Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec. 14, 2008 Howl Transcript (unedited)

[14:03] Viv Trafalgar: ::clears her throat::

[14:03] Ceejay Writer: I wish these chairs had a 'lock to floor' feature. :)

[14:03] Wiggy Undertone: What's wrong with Django... That could take awhile. *grins*

[14:03] t1g3y Oh: Good day

[14:03] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: hehehehe

[14:03] Sylvie Franizzi giggles at Ceejay

[14:03] Jasper Kiergarten: chair Mr String?

[14:03] Viv Trafalgar: ::clears her throat at BOB::

[14:03] Augustus Dayafter: It is good to see so many wonderful folks here

[14:03] Viv Trafalgar: Welcome to the fourth Aether Salon! We are so pleased to see so many friends here this weekend.

[14:03] Ichabod String: yes please.

[14:03] Viv Trafalgar: For the record, the level of creativity, heroics, and last minute battles with the grid that went into the craft box this time around is mind-blowing. I'd like to thank Bob and Dr. O both several times over. We are in your debt.

[14:04] Sylvie Franizzi claps

[14:04] Jasper Kiergarten: anyone else like to have a chair?

[14:04] Viv Trafalgar: We are very grateful to a number of other individuals as well – Miss CeeJay Writer for her support in publicizing this event; Miss Breezy Carver for her supplies of food and drink; and Miss Canolli Capalini of Capalini Fine Furnishings, for her wonderful salon chairs.

[14:04] Viv Trafalgar: To Serafina Puchkina, my partner in the Salon, thanks indeed for all you do.

[14:04] Viv Trafalgar: **Please note: In January the Salon will be shifting to the third Sunday of the month, in order to accomodate other library events on the grid.

[14:04] Mara Razor: thank you cutea!

[14:04] Cutea Benelli: hope it's the right one mara

[14:04] Viv Trafalgar: That January salon, a infamous day indeed, will be Villains! Starring several ... questionable members of society whom we know and love, including our own Doctor Obolensky. Not to be missed, unless you are tied to a train track.

[14:04] Ceejay Writer pulls out notepad, makes a note of that.

[14:04] Cutea Benelli: if not..well...ummm...then...i chose wrong.

[14:04] Mara Razor: i just want to put it on display in my house since i ripped the mole king's spine out

[14:04] Viv Trafalgar: Now, as to the rules of the salon. Please hold your questions until the end. There will be plenty of time for all questions and discussion. The craft boxes will go out following the discussion.

[14:04] Cutea Benelli: haha

[14:04] Jasper Kiergarten: chair Miss Illios?

[14:05] Doctor Obolensky: And note that the trains actually turn up now and then. [14:05] Viv Trafalgar: Please observe common rules of etiquette, as well as SL niceties – in particular turning off HUDs and scripts that could cause lag and impair others' enjoyment of the event. Please no biting or skewering of anyone with anything other than words. Duels to be taken outside.

[14:05] Winter Illios smiles, yes please

[14:05] Viv Trafalgar: And lastly, as Miss Puchkina introduces the speaker for our topic today - "Howl!" - please enjoy the afternoon!

[14:05] Ichabod String: Bob-o :p

[14:05] Ichabod String: How be you

[14:05] Ceejay Writer applauds!

[14:05] Ichabod String: I see you got a new hat mate.

[14:05] You: Thank you Miss Trafalgar. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce someone who is a steady presence around New Babbage. Many of you may be unaware of Dr. Dayafter's impressive background. Sir Dr. Augustus Dayafter is Chief Medical Officer aboard the S.S. Seraph. He spends many days binding wounds, setting bones, and most importantly, dispensing hangover remedies to Seraph's crew

[14:05] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: hush now ichy we are about to hear words of wisdom from dr dayafter... as if

[14:06] Augustus Dayafter smiles.

[14:06] You: However, few realize the vast amount of study and personal field research that Dr. Dayafter has acquired over his lifetime on not only the frontiers of natural science, but of aetheric nature, the paranormal sciences, and the occult.

[14:06] Sylvie Franizzi gives Bob a look

[14:06] You: After becoming infected with lycanthropy himself years ago, Dr. Dayafter has devoted his research skills to a singular understanding of the condition. In this salon, Dr. Dayafter hopes to educate all who attend on the nature of this fascinating, and often misunderstood natural occurence. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Dayafter.

[14:06] Serafina Puchkina starts the applause

[14:06] Wiggy Undertone cheers

[14:06] Dreddpiratebob Streeter claps

[14:06] Orchid McMillan applauds

[14:06] Ichabod String claps

[14:06] Cutea Benelli applauds

[14:06] Jimmy Branagh applauds.

[14:06] Winter Illios claps lightly'

[14:06] Ceejay Writer whistles for my Seraph-crewmate!

[14:06] Wiggy Undertone claps

[14:06] Gatsby Szuster: claps

[14:06] Sylvie Franizzi applauds

[14:06] Augustus Dayafter smiles warmly, "Thank you!"

[14:06] Elilka Sieyes claps

[14:07] Augustus Dayafter: First, let me start by welcoming you all

[14:07] Augustus Dayafter: and thanking you all for coming

[14:07] Augustus Dayafter: Werewolves… the very name strikes fear into our hearts. But what is it about them that we fear? We, in Babbage know that these creatures of myth and legend are very much real. Just about all of us have seen or heard them at one point or another. Some of us see them every time we look into a mirror. Why are we afraid of them though? Is it the sheer force of nature that these creatures are? Maybe it is just that they represent our own dark desires to be wild and uncivilized. I know that there are some that may say "I am afraid of no such thing…" To that I say bollocks. I know you are afraid, I can smell your fear like perfume on the wind. Even the mightiest of hunters gets butterflies in the stomach before a kill. But, we are not here to discuss the psychology of fear; we are here to discuss werewolves.

[14:08] Augustus Dayafter: I had originally planned on having finished my book on the subject before this salon. I wanted so much to be able to give each of you a fresh copy of my book. I must beg your forgiveness that I have not finished that book as of yet. Every time I thought it was nearing completion, I found myself writing more and more. So, I will ask somebody to make a list of all in attendance. Once the book is finished, I will be more than happy to send you a free copy. Again, I apologize for the delay, but this is my first time writing a complete book on any subject and it seems to have taken off, dragging me behind on a leash, if you will forgive the analogy.

[14:08] Viv Trafalgar: chuckles

[14:08] Cutea Benelli: :)

[14:08] Dreddpiratebob Streeter snorts

[14:08] Sylvie Franizzi smiles

[14:08] Pepys Ponnier: heh

[14:09] Redgrrl Llewellyn: pardon me as she is sure she has tread on toes]

[14:09] Augustus Dayafter: What I'd like to do is give you a bit of information on the topic of Lycanthropy and then open the floor to any questions that you may have. As a point of respect, for you and for myself, I will not be "shifting" into Lycan form in front of you. There are those here that may find the transformation somewhat disgusting or frightening. There are also ladies amongst us and I do not think it appropriate to be naked in front of them, even if it is for science's sake.

[14:09] Ceejay Writer admires the Doctor for writing a book, and mentally gives him all the time he needs.

[14:09] Augustus Dayafter: Let me begin by giving you just a bit of information on Lycanthropy. The term itself comes from Ancient Greek, lykánthropos, which breaks down into lýkos, meaning "wolf" and ánthrōpos, which means "human". This has been linked to the original werewolf legend of King Lycaon who was turned into a wolf in retribution for trying to serve his own son to Zeus in an attempt to disprove the god's divinity. This also accounts for the less than nice reputation Lycans have for being brutal and savage killers, though I have met plenty of werewolves that are, in fact, quite distinguished and civil individuals; myself included thank you.

[14:11] Augustus Dayafter: There are many legends and myths as to how one becomes a werewolf. Too numerous, in fact, to mention but a few today. One theory suggests that it is as easy as stripping away your clothing and wearing a belt made from a wolf's skin or by wearing nothing but a wolf's pelt. Another says that if you drink water from a wolf's paw print you will become a werewolf. One theory also claims that there are certain magical salves you can rub on your skin to achieve metamorphosis. There are also theories that claim being born on December 24th or that sleeping outside, with the full moon shining on your face, on certain days of the week during the summer will make you a werewolf as well. A very popular theory says that one becomes a werewolf by making a pact with the Devil. I do not put much stock in any of these theories mind you. What I do put stock in is that Lycanthropy is a disease that is transmitted via the bite of an infected subject. Notice I said bite and not a slash from the claws.

[14:11] Augustus Dayafter: Mind you, a slash from claws would hurt, and depending on where you were slashed, might prove fatal. The same is quite true of a bite. As I have mentioned a few times to several people, we Lycans do not have and sort of poison or saliva glands in our claws and therefore could not transmit our condition in that way.

[14:12] Augustus Dayafter: I'd like to take this moment to mention our weaknesses. We are not overly fond of Wolfsbane (Aconitum), it has the tendency to burn us if we touch it and can kill us if we ingest it. Of course, if it is not detoxified, it will kill anybody that ingests it. So, the method of administering Wolfsbane to a suspected werewolf would result in death either way. Silver is also one of our most profound weaknesses. My earrings are platinum before anybody asks. The metal itself will burn our skin if we touch it, which makes using a decent tea service a bit of a pain sometimes. Silver is one of the main reasons I wear gloves most of the time. Of course, using a silver weapon or silver bullets will kill us. Then again, it would kill anybody. A silver weapon does not, however, guarantee or death. You would still have to hit us in a vital area with it, just like you would anybody else. It would still do its normal damage and then give us the added hurt from the burns it would cause.

[14:13] Augustus Dayafter: I have seen silver weapons used to force the reverse of Lycan transformation. In fact, Captain Smythe has on more than one occasion hit me over the head with a silver club. Not only did it give me a nasty burn, but it knocked me right out, which caused me to revert back to human form. Of course that was before I learned to control my beast.

[14:13] Ceejay Writer giggles and quickly shuts up.

[14:13] Augustus Dayafter smiles at Ceejay

[14:14] Augustus Dayafter: That brings me to my closing point. Once infected with Lycanthropy, once can control their transformation, or as I like to call it, their "Inner Beast". In my case, I used a very diluted decoction of Wolfsbane coupled in a serum with several other herbs and a bit of silver nitrate. After several years of using this serum and practicing meditation, I am now in control of my beast. In fact, I no longer require the serum. Even in anger or during the full moon, I am my normal, polite self. In fact, when I do transform into my Lycan form, I still retain my human temper and intelligence. Unfortunately, I can only form base words when speaking.

[14:15] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: inlike now....

[14:15] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: *unlike

[14:15] Augustus Dayafter: Of course, if you ask Bob, he'd tell you that I can only form base words anyway

[14:15] Mara Razor: *throws popcorn at bob*

[14:15] Orchid McMillan snickers.

[14:15] t1g3y Oh wonders how the good Doctor types so fast...

[14:15] Augustus Dayafter: Now, I open the floor to your questions. Do not be afraid to ask what you will. I promise that I will do my best to answer as completely as I can, though I will let you know if your question is too personal to be discussed in a polite and open forum.

[14:15] Redgrrl Llewellyn: is amazed....esp with the fur

[14:15] Mara Razor: is it true that lycans can't contract human illness?

[14:16] Viv Trafalgar: oh good question Mara!

[14:16] Mara Razor: ((it's a subject of hot debate in rivet town))

[14:16] Augustus Dayafter: Somewhat, I was infected with a certain illness recently... due to some sort of "hand meat"

[14:16] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: what about rabies?

[14:16] Breezy Carver: laughs

[14:16] Mara Razor: what about plague?

[14:17] Augustus Dayafter: No Ma'am, as far as I know it would not affect us at all

[14:17] Redgrrl Llewellyn: surrepticiously take a picture of The Hat©

[14:17] Mara Razor: well other animals can die of plague. why not a lycan

[14:17] Pepys Ponnier: What about dental work?

[14:17] Doctor Obolensky: Probably the shifting tends to flush out any diseases.

[14:17] Augustus Dayafter: We have a very well boosted immune system and regenerative powers

[14:17] Cutea Benelli: caries!

[14:18] Wiggy Undertone raises his hand.

[14:18] Augustus Dayafter: Yes, Wiggy

[14:18] Winter Illios: not to mention a human intellect to know enough to take precaution against fleas

[14:18] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: HAHAHAHAhahahahahaha

[14:18] Augustus Dayafter grins.

[14:18] Pepys Ponnier: Har!

[14:18] Wiggy Undertone: You mentioned silver weapons, what about regular weapons? Do they injure you as they would me?

[14:18] Ceejay Writer stifles a laugh.

[14:18] Augustus Dayafter hides his flea collar

[14:19] Augustus Dayafter: Oh yes, they would injure us... quite so, but it would heal in a matter of minutes

[14:19] You: Oh my!

[14:19] Augustus Dayafter: possibly seconds

[14:19] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: would you get werefleas?

[14:19] Cutea Benelli: how utterly practical

[14:19] Kordite Eizenberg: Would fleas, feasting on Lycan blood, risk their own form of lycanthropy? It would be quite od to see packs of tiny were-bugs during the full moon.

[14:19] Redgrrl Llewellyn: grins

[14:19] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: hahahahaha

[14:19] Ceejay Writer: Interesting comment!

[14:19] Myrtil Igaly raises her hand

[14:19] Viv Trafalgar: Chuckles at the thought of nekko fleas

[14:20] Jasper Kiergarten: werefleas......

[14:20] Jim raises his hand.

[14:20] Serafina Puchkina laughs at werefleas

[14:20] Augustus Dayafter: Kordite, that is an interesting point. I have not thought to do any study on it yet though

[14:20] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: unleash the werefleas!

[14:20] Jasper Kiergarten: lycanthopy could spread like plague!

[14:20] Redgrrl Llewellyn: thinks about Faerie Fleas with pretty wings

[14:20] Augustus Dayafter: Yes myrtil

[14:20] Ichabod String: This is a bit off topic but, has anyone ever thought of that a werehouse turns into at night?

[14:20] Viv Trafalgar: Groans

[14:20] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: pfffttt

[14:20] Jimmy Branagh: ((An outhouse))

[14:20] Winter Illios: a hut with chicken legs

[14:20] Jasper Kiergarten: ohhhhh youoooo

[14:21] Ichabod String chuckles

[14:21] Doctor Obolensky: What about the mental problems most werewolves seem to have?

[14:21] Myrtil Igaly: Do werewolves react differently if they are in their human shape or werewolf shape, I mean, to silver and wolfsbane for example?

[14:21] Ceejay Writer gapes at Mister String in abject admiration.

[14:21] Jim raises his hand again

[14:21] Viv Trafalgar: Good question Myrtil

[14:21] Augustus Dayafter: Not at all Ms. Myrtil. We tend to react the same in either form

[14:21] Ichabod String: Was only trying to make jokes and good humor, do go on sir.

[14:22] Ceejay Writer thinks our urchins are *almost* too smart for school.

[14:22] Augustus Dayafter: Ah, Doctor... THAT is an interesting question

[14:22] Myrtil Igaly: But every werewolf? Aren't there different cases?

[14:22] Augustus Dayafter: I think most of the mental problems stem from the lack of control over one's beast

[14:22] Myrtil Igaly: ((sorry lag))

[14:22] IdaPfeiffer Twine: hello

[14:22] Jimmy Branagh: ((Jim's arm is losing circulation being up so long ...))

[14:22] IdaPfeiffer Twine: ty

[14:22] IdaPfeiffer Twine: ty

[14:23] Breezy Carver: control over one's beast SIr .. ??

[14:23] Augustus Dayafter: Sorry Myrtil... yes, it would possibly be on a case by case basis

[14:23] Augustus Dayafter: let me get to Jim before he falls out

[14:23] Augustus Dayafter: Go ahead Jimmy

[14:23] Wiggy Undertone: *chuckles*

[14:23] Myrtil Igaly smiles

[14:23] Jimmy Branagh: Thenks!

[14:23] Jimmy Branagh: Oy wouldn't want ta kill a Lycan if Oy got attacked, cuz faw all Oy know it moight be a friend of moine. What would be a good defense faw ... sye, someone of short stature such as meself?

[14:23] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: kick em in the pants

[14:24] Jimmy Branagh: SHort of killing one?

[14:24] Sylvie Franizzi: Werewolves don't wear pants, Bob.

[14:24] Augustus Dayafter: Running away and finding a good place to hide

[14:24] Pepys Ponnier: Dress like a fire hydrant?

[14:24] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: kick em where thier pants arnt then

[14:24] Augustus Dayafter: Or carrying wolfsbane on your person

[14:24] Breezy Carver: Bob !!

[14:24] Mara Razor: *shakes head at bob*

[14:24] Jimmy Branagh: Well, Oy meant loike an immit ... immghhh ... imminent attack?

[14:24] t1g3y Oh: Dr. Dayafter, what happens when a werewolf has *ahem* children? What are they?

[14:25] Redgrrl Llewellyn: wolfsbane knickers...lots of prims

[14:25] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: PUPIES!

[14:25] Myrtil Igaly: Hit them on the head with a silver cross

[14:25] Breezy Carver: sighs !

[14:25] t1g3y Oh: I think those are butterfly babies

[14:25] Mara Razor: *throws another bottle cap at bob*

[14:25] Pepys Ponnier: Aye lag um to their knees

[14:25] Augustus Dayafter: Ah, unfortunately, in case of such an attack, I cannot think of anything

[14:25] Kordite Eizenberg: Here's a physics question. . . when the transformation comes, where does the increased mass come from and thus, go again when over? Is it radiated as heat? Is it sublimated transdimentionally?

[14:25] Jimmy Branagh: Allroight then. Just wonderin'. Thenks Doctor.

[14:26] Augustus Dayafter: the wolfsbane would keep them away from you though, the smell of that stuff usually keeps us far away from you

[14:26] Doctor Obolensky: Always stay near friends my boy. Preferably, ones who run slower than you do.

[14:26] Mara Razor wants to know about the children question

[14:26] Winter Illios: perhaps a sufficiently diluted spray of wolfsbane might work jimmy... very diluted

[14:26] Sylvie Franizzi laughs

[14:26] Wiggy Undertone: *snorts at Dr O's comment*

[14:26] Jimmy giggles.

[14:26] Jimmy giggles.

[14:26] Redgrrl Llewellyn: grins]

[14:26] Mara Razor: don't worry doc - any wolfie gets near my scamps and it'll lose it's spine pdq

[14:26] Jimmy Branagh: It will too!

[14:26] t1g3y Oh raises a brow at Kordite

[14:27] Redgrrl Llewellyn: is a proven spine ripper that Mara

[14:27] Mara Razor: *waves mole king's spine*

[14:27] Myrtil Igaly mumbles something about the wolfsbane she carries certainly being rotten

[14:27] Augustus Dayafter: Kordite, I have found that the body temperatutre does rise a LOT during transformation, so I would think it has something to do with that

[14:27] Dreddpiratebob Streeter raises hand

[14:27] Augustus Dayafter: ((the wolfsbane is usually a matter of RP though... some Lycan players do not adhere to it))

[14:28] Augustus Dayafter: Yes Bob

[14:28] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: heh

[14:28] Ichabod String: Everyone I am sorry but I must leave, thank you Doctor for the lovley information you have given me today. I have some other buisness to attend to.

[14:28] Redgrrl Llewellyn: what happens to the clothes?

[14:28] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: right, saying as anyone can be a werewolf

[14:28] Ichabod String: It was nice seeing you all again.

[14:28] Augustus Dayafter: Good to see you again Ichabod

[14:28] Kordite Eizenberg: Somehow, a modest rise in temperature would not seem to account for the change in mass.

[14:28] Jimmy Branagh: G'day Mr. String!

[14:28] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: how can ya tell who is one

[14:28] Redgrrl Llewellyn: smiles and waves to Mr. String

[14:29] Viv Trafalgar: Doesn't want Dr. Dayafter to miss Captain Llewellyn's question, after answering Bob's

[14:29] Bela Lubezki: (by the way, the german word for wolfesbane is "eisenhut" what re-translates into "iron hat"

[14:29] Wiggy Undertone: I need to leave as well. Thanks Dr. Dayafter!

[14:29] Augustus Dayafter: I'm going to try and answer Bob and Red's questions at once... Bob, there are many legends on how to spot a lycan... none of them are true, you can't. Red, they get ripped apart and go bye bye

[14:29] Ceejay Writer looks at Bela. "FAscinating!"

[14:30] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: but i have a way to tell!

[14:30] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: haha!

[14:30] Augustus Dayafter: Really Bob...

[14:30] Redgrrl Llewellyn: Ahhhhh

[14:30] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: yes, i use this magic wand i have here... and i simply throw it in a direction like so..

[14:30] Viv Trafalgar: BWAHAHA

[14:30] Ceejay Writer facepalms.

[14:30] Myrtil Igaly: hehe

[14:30] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: and shout FETCH!

[14:30] Cutea Benelli: lol

[14:31] Orchid McMillan snorts.

[14:31] Mara Razor: did gus answer the question of what happens when a lycan has children?

[14:31] Sylvie Franizzi shakes her head

[14:31] Dreddpiratebob Streeter laughs.

[14:31] Augustus Dayafter: Bob, remind me to stuff you in a sack and beat you with a club later please

[14:31] Mara Razor: *throws another bottle cap at bob*

[14:31] Sylvie Franizzi: Bob, would you like to spend the rest of the time standing between Ceejay and me?

[14:31] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: no

[14:31] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: sorry

[14:31] Augustus Dayafter: Lycans and children? Sorry did not hear that one

[14:31] Ceejay Writer didn't think so.

[14:31] Redgrrl Llewellyn: LOL

[14:31] Sylvie Franizzi: Then keep it up, my friend.

[14:31] Dreddpiratebob Streeter giggles to himself

[14:31] Sylvie Franizzi grins evilly

[14:32] Viv Trafalgar: Mara - will you ask that question again?

[14:32] Pepys Ponnier: lol

[14:32] Augustus Dayafter: There is a big chance that Lycanthropy can be transferred to the offspring of a Lycan

[14:32] t1g3y Oh thinks Dr. Dayafter is sneaking in a snooze what with all the hijinks going on in the salon

[14:33] Augustus Dayafter: I have seen cases where a mixed couple has had a child with and without lycanthropy

[14:33] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: do the kids have different levels? like mostly boy and mostly puppy?

[14:33] Cutea Benelli: ah lovely, evil twins. and all that.

[14:33] Augustus Dayafter: a pure bred lycan couple will almost assuredly have lycan children

[14:33] Mara Razor: will the l

ycan offspring begin having changes right away or does it start at about puberty? [14:34] Bela Lubezki: i imagine noisy nights in the child room...

[14:34] Breezy Carver: humm i think i saw a motion picture on that

[14:34] Augustus Dayafter: and Bob, the children do not manifest the signs of lycanthropy right away in most cases

[14:34] Breezy Carver: he was a basket ball player i thought smiles

[14:34] Winter Illios: DR Dayafter, how speaking as a healer, how difficult is it, in your opinion, for a female lycan to carry a child to term?

[14:34] Myrtil Igaly glances at Bob, worried

[14:34] Bela Lubezki: "he bit me, whuahh..."

[14:34] Doctor Obolensky: After all, children and puppies don't act much differently.

[14:35] Winter Illios: *speaking as a healer, rather))

[14:35] Mara Razor: *points up to her own question about when the changes start*

[14:35] Redgrrl Llewellyn: Dr. O grins nodding] true

[14:35] Augustus Dayafter: Winter, I must admit that I do not know the answer to that question. I've never delivered a human child much less a lycan one

[14:35] Redgrrl Llewellyn: little beasties

[14:36] Augustus Dayafter: Mara, usually the change comes around during puberty, you are indeed correct in that assumption

[14:36] t1g3y Oh Clears throat; Dr. Dayafter, what happens when a werewolf reaches an age of "midlife crisis"?

[14:36] Redgrrl Llewellyn: then what kind of Dr. are you Dr.. Dayafter?

[14:36] Jasper Kiergarten: indeed, that question had crossed my mind as well

[14:36] Mara Razor: he's a good one

[14:36] t1g3y Oh smiles behind gloved hand

[14:36] Augustus Dayafter: Have you seen my crew Captain Red... I am a general surgeon most of the time

[14:36] Redgrrl Llewellyn: hee hee of that i have no doubt

[14:36] Augustus Dayafter: Thank you Mara !

[14:36] Jasper Kiergarten: ah, of course

[14:37] Jasper Kiergarten: please continue

[14:37] Redgrrl Llewellyn: Ahhh not much call for berthing with a bunch of cutthroats and pirates about [nods]

[14:37] Viv Trafalgar: The midlife crisis question does bring an interesting angle to things....

[14:37] Augustus Dayafter: I am also a general practioner as well, but since I was assigned to the Seraph right out of school, I have had no real experience with anything other than that crew

[14:37] Ceejay Writer nods knowingly.

[14:38] t1g3y Oh winks at Miss Viv [

14:38] Augustus Dayafter: Midlife crisis? did I miss something again?

[14:38] Viv Trafalgar: Miss Oh, will you ask again?

[14:38] t1g3y Oh: I don't know; I think the Doctor died...

[14:38] Viv Trafalgar: hopes not

[14:39] Ceejay Writer: The doctor died? Medic! Medic!

[14:39] Redgrrl Llewellyn: ((eep!....birthing not berthing!...ignore the freudian slip))

[14:39] t1g3y Oh: Bo, try throwing the stick again!

[14:39] t1g3y Oh: Bob

[14:39] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: fetch!

[14:39] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: come on boy get it!

[14:39] Dreddpiratebob Streeter laughs

. [14:39] Mara Razor: are born werewolves better abble to control their beast and changes than bitten ones?

[14:39] t1g3y Oh: Well, try stealing his tip jar

[14:39] t1g3y Oh: see if that rouses him

[14:40] Augustus Dayafter: That is a good question

[14:40] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: he'll savage yer

[14:40] Ceejay Writer: Er, don't encourage the kids on that!

[14:40] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: hahahaha

[14:40] IdaPfeiffer Twine: bye all u...ty

[14:40] Redgrrl Llewellyn: can only give....not take.....argh

[14:40] Pepys Ponnier: Good idear Tigs, lets up end the jara and off to the pub!

[14:40] Ceejay Writer: Farewell, Miss Twine!

[14:40] Augustus Dayafter: I'd say that yes, they are. But only because they have the advantage of being raised by Lycans

[14:40] t1g3y Oh: Dear me; a lady doesn't do such things...herself...

[14:41] Viv Trafalgar: I think we're going to take two more questions

[14:41] Viv Trafalgar: And then I'll set out the "craft" box

[14:41] t1g3y Oh: But will we get answers...?

[14:41] Myrtil Igaly raises her hand, jumping up and down

[14:41] Ceejay Writer: I have a question if no one else does?

[14:41] Augustus Dayafter grins.

[14:41] Viv Trafalgar: Yes, I believe you will. but some questions take more time to answer Ms. Oh

[14:41] Augustus Dayafter: Yes Myrtil.. and then Ceejay

[14:41] Myrtil Igaly: oh Miss Ceejay asked first :)

[14:41] Viv Trafalgar: if you like, perhaps you may ask for further details after the event?

[14:41] t1g3y Oh nods

[14:42] t1g3y Oh: Duly noted Miss Viv

[14:42] Augustus Dayafter: Oh, I will be happy to discuss anything at the pub

[14:42] Augustus Dayafter: Ceejay, Myrtil...

[14:42] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: i bet

[14:42] Ceejay Writer smiles at Myrtil. "Doctor, can you tell me something you find wonderful about being lycan? There must be a benefit, it can't all be a hindrance."

[14:42] Mara Razor: are we headed for rubies?

[14:42] Viv Trafalgar: shushes

[14:42] Augustus Dayafter: Something wonderful about being a Lycan...

[14:42] Viv Trafalgar: talk of the bars

[14:43] Ceejay Writer likes to make folk think.

[14:43] Cutea Benelli: never catching the sniffles sounds good to me

[14:43] Breezy Carver: (( youth fountain of youth ))

[14:43] Augustus Dayafter: Yes, I can. I fairly ever get sick, and I can hear all of your whispering

[14:43] Sylvie Franizzi: ((Thanks Bela. That was driving me crazy!))

[14:43] Ceejay Writer nods. "A benefit indeed."

[14:43] Jimmy Branagh: You can see better at noight Oy bet.

[14:43] Bela Lubezki: (( i try to avoid this, too)

[14:43] t1g3y Oh: I think being a werewolf would be murder on a lady's wardrobe

[14:43] Augustus Dayafter: That I can Jimmy

[14:44] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: you've always got firewood?

[14:44] Viv Trafalgar: Last question is Myrtils

[14:44] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: and frisbees

[14:44] Mara Razor: if you know when you're gonna change, you just take you clothes off and fold 'em up neatly

[14:44] Viv Trafalgar: *Myrtil's

[14:44] Myrtil Igaly smiles

[14:44] Myrtil Igaly: Still about the differences between human and werewolf state, when one is in his werewolf state, he acts like a beast if he can't control his transformation, you said, so he can barely speak and is less intelligent than when in his human state, true? He could be lured in a trap like an animal would , wouldn't he?

[14:44] t1g3y Oh: :)

[14:44] Augustus Dayafter: Oh, yes... that is very true Myrtil

[14:44] Dreddpiratebob Streeter readies his notepad

[14:44] Myrtil Igaly: Thank you

[14:45] Cutea Benelli: i suspect all you need is a cage and some blood pudding

[14:45] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: or a really good stick

[14:45] Ceejay Writer is convinced now, urchins = smarties.

[14:45] Augustus Dayafter smiles, "we prefer blood sausages"

[14:45] Redgrrl Llewellyn: Mmmm pudding

[14:45] Sylvie Franizzi smiles

[14:45] Cutea Benelli: ah

[14:45] Cutea Benelli: :)

[14:45] Myrtil Igaly: ((mmmm smarties))

[14:45] t1g3y Oh: oh dear; is he using voice? did i miss everything?

[14:45] Viv Trafalgar: Doctor Dayafter!

[14:45] Augustus Dayafter: Yes

[14:45] Viv Trafalgar: Thank you for this marvelous education

[14:45] Jim turns around, looks at Myrtil, and chuckles.

[14:45] Augustus Dayafter: Oh, any time

[14:46] Viv Trafalgar: do you wish to make any closing remarks?

[14:46] Viv Trafalgar: other than that you'll be at the pub?

[14:46] Augustus Dayafter: I would like to mention one other thing right quick [14:46] Viv Trafalgar: for I have a few annoucnements before people leave

[14:46] Ceejay Writer: No, no voice.

[14:46] Viv Trafalgar: yes, please do go on

[14:46] t1g3y Oh smacks forehead

[14:46] Augustus Dayafter: I am available to speak with folks most nights out of the week, but I will not be available this evening

[14:47] Augustus Dayafter: All you have to do is call on me

[14:47] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: or whiste really high pitched

[14:47] Pepys Ponnier: Right.

[14:47] Augustus Dayafter: Bob...

[14:47] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: and he'll come running

[14:47] Dreddpiratebob Streeter laughs.

[14:47] Viv Trafalgar: Thank you very much Dr. Dayafter!

[14:47] Sylvie Franizzi: Nice.

[14:47] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: yayyyyy!

[14:47] Jimmy Branagh applauds.

[14:48] Pepys Ponnier: claps

[14:48] Viv Trafalgar: Ladies and gentlemen

[14:48] Cutea Benelli applauds

[14:48] Augustus Dayafter: seriously Bob... a burlap sack and a club mate...

[14:48] Redgrrl Llewellyn: cllaps and smiles ] brilliant!

[14:48] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: /claps loudly

[14:48] Sylvie Franizzi grins proudly and applauds

[14:48] Orchid McMillan applauds

[14:48] Ceejay Writer: "Wonderfully done, I feel so enlightened!"

[14:48] Viv Trafalgar: thank you for being a superb audience

[14:48] Augustus Dayafter: thank you so much for your attendance folks

[14:48] Viv Trafalgar: and a terrific set of questions

[14:48] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: good job sir!

[14:48] Pepys Ponnier: Well done sir!

[14:48] t1g3y Oh: Thank you for being a right sport Dr. Dayafter

[14:48] Winter Illios smiles and applauds... thank you for the wonderful salon, Viv, Dr...

[14:48] Jimmy Branagh applauds.

[14:48] Viv Trafalgar: I am so proud to say that the speakers fund will be delivered to

[14:48] Doctor Obolensky: And don't forget to buy the drek from the box up front.

[14:48] Viv Trafalgar: Dr. Dayafter

[14:48] Viv Trafalgar: immediately

[14:48] Jimmy Branagh: ((woops))

[14:48] Viv Trafalgar: the craft boxes are out

[14:48] Elilka Sieyes claps.

[14:48] Viv Trafalgar: there is one for the urchins (no wine)

[14:48] Bela Lubezki: thank you for not eating the audience (yet) do. dayafter

[14:48] Viv Trafalgar: and one for the rest of us

[14:49] t1g3y Oh: Thank you for being a most excellent host yet again Miss Viv

[14:49] Viv Trafalgar: And please do join the salon group if you haven't

[14:49] Augustus Dayafter: Not a problem Ms. Bela

[14:49] Ceejay Writer: If any urchiin accidentally gets wine, they can give it t me for.... safekeeping.

[14:49] Viv Trafalgar: There are cards outside the walls

[14:49] Viv Trafalgar: I'll put out a few more boxes

[14:49] Viv Trafalgar: but these are well worth taking and trying out at your earliest conveniences

[14:49] Viv Trafalgar: again, iwht many thanks to Bob

[14:49] Viv Trafalgar: and Dr. O

[14:50] t1g3y Oh: Is it getting darker in here?

[14:50] t1g3y Oh glances about nervously

[14:50] Viv Trafalgar: nods

[14:50] Augustus Dayafter: Yes, thanks to both of you

[14:50] Viv Trafalgar: the moon is rather... full tonight also

[14:50] Cutea Benelli: it is

[14:50] Augustus Dayafter: and to all of you wonderful folks

[14:50] Mara Razor: to rubies?

[14:50] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: hmmmm

[14:50] Mara Razor: ruby's?

[14:50] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: i suggest you try the craft, its proper fun

[14:51] Dreddpiratebob Streeter laughs.

[14:51] Augustus Dayafter: If anybody cares to read of my more uncontrolled times, Captain Mael has a journal

[14:51] Augustus Dayafter:

[14:51] Winter Illios rises and stretches a little, then disappears in a swirl of snowflakes

[14:51] Ceejay Writer: I highly recommend reading MAel's journal, it's a gripping tale!

[14:51] Viv Trafalgar: Can everyone pick up the craft without trouble?

[14:52] Augustus Dayafter: He is quite an intelligent man, despite his appearance

[14:52] Jimmy Branagh: Thenks Doctor!

[14:52] Ceejay Writer: *chuckles*

[14:52] t1g3y Oh: yes thank you Miss Viv

[14:52] Augustus Dayafter: Any time folks

[14:52] Viv Trafalgar: Sylvie, do you need to announce anything?

[14:52] Jimmy Branagh: It was a most interestin' talk.

[14:52] Myrtil Igaly: Yup, most interesting

[14:52] Redgrrl Llewellyn: nods] well he DID marry Ceejay!

[14:52] Viv Trafalgar: it was brilliant

[14:52] Sylvie Franizzi: Oh yes! Thanks Viv!

[14:52] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: aye, it was proper good Doc

[14:52] Jimmy Branagh: Smartie ...

[14:52] Augustus Dayafter: thank you Bob

[14:52] Sylvie Franizzi: If everyone could come over to Capalini Fine Furnichings after the salon, we have a set up there!

[14:52] Jimmy laughs.

[14:53] Myrtil Igaly: yourself :op

[14:53] Sylvie Franizzi smiles at Gus

[14:53] Viv Trafalgar: Do you have an LM Sylvie?

[14:53] Cutea Benelli: collthanks for inviting me over, bob, t'was jolly interesting

[14:53] Dreddpiratebob Streeter: hey no problem!

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