tenk: 1881, teh most famous of the Nast images
[2013/12/15 15:01]  Mosseveno Tenk: santa is definaltey getting bigger
[2013/12/15 15:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: now noice the pipe from 1848 to 1881
[2013/12/15 15:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: teh short pipe was used by the working class, like those irish immigrants in the slums
[2013/12/15 15:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: while the long pipe, is a dutch relic, a symbol of the old money
[2013/12/15 15:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: hmmmmm
[2013/12/15 15:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: interesting
[2013/12/15 15:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: lets move on
[2013/12/15 15:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: 1883
[2013/12/15 15:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: still a small elf
[2013/12/15 15:03]  Solace Fairlady: get the immigrant workers to spend their cash in the shops owned by the faux dutch elite!
[2013/12/15 15:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: he looks a lot like belznikle,or santa in furs, who still is seen in the parts of the upper midwest that still speak german
[2013/12/15 15:03]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): Now that's marketing
[2013/12/15 15:04]  Cutea Benelli: seltsam!
[2013/12/15 15:04]  Mosseveno Tenk: by the turn of the centry, the red suit is becoming a standard image
[2013/12/15 15:04]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): Ladies love the beard
[2013/12/15 15:04]  Jimmy Branagh: Oh, they wos waitin' for 'im!
[2013/12/15 15:04]  Mosseveno Tenk: this is an australian image, so he was getting around
[2013/12/15 15:04]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): Hello Santa
[2013/12/15 15:04]  Darlingmonster Ember: santa ambush
[2013/12/15 15:05]  Stereo Nacht: (Or they love men who can provide for their children? ;-) )
[2013/12/15 15:05]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): Naughty list now
[2013/12/15 15:05]  Mosseveno Tenk: 1914
[2013/12/15 15:05]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): Santa knows where all the bad girls live
[2013/12/15 15:05]  Mosseveno Tenk: IMPEIAL JAPAN!
[2013/12/15 15:05]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Santa as the ladies man? You give and you get? Marketing indeed.
[2013/12/15 15:05]  Mosseveno Tenk: how did he get there?
[2013/12/15 15:05]  Satu Moreau: 0.0
[2013/12/15 15:06]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me waits for the Boiler Elf to tell them...
[2013/12/15 15:06]  Darlingmonster Ember: wow
[2013/12/15 15:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: Norman Rockwell, the famous illustrato of the Saturday Evening Post, started doing santas in 1922
[2013/12/15 15:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: now somewhere along the way he's become a human
[2013/12/15 15:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: Rockwell was a very humanizing painter,i'm sure he added a lot to that
[2013/12/15 15:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: and look, now we have elves
[2013/12/15 15:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: its hard to say where the elves come in
[2013/12/15 15:07]  Stereo Nacht: (Christian missionaries, I'd believe.)
[2013/12/15 15:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: but somehow, santa moves out of the ranks of the elves, and has become something more
[2013/12/15 15:07]  Jimmy Branagh: A shill
[2013/12/15 15:07]  Cutea Benelli: it's interesting, for all i know there are no elves in germany still (except for when we import amerikan schtuffs)
[2013/12/15 15:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: 1931, the coca cola ads
[2013/12/15 15:07]  Jimmy Branagh: /me chuckles
[2013/12/15 15:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: now he's full size!
[2013/12/15 15:07]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles at Herr Jimmy
[2013/12/15 15:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: and a bit disturbing..
[2013/12/15 15:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: to think somethign that big is sneaking around my house at night
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me chuckles.
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): The Irish had the Leprachauns
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Jimmy Branagh: An' drinkin' yer Coke!
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Satu Moreau: XD
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: ah, for got this one.
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Tepic Harlequin: sneakin, in wellingtons!
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Cutea Benelli: haha I'd stalk him!
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: here's father christmas in 1686 during the christma ban
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): And thus was born the myth of coke creating the red suit
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: where he survived as a character in the street mummers
[2013/12/15 15:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: until christmas was restored
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Mosseveno Tenk: looks like i'm out of time
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Only if you have to go, Herr Elf.
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Mosseveno Tenk: perhaps i would be invited back next year, and we can continue with th elves
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Mosseveno Tenk: and teh characters that survived from pagan times intact
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): OK, THAT one is disturbing
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Cutea Benelli: /Me claps
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Flea (dreams.requiem): /me claps.
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Mosseveno Tenk: like this guy..
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Stereo Nacht: That would be nice! And the holly, and other symbols...
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Solace Fairlady: /me cheers and applauds!
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Mosseveno Tenk: this is one of the yule lads
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Satu Moreau: Ooh
[2013/12/15 15:09]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): /me purrs
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Solace Fairlady: The Icelandic ones!
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Garnet Psaltery: Oh, it's Boiler Elf
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Solace Fairlady: trolls!
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Thanks for giving the presentation
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Jimmy Branagh: hehe
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me applauds.
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I shall put you on the calendar today, Herr Elf.
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Darlingmonster Ember: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Flea (dreams.requiem): /me chuckles, was just reading about the yule lads before coming here.
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: who is really disturbing.. but perahps, with the barons' indulgence, we can save that for next year?
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Jimmy Branagh: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): As you will.
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Darlingmonster Ember: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Stereo Nacht:  `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Solace Fairlady: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Jimmy Branagh: Yay!
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Garnet Psaltery: ***** APPLAUSE *****
[2013/12/15 15:10]  DinahLiddell: /me claps
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): yay!
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Jimmy Branagh: Exc ellent presentation!
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Cutea Benelli: /me stalks the tenken hard
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Anyone else wishing to express your appreciation to our speaker, the tipjar is to my right against the wall.
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Satu Moreau: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Nathan Adored: yes, very good
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Stereo Nacht: Is there a tipjar for today's presenter?
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Jimmy Branagh: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: now under the couch i have placed my collection of postcards
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Stereo Nacht: Ah!
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: some are from my real life collection
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Myrtil Igaly: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Bookworm Hienrichs: I'm standing next to the tip jar. *smile*
[2013/12/15 15:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: do help yourself
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Darlingmonster Ember: ooo, floaty couch that's lovely
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Satu Moreau: Ooh
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: and i'ld like to finish with a thought
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Solace Fairlady: fabulous presentation, thank you Boiler Elf!
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Thank you, Boiler Elf and Merry Christmas to you and everyone else with a Happy Holidays to anyone else who is not into Christmas. Really, Be happy to all
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: how does one define a god?
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): If you would like to help support the Salon itself, the small airship can take your donations.
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Cutea Benelli: oh it#s my stoner couch, Ms Darlingmonster
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: consider this man
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Stereo Nacht: /me tries to spot it...
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: for the past 140 years, we have built him a shrine in our markets
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: we present our children to him
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Darlingmonster Ember: :D
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: we tell lies
[2013/12/15 15:11]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Heh.
[2013/12/15 15:12]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): I did not understand about the present but thank you.
[2013/12/15 15:12]  Mosseveno Tenk: there are men who devote the latter part of thier lives to his image.
[2013/12/15 15:12]  Tepic Harlequin: eh? lies?
[2013/12/15 15:12]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Stories Tepic
[2013/12/15 15:12]  Satu Moreau: XD Well, now it sounds like a cult
[2013/12/15 15:12]  Mosseveno Tenk: some years ago i was working as a mascot whiel i was in university
[2013/12/15 15:12]  Tepic Harlequin: oh, stories bout Santa are alright.....
[2013/12/15 15:12]  Mosseveno Tenk: i got a call to go play the easter bunny at a country club up on the eastern shor of virgina
[2013/12/15 15:12]  Mosseveno Tenk: now if anyone has ever had to play a revered character
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: you miht know what is coming
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: as i was coming home
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: i stopped at a litter folk art gallery to get some food
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Nathan Adored: where's the tipjar?
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Darlingmonster Ember: /me smiles
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: there was an older man in there, white hair, but clean shaven
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: and he looked at me
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: and he said
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me waves her hand. "By me, Nathan."
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: 'yo're the aster bunny!
[2013/12/15 15:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: you've just been there!
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: and i looked at him
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me raises his eyebrows
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Jimmy Branagh: lol
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: and knew he was a santa
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: and he was
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Stereo Nacht: Speaker tipjar beside Ms. Hienrichs; the Salon's one is flowting, or at the back.
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Garnet Psaltery: Hehe
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me chuckles.
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Remarkable.
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Darlingmonster Ember: :D
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Satu Moreau: XD
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Iconic if not ironic, no?
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: and we both were sharing a rare experience that canont be described in workds
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: i probably ever wil be able to expalin it
[2013/12/15 15:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: but
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: what is
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: a god?
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: thank you
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Garnet Psaltery: ***** APPLAUSE *****
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): Bravo!
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me applauds.
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Jimmy Branagh: /me applauds enthusiastically
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Satu Moreau: Hehe
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Solace Fairlady: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): HOOOOOOOO!!!
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Stereo Nacht:  `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Darlingmonster Ember: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): /me cheers
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Jimmy Branagh: Good stuff!
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Cutea Benelli: /me aplauds lazily, then stalks
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Nathan Adored: /me claps claps claps.
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Absolutely Marvelous!
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): and thank you Sir Elf for this time.
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): \o/ \o/ \o/
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Myrtil Igaly: /me applauds
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: i inow wer are over time, but if any one has quiestion, fire away
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Any more donations? The Boiler Elf is a busy entity.
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): /me appaluds
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Food calls now
[2013/12/15 15:15]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): I put it off
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): /me waves
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): waves back
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): I have one if I may?
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Satu Moreau: Heh, it reminds me of Death's speech at the end of the Hogfather
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: Professor?
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Stereo Nacht: And my typist is getting cold. Good night, ladies and gentlemen!
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Good night
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): Later Stereo
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Satu Moreau: Night, Ms. Nacht
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Garnet Psaltery: Goodnight, Stereo
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): With the globalization of "Santa" within the English speaking world (him now having merged with Father Christmas
[2013/12/15 15:16]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gute Nacht, Fraulein Stereo.
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): Night to those leaving
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Mosseveno Tenk: /me nods
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Willow Leafstorm (zoelass): G'night every body.
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): Do you think there's a chance he will displace the non-English "Santas?
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Willow Leafstorm (zoelass): Or perhaps good day.
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me puts an arm around his wife
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Jimmy Branagh: Awlroight then off ta scrape up dinner. Thenks Mr. Elf! Bye awl!
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Mosseveno Tenk: i would say that fathe christmas and weinachtsman and the rest are at risk for being assimilated, even the yule lads of iceland now wear santa suits rather than tradtional attire
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Cutea Benelli: (Weihnachtsmann)
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Garnet Psaltery: Bah humbug
[2013/12/15 15:17]  Satu Moreau: Erf
[2013/12/15 15:18]  Garnet Psaltery: Globalisation!
[2013/12/15 15:18]  Satu Moreau: Didn't they do the same to the nisse too?
[2013/12/15 15:18]  Flea (dreams.requiem): A saddening think to have.
[2013/12/15 15:18]  Myrtil Igaly: ((bedtime for me, thank you for the interesting talk!))
[2013/12/15 15:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: in iceland? i'l tell you next year. its just too horrble.
[2013/12/15 15:18]  Satu Moreau: Hehe
[2013/12/15 15:18]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gute Nacht, Myrtil.
[2013/12/15 15:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: that's sheep sucker up there...
[2013/12/15 15:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: and he has 11 brothers
[2013/12/15 15:19]  Satu Moreau: I thought it might be
[2013/12/15 15:19]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): /me impressed with the elf's willingness to ask that difficult question at the end. Where's
[2013/12/15 15:19]  Cutea Benelli: /me things one  way of furherin assimilation is misspelling Weihnachtsmann and omitting Christkind;)
[2013/12/15 15:19]  Cutea Benelli: thinks, also
[2013/12/15 15:19]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): the oh.. I see
[2013/12/15 15:19]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): thanks
[2013/12/15 15:19]  Mosseveno Tenk: Hee, i type sloppy!
[2013/12/15 15:19]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Heh.
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Cutea Benelli: i stalk you, i stalk your typos.
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): beter than me, so your ok
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Satu Moreau: XD
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me laughs.
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: I had to omit CHristkindl for time. i can't talk a ong time on this subject,
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): :-D
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Flea (dreams.requiem): /me does not remark on Tenk's similar appearance to Stubby.
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: so i had to narrow it down as mch as i could
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Cutea Benelli: gotta admit that christkind is a separate chapter. just wanted to sound dramatic :D
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (supersuz): Thank you!
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Excellent and timely. Vielen dank for offering to do this Salon.
[2013/12/15 15:20]  Cutea Benelli: it was still a very interesting talk, Herr Tenk
[2013/12/15 15:21]  Cutea Benelli: I'd start stalking you if i wasn't already!
[2013/12/15 15:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: then i will see you all on christmas eveñ”˜²
[2013/12/15 15:21]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): yes, thank you for coming by and teaching us Sir Elf.
[2013/12/15 15:21]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): have a goos, and happy trip.
[2013/12/15 15:21]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): a good rather. haha
[2013/12/15 15:22]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Last chance for the tipjar.
[2013/12/15 15:22]  Cutea Benelli: have a goose
[2013/12/15 15:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: gans!
[2013/12/15 15:22]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me waves and points at the tip jar by her.
[2013/12/15 15:22]  Professor Parx (treloar.parx): Humbug to all
[2013/12/15 15:22]  Cutea Benelli: lol Professor
[2013/12/15 15:22]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): I amagen it may be easy to gather a goos will flying that night.
[2013/12/15 15:23]  Mosseveno Tenk: btw... anyone know where this background image is?
[2013/12/15 15:23]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): sevral even with a good net.
[2013/12/15 15:23]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me frowns thoughtfully at the image
[2013/12/15 15:23]  Mosseveno Tenk: this is korvatunturi, which is gaining crediblity over the north pole as santa's home
[2013/12/15 15:23]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): right, off to start unpacking the christmas buffet *waves*
[2013/12/15 15:24]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Interesting.
[2013/12/15 15:24]  Flea (dreams.requiem): I just see lots of fresh snow that needs to be rolled in and muddled up.
[2013/12/15 15:24]  Satu Moreau: Yes-ah!
[2013/12/15 15:24]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): aa, so thats where he passably lives.
[2013/12/15 15:24]  Zaros (zaros.xue): Ta ta all, thank you kindly Mr. Tenk. ã‹¡
[2013/12/15 15:24]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I believe I heard some Canadians claiming his home as well, due to a post code of H0H 0H0?
[2013/12/15 15:24]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): vary lovely
[2013/12/15 15:25]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me chuckles.
[2013/12/15 15:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: the danes claim he live in greenland, so he can be danish
[2013/12/15 15:25]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Of course.
[2013/12/15 15:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: everyone get their postcards?
[2013/12/15 15:26]  Nathan Adored: yes, even the one you have to right-click to select Buy on
[2013/12/15 15:26]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Bitte, if Fraulein Bookworm might be given a set for sharing in our aether-journal.
[2013/12/15 15:26]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): a few years back Rusha was calming the north pole.
[2013/12/15 15:26]  Mosseveno Tenk: true, but the north pole is not stationalry
[2013/12/15 15:26]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): They still are
[2013/12/15 15:26]  Mosseveno Tenk: so it will change nationality as it drifts around the arctic
[2013/12/15 15:27]  Mosseveno Tenk: i believe its still russian
[2013/12/15 15:27]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): In fact Canada, Russia and a few others are trying to claim the North Pole
[2013/12/15 15:27]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): thats right, it moves. at lest the magnetic north pole does
[2013/12/15 15:27]  Mosseveno Tenk: has too
[2013/12/15 15:27]  Mosseveno Tenk: that's hwo the factory is powered
[2013/12/15 15:27]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles
[2013/12/15 15:27]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Ah, Science.
[2013/12/15 15:27]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me grins.
[2013/12/15 15:27]  Mosseveno Tenk: need optimal power, so there's a navigation room too
[2013/12/15 15:27]  Mosseveno Tenk: they show that in the tim allen movies.
[2013/12/15 15:28]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): Magnatesom, I thot it mite be
[2013/12/15 15:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: sheep sucker. that's just not right
[2013/12/15 15:28]  Satu Moreau: XD
[2013/12/15 15:29]  Satu Moreau: Cousin to the chupacabra?
[2013/12/15 15:29]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Sheep, goats... anything without a good shepherd, eh?
[2013/12/15 15:29]  Flea (dreams.requiem): I always heard him as Sheep Clod.
[2013/12/15 15:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: thing is he can't bend his knees
[2013/12/15 15:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: so he had to do some contortion to do the deed
[2013/12/15 15:29]  Rebecca Skytower (ruvean): and it may also explain why at this time of year, easier to see the aurora bora ails up north.
[2013/12/15 15:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: sheep clod is common too
[2013/12/15 15:30]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Ach, arthritic knees - good clank legs could resolve that.
[2013/12/15 15:30]  Mosseveno Tenk: i like sheep sucker, more descriptive
[2013/12/15 15:30]  Satu Moreau: XD
[2013/12/15 15:30]  Satu Moreau: /me holds up a drinking straw
[2013/12/15 15:30]  Satu Moreau: Bendy!
[2013/12/15 15:30]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles
[2013/12/15 15:30]  Satu Moreau: Solve all his knee problems
[2013/12/15 15:30]  Flea (dreams.requiem): /me laughs.
[2013/12/15 15:31]  Bloodfang TS Clawtooth (bloodfang.clawtooth): Canadians stake their claim to North Pole in rush for oil
[2013/12/15 15:31]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Excellent display, although I was wondering for a bit why I kept bumping into invisible prims.
[2013/12/15 15:31]  Flea (dreams.requiem): That must have taken a lot of effort to put together.

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