Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chanukah! Salon (Unedited Transcript)

[14:06] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach looks at his watch
[14:06] Solace Fairlady: isnt the snow cold though?
[14:06] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: We are a bit late, so let us get started.
[14:06] Walter Schnogginstein positions himself to advance the slideshow.
[14:07] Jimmy Branagh: Grab a chair Tepic!
[14:07] Yenta Bernheim: I apologize for the lateness
[14:07] Yenta Bernheim: just looking for the Menorah
[14:08] Jimmy Branagh: Just make sure no one's sittin' in it!
[14:08] Bodhisatva Paperclip: or "borrowed" it?
[14:08] Solace Fairlady: wb again my love!
[14:08] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Yenta Bernheim and Walter Schoggenstein are also the Duchess and Duke of Caledon Ahavah, in the south of that land. They have been known since their arrival for their charity and generosity, which reflects their behaviours in their First Lives as well.
[14:09] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer smiles
[14:09] Artemiss Luminos: :-)))
[14:09] Skye McLeod: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[14:09] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: They have become known for their beautiful ballroom and the dances held there. As they are also devout in their faith, they were the perfect presenters to explain to us something about the Jewish Festival of Lights, Chanukah, one of many seasonal celebrations in the wintertime.
[14:09] Walter Schnogginstein smiles.
[14:09] Jimmy Branagh applauds
[14:09] Solace Fairlady applauds
[14:09] Darlingmonster Ember applauds
[14:09] Artemiss Luminos applauds
[14:10] Bodhisatva Paperclip applauds
[14:10] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: One last note - the Duchess and Duke will be donating their tips to fundraising against Pancreatic Cancer.
[14:10] Solace Fairlady applauds again
[14:10] Ceejay Writer beams approval.
[14:10] Jimmy Branagh: Thet's very noice
[14:10] Skye McLeod: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[14:10] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Duchess Yenta, thank you and His Grace for this presentation.
[14:11] Skye McLeod: Shalom, Yenta!
[14:11] Yenta Bernheim: Shalom my friends
[14:11] Ceejay Writer awkwardly says Shalom
[14:11] Artemiss Luminos: Shalom Lady Yenta :-)
[14:11] Yenta Bernheim: and in light of the seasons her upon us all ...no matter your culture of Faith Mazel Tov
[14:11] Yenta Bernheim: here
[14:11] Skye McLeod: Mazel Tov!!!
[14:11] Walter Schnogginstein: Mazel Tov!
[14:11] Bodhisatva Paperclip: :)
[14:11] Solace Fairlady: Mazel Tov!
[14:11] Artemiss Luminos: Mazel Tov :-))
[14:12] Darlingmonster Ember: :D
[14:12] Yenta Bernheim: Please be patient I am not used to these things
[14:12] Jimmy Branagh: Mazel Tov!
[14:12] Skye McLeod: smils
[14:12] Skye McLeod: smiles, even
[14:12] Yenta Bernheim: Walter and I first wish to thank for your invitation
[14:12] Yenta Bernheim: We love Community and consider all our Friends
[14:13] Yenta Bernheim: And just so you are aware Walter isn't allowed to speak
[14:13] Walter Schnogginstein coughs
[14:13] Skye McLeod: haaaa
[14:13] Ceejay Writer laughs
[14:13] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach raises an eyebrow
[14:13] Yenta Bernheim: Mostly because he can't get a word in
[14:13] Skye McLeod: laughs
[14:13] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
[14:13] Walter Schnogginstein grins.
[14:13] Yenta Bernheim: I am chatty
[14:13] Artemiss Luminos: *giggles*
[14:13] Ceejay Writer: WE may be sisters.
[14:13] Bodhisatva Paperclip: Heee
[14:13] Yenta Bernheim: Let me begin
[14:13] Darlingmonster Ember takes notes
[14:13] June Forsythe pulls out her leatherbound journal to take notes
[14:14] Yenta Bernheim: The topic we have chosen is Chanukah The Festival of Lights
[14:14] Yenta Bernheim: (I am Cutting and pasting so heh )
[14:14] Skye McLeod: :-)
[14:15] Yenta Bernheim: More than twenty-one centuries ago, the Holy Land was ruled by the Seleucids (Syrian-Greeks), who sought to forcefully Hellenize the people of Israel. Against all odds, a small band of faithful Jews defeated one of the mightiest armies on earth, drove the Greeks from the land, reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and rededicated it to the service of G-d.
[14:15] Yenta Bernheim: When they sought to light the Temple's menorah (the seven branched candelabrum), they found only a single cruse of olive oil that had escaped contamination by the Greeks; miraculously, the one-day supply burned for eight days, until new oil could be prepared under conditions of ritual purity.
[14:15] Yenta Bernheim: To commemorate and publicize these miracles, the sages instituted the festival of Chanukah. At the heart of the festival is the nightly menorah (candelabrum) lighting: a single flame on the first night, two on the second evening, and so on till the eighth night of Chanukah, when all eight lights are kindled.
[14:16] Jimmy Branagh: ((Little slower ;) ))
[14:16] Yenta Bernheim: On Chanukah we also add the Hallel and Al HaNissim in our daily prayers to offer praise and thanksgiving to G-d for "delivering the strong into the hands of the weak, the many into the hands of the few... the wicked into the hands of the righteous."
[14:16] Yenta Bernheim: OH
[14:16] Yenta Bernheim: sorry
[14:16] Yenta Bernheim: my typist is a speedy one
[14:16] Skye McLeod: smiles
[14:16] Jimmy Branagh: ((NP :) ))
[14:16] Ceejay Writer: No worries! We learn by doing!
[14:17] Yenta Bernheim smoothes her skirts and pats her hair
[14:17] Walter Schnogginstein smiles an encouraging smile.
[14:17] Skye McLeod: loves Yenta
[14:17] Yenta Bernheim: Shall I continue?
[14:17] Skye McLeod: Please!
[14:17] Jimmy Branagh: Yes please!
[14:17] Yenta Bernheim: Chanukah customs include eating foods fried in oil -- latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiot (doughnuts); playing with the dreidel (a spinning top on which are inscribed the Hebrew letters nun, gimmel, hei and shin, an acronym for Nes Gadol Hayah Sham, "a great miracle happened there"); and the giving of Chanukah gelt, gifts of money, to children
[14:18] Skye McLeod: ah!
[14:18] Skye McLeod: I forgot that!
[14:18] Tepic Harlequin: oh!
[14:18] Yenta Bernheim: All over the world no matter where the Chanukah table is basically the same
[14:18] Artemiss Luminos: latkes are lovely, by the way :-)
[14:19] Jimmy Branagh: Mmmm, tasty!
[14:19] Yenta Bernheim: Fried foods are the main staple
[14:19] Solace Fairlady: We all love latkes, not a little but a lot
[14:19] Skye McLeod: Love latkes!
[14:19] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach smiles
[14:19] Yenta Bernheim: like yes Latkas with Sour Cream and Apple sauce ...lots of chives and onion
[14:19] Walter Schnogginstein feels his stomach growl.
[14:19] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer licks lips
[14:20] Yenta Bernheim: I meant to add recipes from my family in your gifts I wll be giving out later
[14:20] Yenta Bernheim: but if you im me after (please not now) I'll send
[14:20] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Very nice.
[14:20] Yenta Bernheim: I gave you the History for the people but I would like to share a personal side
[14:21] Artemiss Luminos: :-)
[14:21] June Forsythe nods, indeed
[14:21] Ceejay Writer: (will IM later, happily)
[14:21] Artemiss Luminos: please do Lady Yenta :-)
[14:21] Skye McLeod: yes!
[14:21] Yenta Bernheim: When I was a little girl especially, this was a time for Family ...so many jews were lost in the Holocaust (over 6 million)
[14:22] Yenta Bernheim: So, for Jews making family multiply is important
[14:22] Walter Schnogginstein grins.
[14:22] Yenta Bernheim: family is not just those born to us
[14:22] Yenta Bernheim: it's community too
[14:23] Bodhisatva Paperclip nods
[14:23] Skye McLeod: Indeed!
[14:23] Artemiss Luminos: so true
[14:23] Yenta Bernheim: The lesson learned with the war with the Maccabees and Greeks centered around persecution for who you are
[14:23] Yenta Bernheim: In light of that message we are all Jews
[14:24] Artemiss Luminos: oh yes, so so true
[14:24] Jimmy Branagh smiles
[14:24] Yenta Bernheim: We live in such good times ...the Miracle of the lights is needed as much now as them
[14:24] Yenta Bernheim: then
[14:24] Yenta Bernheim: Diversity and Tolerance
[14:24] Yenta Bernheim: Be who you are and be proud
[14:25] Yenta Bernheim: My family would sit on the first night
[14:25] Ceejay Writer: Such good sentiments.
[14:25] Yenta Bernheim: The matriarch would like the first candle
[14:25] Yenta Bernheim: and I had my little menorah
[14:25] Yenta Bernheim: and I would light mine
[14:25] Skye McLeod: smiles, visualizing this
[14:25] June Forsythe: aww!
[14:25] Yenta Bernheim: after the blessing
[14:25] Artemiss Luminos: :-)))
[14:26] Yenta Bernheim: we would share bread....Challah
[14:26] Skye McLeod: Challah is also so very delicious!
[14:26] Blackberry Harvey: Best... bread... ever
[14:26] Yenta Bernheim: and then we basically made feast
[14:26] Artemiss Luminos: yes! :-)
[14:26] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
[14:26] Bodhisatva Paperclip can always endorse a good feast
[14:27] Yenta Bernheim: I will share with you now the prayers of the lighting
[14:27] Solace Fairlady: A good shared meal is at the heart of many joyous celebrations
[14:27] Yenta Bernheim: Before kindling the Chanukah lights on the first night of Chanukah, Tuesday, December 20, 2011, (or if you're kindling the Chanukah lights for the first time this year) recite all three blessings. On every subsequent night only the first two are recited.
[14:27] Tepic Harlequin carefully sidles out, it being way past his bedtime...
[14:27] Solace Fairlady whipsers dream well M Tepic!
[14:27] Yenta Bernheim: Recited only on the first night (or the first time lighting this Chanukah):
1. Ba-ruch A-tah Ado-nai E-lo-he-nu Me-lech ha-olam a-sher ki-de-sha-nu be-mitz-vo-tav ve-tzi-va-nu le-had-lik ner Cha-nu-kah.
[14:28] Yenta Bernheim: Translation:
1. Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us to kindle the Chanukah light.
[14:28] Yenta Bernheim: the second blessing :
[14:28] Dieguito Marais (diegojalfin): hi
[14:28] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer slowly pronounces it.
[14:28] Yenta Bernheim: 2. Ba-ruch A-tah Ado-nai E-lo-he-nu Me-lech Ha-olam she-a-sa ni-sim la-avo-te-nu ba-ya-mim ha-hem bi-zman ha-zeh.
[14:29] Yenta Bernheim: 2. Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, King of the universe, who performed miracles for our forefathers in those days, at this time.
[14:29] Yenta Bernheim: the 3rd :3. Ba-ruch A-tah Ado-nai E-lo-he-nu Me-lech Ha-olam she-heche-ya-nu ve-ki-yi-ma-nu ve-higi-a-nu liz-man ha-zeh.
[14:30] Yenta Bernheim: 3. Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, King of the universe, who has granted us life, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this occasion.
[14:30] Solace Fairlady waves discreetly to the Admiral
[14:30] Skye McLeod: smiles
[14:30] Yenta Bernheim: The Candles are lit from the Right to the Left ..
[14:31] Yenta Bernheim: you always use the center candle to light never one of the 8
[14:32] Artemiss Luminos: that is a beautiful symbolism :-)
[14:32] Yenta Bernheim: We do this to remember the Miracle and to remember to accept one another without prejudcie
[14:33] Yenta Bernheim: Shalom to you all From Walter and I. Please come visit our Synagogue in Caledon Ahavah. There is also a Memorial there built by our very own Dimmie and Lady Sol
[14:33] Darlingmonster Ember nods
[14:33] Yenta Bernheim: Because we have to remember those not here with us any longer
[14:33] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Splendid.
[14:33] Artemiss Luminos: yes i would love to see it :-)
[14:33] Salon Speaker Tipjar: Thank you for supporting the Aether Salon, Blackberry Harvey!
[14:34] Jimmy Branagh: Me too!
[14:34] Solace Fairlady nods and says quietly "mainly by Dimmie:))"
[14:34] Yenta Bernheim: Because we are all Metaphysically bound to one another no matter our Faith
[14:34] Bodhisatva Paperclip: Thank you.
[14:34] Walter Schnogginstein looks up at the picture of the synagogue on the slideshow
[14:34] Darlingmonster Ember: ooo
[14:34] Yenta Bernheim: Shalom and Mazel Tov many thanks for inviting us to share
[14:34] Walter Schnogginstein: My duchess, perhaps you'd like to cycle through the slide show.
[14:34] Walter Schnogginstein: I haven't advanced any of the slides.
[14:34] Yenta Bernheim: I will attempt to answer questions
[14:34] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
[14:35] Solace Fairlady: The synagoghue was built by M Jorge Serapis
[14:35] Bodhisatva Paperclip applauds
[14:35] Yenta Bernheim: OH
[14:35] Skye McLeod: beams at Yenta
[14:35] Skye McLeod: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[14:35] Jimmy Branagh applauds
[14:35] Darlingmonster Ember applauds
[14:35] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Beautiful buildings in Ahavah.
[14:35] Yenta Bernheim: I thought you were doing the slide show Walter haha
[14:35] Solace Fairlady applauds heartily
[14:35] Jimmy Branagh chuckles
[14:35] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach smiles
[14:35] Walter Schnogginstein: No... I didn't know when to advance the slides.
[14:35] Walter Schnogginstein: :(
[14:35] Solace Fairlady raises hand for a question
[14:35] Yenta Bernheim: Oh yes sorry you are correct Lady Sol
[14:35] Artemiss Luminos: oh this was wonderful :-) such a fantastic presentation, and a wonderful way to harness the power of SL for the good of all of us :-)
[14:35] Blackberry HarveyBlackberry Harvey applauds
[14:35] Walter Schnogginstein: I will advance them now
[14:35] Artemiss Luminos applauds
[14:35] Jimmy Branagh: Thet was a good talk
[14:35] Skye McLeod: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[14:35] Walter Schnogginstein: And you can explain each of them.
[14:35] zaida Gearbox: imma sorry i came in at de end
[14:35] June ForsytheJune Forsythe applauds
[14:36] Bodhisatva Paperclip: Does the word Chanukah derive from other words?
[14:36] Yenta Bernheim: Yes Solace?
[14:36] zaida Gearbox: hannakah is very interesting to me
[14:36] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hallo, Zaida.
[14:36] zaida Gearbox: hello mr. baron
[14:36] Solace Fairlady: I am so sorry Dame Yenta, but you say 8 candles, for the 8 days, but I only see 7 on the menorah?
[14:37] Yenta Bernheim: Chanukah is derived from the hebrew word to "dedicate"
[14:37] Bodhisatva Paperclip: Ah! I see.
[14:38] Bodhisatva Paperclip: and I see food!
[14:38] Artemiss Luminos says quietly- greetings my Lord :-)
[14:38] Yenta Bernheim: Oy I put the wrong menorah out this is one that is just used in the synagogue as a light
[14:38] Solace Fairlady: O I see!
[14:38] June Forsythe: I must excuse myself for dinner. Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation!
[14:38] Yenta Bernheim: I have gifts by the way but i have to give them to you individually
[14:38] Solace Fairlady: they would have 9m then, the central and 8 to the sides?
[14:38] June Forsythe: OH, I will wait for that
[14:38] June Forsythe: :)
[14:38] Walter Schnogginstein: Duchess, would you care to explain the slides?
[14:39] Bodhisatva Paperclip: :)
[14:39] Skye McLeod: Oh how lovely of you, Yenta
[14:39] Walter Schnogginstein: This looks like a cookie?
[14:39] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Thank you most kindly for your attendance, Ms Forsythe.
[14:39] Yenta Bernheim: I sent your Miss Forsythe
[14:39] June Forsythe: Thank you Yenta
[14:39] Blackberry Harvey: Bye, Miss June
[14:39] Yenta Bernheim: oh let me look at the slides
[14:39] Artemiss Luminos: farewell Miss June
[14:39] Walter Schnogginstein smiles
[14:40] Sidonie: Good evening, Miss Zaida *waves*
[14:40] zaida Gearboxzaida Gearbox waves
[14:40] zaida Gearbox: do you still give presents on all de nights of hannakah?
[14:40] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Zaida, the transcript will be available soon.
[14:40] Yenta Bernheim: I know this will come as a shock but it's not rezzed for me
[14:40] zaida Gearbox: tank you mr. baron
[14:40] Solace Fairlady: that looks delicious!
[14:40] Skye McLeod: oh no
[14:40] Walter Schnogginstein: It's a cookie
[14:40] Bodhisatva Paperclip: It looks kind of like a triangular kolache
[14:40] Darlingmonster Ember: is yummy golden yummy
[14:40] Jimmy Branagh: Looks loike a turnover
[14:40] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hamatashen, is it?
[14:41] Skye McLeod: a tri-cornered one, Yenta
[14:41] Artemiss Luminos: whatever it is it looks very yummy :-)
[14:41] Solace Fairlady: yummy deep fried turn over1
[14:41] Darlingmonster Ember: whoops
[14:41] Skye McLeod: oh dear
[14:41] Walter Schnogginstein: oh my
[14:41] Skye McLeod: sighs
[14:41] Darlingmonster Ember: here she is again
[14:41] Skye McLeod: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[14:41] Skye McLeod: *•.¸'*•.¸ ? ¸.•*´¸.•*
[14:41] Skye McLeod: .•*?¨`• BRAVO!!!! •¨`?*•.
[14:41] Skye McLeod: ¸.•*`¸.•*´ ? `*•.¸`*•.¸
[14:41] Bodhisatva Paperclip: Whew!
[14:41] Artemiss Luminos: whatever it is it looks very yummy :-)
[14:41] Solace Fairlady: yummy deep fried turn over1
[14:41] Darlingmonster Ember: whoops
[14:41] Skye McLeod: oh dear
[14:41] Walter Schnogginstein: oh my
[14:41] Skye McLeod: sighs
[14:41] Darlingmonster Ember: here she is again
[14:41] Skye McLeod: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[14:41] Skye McLeod: *•.¸'*•.¸ ? ¸.•*´¸.•*
[14:41] Skye McLeod: .•*?¨`• BRAVO!!!! •¨`?*•.
[14:41] Skye McLeod: ¸.•*`¸.•*´ ? `*•.¸`*•.¸
[14:41] Bodhisatva Paperclip: Whew!
[14:41] Solace Fairlady: ha! even the gremlins cannot keep her grcae down for long!
[14:41] Solace Fairlady: *grace
[14:41] Skye McLeod: Welcome Back, Yenta!
[14:41] Yenta Bernheim: That silly SL
[14:41] Artemiss Luminos: welcome back Dame Yenta :-)
[14:42] Walter Schnogginstein: Here is a picture of chocolate coins and a toy
[14:42] Skye McLeod: BAD SL!! BAD!
[14:42] Solace Fairlady: see how she levitates with the power of the peerage?
[14:42] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
[14:42] Walter Schnogginstein: A dreidel?
[14:42] Skye McLeod: laughs
[14:42] Bodhisatva Paperclip: :D
[14:42] Jimmy Branagh: Thise are draidles
[14:42] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Is that what it is, eh?
[14:42] Jimmy Branagh: *Those
[14:42] Yenta Bernheim: The Dreidel with the geld
[14:42] Artemiss Luminos: yes, those are dreidels i believe
[14:42] Skye McLeod: yes, with coins
[14:42] Yenta Bernheim: I see it now
[14:43] Solace Fairlady: Dame Yenta, why in particular a spinning top? Is it related in some fashion to the same concpet as a prayer wheel?
[14:43] Yenta Bernheim: We would play the game and win the gold coins which are chocolate
[14:44] Bodhisatva Paperclip would play long and hard for chocolate
[14:44] Walter Schnogginstein: This is a picture of the bread...challah
[14:44] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ah, there is the acclaimed bread.
[14:44] Skye McLeod: salivates...
[14:44] Artemiss Luminos: so would i Bodhisatva! *grins*
[14:44] Jimmy Branagh: Mmmmmm ...
[14:45] Yenta Bernheim: the spinning top has been an easy gift and is great to teach children hebrew
[14:45] Solace Fairlady: me nods
[14:45] Darlingmonster Ember: aah
[14:45] Skye McLeod: mmmm
[14:45] Darlingmonster Ember: we always gave out tops with cantrips when I was a child
[14:45] Yenta Bernheim: Ah and though Christmas has gift giving during the 8 days a gift is given everyday
[14:45] Darlingmonster Ember: nod
[14:46] Skye McLeod: Oh, how beautiful!
[14:46] Yenta Bernheim: What my Family does on Christmas Day is we go to the Mission and serve Christmas dinner to the people there
[14:46] Walter Schnogginstein: This is a picture of the Hanikkah Table
[14:46] Darlingmonster Ember: oooooo
[14:46] Bodhisatva Paperclip: Oh, nommy
[14:46] Yenta Bernheim: Usually we have brisket
[14:46] Solace Fairlady: Oh Dame Yenta you are so good!
[14:47] Yenta Bernheim: and there is good brisket and bad brisket
[14:47] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Duchess, I believe you were going to address the variant spellings of the holiday as well?
[14:47] Skye McLeod: Channukah
[14:47] Artemiss Luminos: oh Lady Yenta, that is wonderful
[14:47] Skye McLeod: and Hannukah
[14:47] Darlingmonster Ember: depends on which viewer you are in?
[14:47] Darlingmonster Ember: grins
[14:47] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
[14:47] Skye McLeod: hee hee
[14:47] Solace Fairlady laughs
[14:47] Bodhisatva Paperclip: ha!
[14:47] Yenta Bernheim: Well the varient is like most things ...cultural
[14:47] Solace Fairlady: Adam sandler sanfg a song about one of them?
[14:48] Solace Fairlady: if that is even his right name
[14:48] Yenta Bernheim: Currently in this modern time you will see Chanukah
[14:48] Skye McLeod: Isn't Channukah more of an Israeli spelling, Yenta?
[14:48] Yenta Bernheim: but the most historically correct is Hanukkah I do believe
[14:48] Skye McLeod: Ack, I've been misspelling it completely
[14:48] zaida Gearbox: i've seen it both ways
[14:48] Yenta Bernheim: That is correct
[14:49] Walter Schnogginstein: Latkas!
[14:49] Yenta Bernheim: LATKAS
[14:49] Skye McLeod: latkes!
[14:49] Yenta Bernheim: i can eat my weight in latkas
[14:49] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
[14:49] Bodhisatva Paperclip: Fried foods!!
[14:49] Solace Fairlady: I have always seen it written as Hannukah
[14:49] Skye McLeod: yum!!!
[14:49] Yenta Bernheim: I like mine with lots of onions
[14:49] Jimmy Branagh extends his hand toward the screen
[14:49] Skye McLeod: me too!
[14:49] Skye McLeod: licks her monitor
[14:49] Big Daddy Acacia: I like holidays with food, but they don't like me.
[14:49] Yenta Bernheim: heh
[14:49] Skye McLeod: heh heh
[14:50] Walter Schnogginstein: This is the final slide. Lighting of the menorah.
[14:50] Skye McLeod: It's beautiful
[14:50] Bodhisatva Paperclip: New candles every night?
[14:50] Yenta Bernheim: We will have a giant menorah on the hill of Ahavah that will be erected on the 20th
[14:50] Skye McLeod: Oh wonderful!
[14:50] Yenta Bernheim: And we will light a Menorah and say Prayers in the Synagogue for any who wish to attend
[14:51] Skye McLeod: Thank you, Yenta
[14:51] Yenta Bernheim: now if you will all be still i have gifts
[14:51] Bodhisatva Paperclip checks his datebook
[14:51] Darlingmonster Ember: lovely
[14:51] Walter Schnogginstein: Yay gifts!
[14:51] Bodhisatva Paperclip: :)
[14:51] Solace Fairlady: O wonderful dame Yenta!
[14:51] Skye McLeod: laughs at Walter...
[14:51] Jimmy Branagh: Is there a time set Miss Yenta?
[14:51] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, Duchess. Your generosity in making the craft this month is appreciated.
[14:51] Yenta Bernheim: sunset
[14:52] Jimmy Branagh: Ummm ... When is sunset in SL?
[14:52] Skye McLeod: hmmmm
[14:52] Jimmy Branagh smiles
[14:52] Skye McLeod: sunset in Caledon, I believe
[14:53] Artemiss Luminos: thank you so much for such a wonderful presentation and the opportunity to learn :-)
[14:53] Big Daddy Acacia: Thank you Dame Yenta *bows*
[14:53] Skye McLeod: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[14:53] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ah... which sunset?
[14:53] Darlingmonster Ember applauds
[14:53] Jimmy Branagh applauds
[14:53] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
[14:53] Bodhisatva Paperclip: Thank you very much!
[14:53] Artemiss Luminos applauds
[14:53] Walter Schnogginstein claps for such a good presentation from the duchess.
[14:53] Grollvurk: Thank you! *tips his hat*
[14:54] Solace Fairlady: A fabuous presentation your Graces!
[14:54] AetherSalon: Thank you very much for your kind donation, Mr Branagh.
[14:54] Jimmy Branagh: Thenks Miss Yenta!
[14:54] Walter Schnogginstein: The gift boxes are extra good. I took a peek when she was wrapping them.
[14:55] Artemiss Luminos: yes, i so hope the Salon has many more presentations like this! :-)
[14:55] Bodhisatva Paperclip: the last two salons have made me hungry :)
[14:55] Ceejay Writer: ((massive apologies. Internet died))
[14:55] Skye McLeod: Yes, it was both wonderful and educational!
[14:56] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Any last donations to our lovely speaker?
[14:56] Vain Adder bows deeply. "Thank you for the kind gift."
[14:56] Artemiss Luminos *giggles* @ Bodhisatva :-)
[14:56] Darlingmonster Ember: no worries Miss CeeJay
[14:56] Sidonie: Thank you!
[14:56] Skye McLeod: Thank you, Yenta!
[14:57] Darlingmonster Ember: yes, very nice to come and hear
[14:57] Ceejay Writer: I shall read what I missed when posted to the Aether Salon website!
[14:57] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, Duchess. I shall be picking up the tipjar now, and Her Grace will have a nice donation for the Pancreatic Cancer Society.
[14:57] Solace Fairlady: was very good to hear, a wonderful celebration i knew little about
[14:57] Bodhisatva Paperclip applauds
[14:57] Jimmy Branagh: Yay!
[14:57] Jimmy Branagh applauds
[14:57] Solace Fairlady: Thank you your grace!
[14:57] Darlingmonster Ember: thank you kindly
[14:57] Walter Schnogginstein: Thank you all for coming and participating.
[14:57] Ceejay Writer: Thank you for the gift!
[14:57] Darlingmonster Ember applauds
[14:57] Rudolph Ruddy Bones waves over to Jimmy
[14:57] Yenta Bernheim: I missed if you said anythign
[14:58] Yenta Bernheim: did everyone get a gift?
[14:58] Jimmy Branagh waves back
[14:58] Walter Schnogginstein: WIthout ears to hear we just make echoes.
[14:58] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Rudy
[14:58] Skye McLeod: Yes, Ma'am
[14:58] Yenta Bernheim: Ms Isadora did you ?
[14:58] Rudolph Ruddy Bones: Hoy, Jimmy!
[14:58] Sidonie: Yes, thank you
[14:58] Skye McLeod: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[14:58] Walter Schnogginstein: /calp
[14:59] Yenta Bernheim: Thank you Baron
[14:59] Ceejay Writer: Thank you so much for sharing with us today!
[14:59] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: bow0
[14:59] Ceejay Writer: Next Salon: WALTER SPEAKS.
[14:59] Big Daddy Acacia calps too :)
[14:59] Solace Fairlady: Blessings of the season to you all, whatever our different faiths we share one thing, the symbolism of the light in the dark at this time of year
[14:59] Walter Schnogginstein coughs
[14:59] Yenta Bernheim: I hope I did your Salon justice
[14:59] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach laughs at Fraulein Ceejay's comment
[14:59] Walter Schnogginstein: Mazel Tov!
[14:59] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: You did splendidly, Duchess. Much appreciated.
[14:59] Skye McLeod: Blessings to each of you at this holiday season!
[14:59] Artemiss Luminos: oh yes Miss Solace :-)
[14:59] Yenta Bernheim: Amen and Mazel Tov Dimmie
[15:00] Darlingmonster Ember curtsies
[15:00] Darlingmonster Ember: mazel tov
[15:00] Darlingmonster Ember: and dream of wonder
[15:00] Skye McLeod: Mazel Tov!
[15:00] Big Daddy Acacia: His blessings upon one and all
[15:00] Artemiss Luminos: Blessings ot everyone here and all the best in the coming year :-)
[15:00] Solace Fairlady: Mazel Tov!
[15:00] Yenta Bernheim: Did we fit in the right time slot?
[15:00] Jimmy Branagh: Mazel Tov!
[15:00] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Bitte, do not forget to join the Salon group, and remember to donate to help keep this space.
[15:00] Ceejay Writer: (brb)
[15:00] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Perfectly well.
[15:00] Solace Fairlady: Whatis the translation of mazel Tgov?
[15:00] Yenta Bernheim: OH yes of course
[15:00] zaida Gearbox: can't you say l'chaim
[15:00] Solace Fairlady: *Tov
[15:00] Jimmy Branagh: Oy gotta run alkl. See ya soon!
[15:00] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Gute Nacht, Herr Jimmy.
[15:01] Jimmy Branagh waves
[15:01] Jimmy Branagh: Byeeee!
[15:01] Darlingmonster Ember: night all
[15:01] Darlingmonster Ember: waves
[15:01] Yenta Bernheim: it means "good luck"
[15:01] Sidonie: Nanight, you two.
[15:01] Bodhisatva Paperclip: Good night everyone. Be well and happy!
[15:01] Solace Fairlady: ah thank you Dame yenta!
[15:01] Yenta Bernheim: L'chiam means "to life"
[15:01] Artemiss Luminos: Mr Klaus, how can i join the Salon group please?
[15:01] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Certainly.
[15:02] Artemiss Luminos: thank you so much :-)
[15:02] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, Fraulein.
[15:03] Ceejay Writer: I must say that I have had a very very hectic week, and in spite of my 'net interruption, this was a time of smiles and very uplifting talk. Thank you.
[15:03] Walter Schnogginstein: Baron, thanks for allowing the duchess to present.
[15:03] Artemiss Luminos: it was very nice to meet everyone here too :-)
[15:03] AetherSalon: Mr Adder, your generosity in supporting the Aethersalon is greatly appreciated.
[15:03] Yenta Bernheim: OH and friend me with a request for recipes
[15:03] Skye McLeod: smiles
[15:03] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I was most pleased when you two accepted.
[15:03] Walter Schnogginstein: I must run now, for I have some business which requires my attention.
[15:03] Walter Schnogginstein: Mazel Tov, all!
[15:03] Artemiss Luminos: farewell and take care :-)
[15:03] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Gute Nacht, Your Grace.
[15:03] Yenta Bernheim: Thankyou for the slide show
[15:03] Sidonie: I second Miss Luminos' question. How do you join?
[15:03] Walter Schnogginstein grins.
[15:04] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: My poster seems to have vanished. I shall add you.
[15:04] Sidonie: Thank you, Herr Baron. *Smiles*
[15:04] Big Daddy Acacia: Click on one white signs around you
[15:05] Ceejay Writer: As you can see, you will receiv e a very chic group title. *preens mine*
[15:05] Sidonie: Oh you mean those huge rectangular things I can't quite read? *feels slightly stupid and does so*
[15:06] Big Daddy Acacia: :)
[15:06] Artemiss Luminos: good night :-)
[15:06] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: One of them was supposed to be a group poster.
[15:06] Sidonie: Good evening, Dancer
[15:07] Dark DancerDark Dancerhi
[15:07] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hallo, M~ Dancer.
[15:07] Dark Dancer: hi Baron
[15:07] Sidonie: As I said, fairly over.
[15:07] Dark Dancer: lol
[15:08] Sidonie: Herr Baron, this is Miss Dancer. She's a friend of mine.
[15:08] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ahhh. She is, of course, most welcome.
[15:08] Dark Dancer: thank you kindly
[15:08] Dark Dancer: :)
[15:09] Yenta Bernheim: OH and we raised another 2500 Linden for Pancreatic Cancer research
[15:10] Artemiss Luminos: farwell all and happiest of the season to you :-)))
[15:10] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
[15:10] Ceejay Writer: Very nice!
[15:11] Sidonie: Congratulations ^.^
[15:11] Ceejay Writer: Hmmm. Two salons in a row have made people very hungry. Perhaps this is now the Aether Cuisine Salon?
[15:11] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach laughs
[15:11] Yenta Bernheim: I will go put it in the kiosk before I forget
[15:11] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Gute Nacht, Your Grace.
[15:11] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods
[15:12] Ceejay Writer: I shall take my leave now... thank you again for this timely Salon!

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