Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aether Salon: Howl! With Dr. Augustus Dayafter, December 14, 2pm slt

Despite the fact that we are still finding pieces of the east wall in various parts of Babbage Palisades (thank you Mr. Streeter) following the rather explosive end to the Weapons! Salon...

We are pleased to announce that The Aether Salon of Babbage will welcome the esteemed Dr. Augustus Dayafter for a discussion presenting the results of his medical investigation into the phenom of the Lycanthrope. Dr. Dayafter has informed us that he is uniquely qualified in this field, following a period of long study and careful observation.

Please join us one and all for Howl! with Doctor Augustus Dayafter, on December 14, at 2pm slt. Hair-raising craft to follow.

(we do note that perhaps some weaponry left over from the last, most extraordinary Salon might prove useful, however, we ask that participants check their lag at the door as much as possible. Bob... do I even need to say this? NO Explosives.)

Participants should experience no discomfort, although hysteria may be a possibility for those susceptible few. Dr. Dayafter assures us that great care will be taken to elaborate, in academic terms, the psysiological and cultural aspects of this rather dangerous species.

It would be somewhat lax of us to not inform you that, despite having a lunar calendar in hand during the planning of the salon, we seem to have missed the fact that a full moon does indeed begin just prior to the 14. Never worry though. Onward!

See you there -

Viv & Sera

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