Friday, April 17, 2009

In case you didn't catch the first notice. . .

Due to unforeseen circumstances and the capability to add a "field trip" to the venue in order to show off the CSS Hunley cutaway model of Mr. Kiergarten, the AETHER SALON set for Sunday at 2PM, SLT, at the New Babbage Palisades has relocated to The Auditorium at Artificial Isle (click for SLURL).

The Program will commence with a demonstration of Mr. Jasper Kiergarten's cutaway C.S.S. HUNLEY model, and a description of the build itself (roughly ten minutes).

This presentation will be followed by Commodore Hotspur O'Toole of the Fleet of Wrath Exiles. He will lead a general discussion of the development of Submersibles up until the time of the American Civil War, the use of submersibles as weapons of war, and the technology challenges faced by the pioneers of undersea warfare. (roughly twenty minutes)

The program will end with general questions and comments from the audience.

The Aether Salon is a program of volunteer lectures of general interest to the Steamland community of Second Life.

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