Friday, December 11, 2009

Shanghaied! December Aether Salon

Sunday, December 20 at 2 pm slt
Steelhead Shanghai

You awaken in the dark. The smell of the sea fills your nose. Where are you? Wait - there was the night out with friends... and then the - oh dear, and after that the... hmm. You can't remember much more. But you are absolutely not where you had been. You're on a ship - headed - where, exactly? You've been shanghaied!

This month, the Aether Salon will take a field trip to the exotic and beautiful Steelhead Shanghai. Once there, hosts TotalLunar Eclipse, Riven Homewood, and Elegia Underwood will regale us with tales of the region.

Adventure, danger, and mystery await you at the next Aether Salon. Join us on December 20.

Viv, Sera, & Jed
Aether Salon of Babbage

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Unknown said...

Pardon the forwardness of my behaviour in leaving you a note when we have not been formally introduced, but I find myself overcome with delight at discovering the existence of the Aether Salon. "Self," I said sorrowfully, after wandering around SL in something of a daze, "In any rightly ordered universe, there should surely be a salon where one might take tea and engage in polite discourse pertaining to matters clockwork and steamy? A place where behaviour is decorous, and elegant hats are plentiful?" Whilst I am sorry that the Aether Salon is a monthly gathering, rather than a Cheers-like locale (with rather less in the way of beer and postal workers, and rather more in the way of tea and scones), I still want to snatch your mission statement up off the screen and hug it and squeeze it and call it George.

I do hope I can make it to your Shanghai meeting - it sounds entirely delightful.


Odyssea Byron