Monday, October 5, 2009

Aether Salon: Whimsy!

Please join us for a very special one year anniversary celebration on October 18 at 2pm: Whimsy!

Dame Ordinal Malaprop, famed not only for her whimsical weapons and defensive gear (the bee gun, the hatpin, the personal ban-line, the grid-crash protection box... [really, I could go on and on]) but also for her wit, and feats of derring-do across the grids, and Miss Hyasynth Tiramsu, the creative breath of fresh air that drives Silent Sparrow (please note the cuttlefish) will shed new light to the meaning and importance - nay, necessity - of Whimsy in these our times.

There's lots more news coming, but we couldn't wait to share this one.

See you October 18, at 2pm

Sera & Viv

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